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There's a cool gadget that you receive in a few of the Zelda games, you can use it to grab onto things; like, ledges, chains, or even metal grates!Hookshot
Alright, tell me the name of the gorgeous land where Zelda rules :)Hyrule
Okay, you knew this was coming: Where does Princess Zelda spend most of her time? (And, no, this isn't a trick question; it isn't kidnapped in some creepy dude's mansion.) (Two words)Hyrule Castle
What do you call the non-anatomically correct shape that in these games retain your lifeline? (One word)Heart
So, you know Bokoblins and Moblins, right? Can you remember another kind of pig-like creature in the games? In Breath of the Wild, there's 40 of them throughout the map, what are they?Hinox
In Oracle of Seasons(and Oracle of Ages ;). ), there's a wee dungeon you can find the wooden sword. (Two words)Hero's Cave
Here's a tricky one... This cutie lives with her sister, Gale, in The Tower of Winds. (The Minish Cap)Hailey
I sell masks that oddly look just like someone you know! ;). What's my name? (Three words)Happy Masked Salesman
In Majora's Mask, you must travel through an extremely "murky" desert, just through the Gerudo Fortress. Only being led by poles and a clever little spirit, this is one trek you can truly get lost in. (Two words)Haunted Wasteland
Who could forget the City in the Sky from the Twilight Princess? Beautiful water features, an excellent view, really strong breezes.. collapsing flooring... giant fans that no one really knows what for.... uh yeah, it's got a great personality, ya know? But, can you tell me the oddly 'dinosaur' sounding name for the charging pets that roam the castle?Helmasaurus
Found in Forest Haven, this Korok doesn't leave its home to 'plant a new forest'. He's also super crafty for potions!Hollo
What bird enemy, only found in the Skyward Sword, perches on dead trees to watch for silly prey.Hrok
In the Twilight Princess, there's a pesky group of insects that can actually deal quite a bit of damage. Here's one instance you encounter them: A giant tree resides in Ordon Village that holds some excellent rupees, but first you have to get rid of what on the ladder? (Two words)Hylian Hornets
In A Link to the Past, there is Light and there is Dark. In the Light Realm, you have Poes. What's the Dark Realm equivalent?Hyu

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