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5882021-03-15Письмо Викторина: Латиница (Latin)
3102020-10-02Писмо Квиз: Латиница (Latin)
1312020-10-16Τυχαία Γρήγορη Πληκτρολόγηση
822020-11-09How Many Times Can You Type R E Y K J A V Í K In 15 Seconds
772020-10-19Brasil E Suas Subdivisões - Teste Do Mapa Da Bandeira
742021-03-19L'Italia, Le Sue Dipendenze E Le Sue Regioni - Flag Map Quiz
652020-09-02Κουίζ επιστολών: Λατινικά (Latin)
652020-09-09Letter Quiz: Russian (Русский)
612020-10-16Australia, Its Dependencies, And Territories - Flag Map Quiz
502020-11-23Canada, Its Provinces, And States - Flag Map Quiz
482021-06-21U.S. States That Have 2.5%+ Use Of Public Transit — Fake Map
382021-03-19Italy, Its Dependencies, And Its Regions - Flag Map Quiz
382022-02-20All First-Level Subdivisions of the Carribean on a Map
332020-10-19Brazil And Its Subdivisions - Flag Map Quiz
332020-10-24Chile, Its Dependency, And Its Regions - Flag Map Quiz
312022-01-15Name That Brit
302020-10-24Chile, Su Dependencia Y Sus Regiones - Quiz De Mapa De Band…
292022-01-15Česko A Jeho Regiony - Vlajkový Mapový Kvíz
292021-03-18Hello In 20 Different Languages Quiz!
212020-10-25Czechia And Its Regions - Flag Map Quiz
192020-09-26All Languages GT Can Translate To
152021-12-12Wikipedias with 1M+ Articles
142020-09-02How Many Times Can You Type 12345 In 1 Miniute???
132021-10-20Flag Maps: Caribbean
112020-11-14Cities In Abkhazia
112020-09-09Letter Quiz: Greek (Ελληνικά)
72022-07-10Signup quiz
62020-10-26Grønlandske Kommuner
62022-02-05Minecraft Update Names
52021-11-28Unicode Block Quiz #1-2
32021-12-12Wikipedias with 100K-999K Articles
32020-10-26Greenland Municipalities
12021-10-20Unicode Block Quiz #1-1