German History Revision - 4

This is an A-Level German History quiz that covers the rise of Nazism and the collapse of Weimar democracy.
Quiz by Laurence
Last updated: February 4, 2020
First submittedFebruary 4, 2020
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In what year was Hitler born?
What German word translates to people and suggests a nation with the same ethnic and cultural identities?
What was the official name for the 'Nazi' party?
National Socialist German Worker's Party (NSDAP)
What was the membership of the Nazi party by 1923, which included Hermann Goring, Julius Streicher and Ernst Rohm?
What was the philiosophy that portrayed the world as a struggle between people, races and nations?
Social Darwinism
When did Hitler leave prison?
December 1924
When was the party officialt refounded?
27 February 1925
From 1926, the Nazi party was organised into different regions. How many were there?
In the election of May 1928, what percentage of the vote did the Nazis achieve?
How much did exports value fall by between 1929 and 1932?
What was the number of registered unemployment in 1932?
5.6 million
How much did industrial production fall by between 1929 and 1932?
What treaty reduced the sum of reparations that Germany had to pay to the Allies to £1850 million?
Young Plan
What formed in response to this and was able to draft a 'Law against the Enslavement of the German People' which denounced any reparations and demanded the punishment of collaborating ministers, yet when the matter was made into a national referendum, they only recieved 5.8 million votes?
National Opposition
Who was made the chancellor after the collapse of Muller's grand coalition?
Heinrich Bruning
In the 1930 election, what percentage of the vote did the Nazis recieve?
How many presidential decrees did Bruning force through the Reichstag through the use of Article 48 by HIndenburg, in 1932?
Who was the KPD leader from 1925-33 who stood to be elected as President in 1932, yet only recieved 11.2% of the vote?
Ernst Thalmann
Hindenburg recieved 53% of the vote, making him Chancellor, but Hitler did better than most expected as he recieved?
Who became Chancellor after Bruning?
Franz von Papen
Papen removed the state governement of Prussia, which was a strong SPD/ZP region, and made himself? Depsite the unconstitutional and arbitary act, the democrats gave in, showing how Weimar had transitioned more to a Presidential Authoritarian Government.
Reich Commissioner of Prussia
The Nazis became the largest party in the July 1932 elections, increasing their percentage of the vote to?
Together the anti-democratic forces of the Reichstag (the Nazis and KPD) recieved?
In what denomination, were the Nazis morre successful?
Who was the Nazis master of propaganda that was responsible for their election gains?
Josef Goebbels
Which leader of the Berlin SA revolted against the Nazis after they encouraged them to act legally and use less violence?
Walther Stennes
When was the vote of no confidence in Papen's government passed that forced him to call new elections?(it was passed 512 votes to 42)
12 September 1932
How much did the Nazi vote fall to during the November 1932 election, due to the Nazis being short of money, lacking morale and the slight economic recovery?
When was Kurt von Schleicher made chancellor? He achived the position after informing Hindenburg that the army lacked faith in Papen.
2 December 1932
Who did Schleicher appoint as vice-chancellor to split the Nazis between him and Hitler? Howeve, Hitler ovrecame the problem and forced him to resign.
Gregor Strasser
When was the meeting between Hitler and Papen that agreed that Hitler would be made Chancellor and that Papen would act as vice-Chancellor?
4 January 1933
What was the term used about the plot to usurp Schleicher?
Backstairs intrigue
Papen recieved help in convincing Hindenburg due to the role of his son. What was his name?
Oskar von Hindenburg
When was Hitler made chancellor?
30 January 1933
What government did he leave upon becoming chancellor?
Nazi-Nationalist Coalition
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