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4132018-10-26Cities in USA that have most gay, lesbian, bisexual people
3212018-11-14Countries with most rape crimes
1282018-11-14Countries with most rivers
692018-11-22Countries with most UNESCO historical sites
692018-12-22Countries that most people want to migrate to USA
652018-12-11Countries containing "Th"
652018-10-20Top 10 biggest animals
622018-12-21Latest countries that disappeared or changed names
612018-11-14Countries that most people escape
592018-11-24Countries with most fatalities of war
562018-11-269 Newest countries
492018-11-29Counties without McDonalds
492018-10-21Top 10 Highest Currency Rate in the World
482018-10-28Cities in USA with most GLB people by %
452018-11-21Countries that were Soviet Union
422018-10-19World Cup Winners
422018-10-20Countries Producing the Most Pears
412018-11-21Countries that were conquered by Alexander the Great before
412018-11-18Countries that Start with S - One Minute Sprint
382018-10-29Poorest countries in 2017
352018-11-14Countries that have tallest buildings
302018-11-20Countries which were Yugoslavia
292018-10-19Countries Producing the Most Apples
282018-11-16Countries with most doctors
272018-10-21World Cup Hosts
262018-10-29Countries with highest death rate
262018-10-30Countries with highest elevation
252018-11-17Cities with most population
232018-10-2510 countries least guessed in Countries 1 Min Sprint
212018-11-05Countries with most public holidays
212018-11-21Countries that are easily spelt wrong
212018-11-14Largest deserts
212018-10-2510 countries least guessed in countries quiz
192018-11-14Top 10 countries with tallest buildings
162018-12-26Countries that are on the equator