HinesBrothers' Ultimate Puzzle Challenge

Answer the following questions. Read this first. This will follow the same format except that the capital should be listed first and the country second instead of vice versa.
Thanks to kiwirage for allowing me to make a sequel!
Anything goes. Use any search engine, any calculator, etc. You'll need it!
Quiz by HinesBrothers
Last updated: July 28, 2020
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First submittedJuly 27, 2020
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Click this link and type the country which is the answer
You are well on your way!
Now, go to the country quiz for this country and give me the answer to the 18th question
Nice work!
Now, use the four letter code formed by the first and last letters of the grid puzzle to translate the previous answer to letters, eg. 2251=IIAM. Type the answer in this quiz
Still too easy for you?
Nice work, now what was the correct answer you typed?
Get ready for some scrolling!
Click Me! What two adjacent cities have the same name? Hint: check the 2,000s
You found it!
Wat was the rank of the more populous one? PS, here is the original source
Now, go to the country quiz for that country. Find the two years mentioned, and use them to find four coordinates in the original puzzle. Arange the four letters of these coordinates and type the answer.
Correct, yet again.
This figure was an infamous dictator of what country?
That's right!
Since we are on the subject of dictators, go to the Quizmaster's blog about dictators changing the names of things. Find a four digit code by counting the number of As, in the first and second paragraphs and the number of Bs and Cs in the first paragraph and Type those numbers here.
Tired of counting?
Use this four digit code, looking in the corresponding columns of the original puzzle. Using this, one of the rows will reveal a country. Go to its country quiz and type the two other countries mentioned in the clues here.
Those are the ones!
Now, go to interesting facts, and find the first fact which mentions one of these countries. Read the comments.
Keep going!
Now, use this four letter code and the first four letter code. Unscramble them to find the name of a world capital
That's it!
Take the country of this capital. Go to wikipedia and type its rank in area, then its rank in population(according to the general page, not the country-specific page), then its rank in GDP (PPP) per capita(according to the first source listed)
Lots of numbers
Use this code to find four new letters on the original puzzle and type the country this word is often associated with.
Too easy?
Math's tough
What is the name of our quiz which has Untersee as a correct answer?
Tricky, huh?
What about Waalwijk?
Nice job!
What about Garamond
You might be cut out to be a detective!
Type "I win"
Level 78
Jul 27, 2020
18/19. I think the 13th question's answer is wrong. I found 18517323 yet the answer was 18517523
Level 74
Jul 27, 2020
Nope. Check again. Make sure you are referencing wikipedia:
Level 78
Jul 27, 2020
it says 173th on Malta's page though
Level 74
Jul 27, 2020
Ok, I'll clarify the question so that it is clear to use the other page.
Level 67
Jul 27, 2020
I spent 25 minutes on this quiz, only five of which were on the first question; I got stuck at question 3, what in the world am I supposed to be looking for? "Use the four letter code from the grid to translate the previous answer to letters", but neither of the previous answers were numerical! I tried looking for "Michael" and "Nice work" on the grid, but those weren't there, and the example you give (2251=IIAM) is in no way related to kiwirage's coordinates to indicate first and last letter of the answer. Too bad because I really liked the idea behind the quiz! By the way, you have a typo in the second question, "type give me"
Level 55
Jan 14, 2021
Can you teach me how to make it so that when you give up, it won't show the answer?
Level 74
Jan 14, 2021
You add type-ins