Legend of Zelda by Letter-G

Good DAY, traveler!! I see you have accidentally stumbled across my quiz! Nay? You've been taking every one of my quizzes since the beginning? HUZZAH! A noble warrior!! You simply must have this new quiz. Take this, it's dangerous to alone. (p.s. if you haven't taken any of my other quizzes, go check, they're totally awesome. ;) )
Quiz by ZeldaLover1986
Last updated: March 22, 2022
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First submittedMarch 21, 2022
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What is the name of the red haired wise elder you meet within the Minish Village?(The Minish Cap)
What enemy is closely similar to Poes, due to the fact that they mostly inhabit graveyards or other dark areas?
Name the item that the player can use to shrink themselves? (Four Swords, two words)
Gnat hat
Do you recall the name of the little old lady in Mabe village?(Link's Awakening, major hint, it's not the name with the 'U'. Two words)
Grandma Yahoo
Boo! This annoying tiny creature is yet another Twili victim that only Wolflink is able to see with his senses? (Two words)
Ghoul Rat
I know d*mn well you remember the horri- *ahem* lovely, story-teller you can find in the top room of the Stock Pot Inn, aka Anju's Grandmother. What's another name for her in OOT?
What is the first temple you go to in Oracle of Seasons?(Three words)
Gnarled Root Dungeon
This will probably be the only easy question on this quiz. Who teaches you the Song of Storms?(OOT and Majora's Mask.)
Guru Guru
Okay, one more basic question :)). Can you tell me the name of the catastrophic event that goes on in Breath of the Wild, and is the current "storyline" of The Legend of Zelda series?(Two words)
Great Calamity
Did you know that a certain 'mushroom' shaped enemy from Super Mario Bros. made an appearance in Link's Awakening? Name it :)
Fiiine, this quiz IS hard, here's an easy one: We really never can forget the rather flamboyant antagonist in Skyward Sword, spell his name right >:)
What kind of minor flying creature appears in several Zelda games?
(This next question is gonna be the same for the next two because I can't figure out how to do the multiple answer thing.) Can you name three different fish from across the Zelda series? {First one: The Twilight Princess, Second one and Third one: Majora's Mask.}
Groovy Carp
Goodta Goby
Level 69
Mar 22, 2022
No question about Ganon or Ganondorf?? Use the merge cells feature merge the last three hint cells (click on the top one and choose merge down: 3).
Level 24
Mar 22, 2022
Of course no question about the super duper easy stuff >:).

No ganon, gibdos, or gorons to be found :) and thank you for the advice on the multiple question thing!