Saint Lucia Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Saint Lucia?
Quiz by HinesBrothers
Last updated: September 10, 2020
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First submittedOctober 9, 2018
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Capital city
Sea which Saint Lucia borders
Caribbean Sea
French island, starting with M, that is just north of Saint Lucia
Country just south of Saint Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Country from which Saint Lucia gained its independence in 1979
United Kingdom
Currency shared with seven other countries and territories
East Caribbean Dollar
Island chain that Saint Lucia is part of
Windward Islands
... which is part of this larger chain
Lesser Antilles
Saint Lucia is the only country to be named after a ...
Name which the original Arawak inhabitants gave to Saint Lucia
(hint: a reptile)
Land of the Iguanas
On a per-capita basis, Saint Lucia has the most laureates of this prize
Nobel Prize
Fruit which makes up 22% of exports
Most popular sport
Saint Lucia is the only country in the Americas which opposed a 2008
UN declaration of rights for these people
The national bird is a species of _____ which can only be found on Saint Lucia
Level 74
Jun 28, 2020
For the brave soul up to the task - Biggest Cities in Saint Lucia on a Map
Level 76
Jun 23, 2020
I was hoping Derek Walcott would be more explicitly included

(His Nobel Prize in Literature is the reason they hold that record, and his poem Omeros is beautiful)

Level 85
Jun 23, 2020
There's a statue of him in a park in Castries.
Level 73
Sep 9, 2020
Level 82
Jun 23, 2020
Ireland is technically also named after a woman. Eire is a goddess of fertility
Level ∞
Jun 23, 2020
Pretty sure goddesses aren't homo sapiens :)
Level 75
Jul 30, 2020
Level 66
Aug 11, 2020
not controversiol. They are antropomorph, not litteraly people.

Or well, prove it first. That makes a lot more claims make sense.

Level 85
Feb 23, 2022
Eire is etymologically derived from the same root as Iran
Level 85
Jun 23, 2020
Perhaps in the next version of this, some hint of the underlying French/Creole culture, or mention of the most distinguishing landmark (the Pitons).
Level 74
Sep 4, 2020
If I remember correctly, the Pitons were on here before Quizmaster featured it
Level 67
Sep 4, 2020
I thought of LGBT but didn't guess it simply because I assumed many countries in the Americas, especially Caribbean islands, would've opposed it. I mean, Jamaica? Haiti? Surprised honestly.
Level 43
Sep 9, 2020
they should allow eastern caribbean dollar
Level 74
Sep 10, 2020
That works now, but you could save time but just entering "dollar"
Level 74
Dec 26, 2020
I tried EC dollar. Then just dollar. I think what got me was that the question invoked the multinational nature of the currency.
Level 88
Dec 26, 2020
I wish I could remember the names of more sports so that I could keep guessing for questions like that.
Level 63
Dec 27, 2020
Hint: If it's a former UK territory, go for cricket first.
Level 61
Jan 11, 2021
That's a very good rule of thumb in these quizzes.
Level 65
Sep 28, 2021
why is this under biggest cities by country? also lgbt shocked me!!!
Level 51
Jun 13, 2022
St. Lucias's doing it right in the 14th question.
Level 74
Aug 26, 2022
"Dollar" really shouldn't be allowed. I had no idea, and just started guessing the usual suspects...peso, dollar...and got it.