Every Simpsons Character A-Z

This is my FINAL Simpsons Character quiz!!! I went through every episode of The Simpsons and found every character. I will try to keep it updated, but no promises.
No guest star debuts (Ex. George H. W. Bush or Stephen Hawking)
No appearances from people from other TV shows (Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, etc.)
No Treehouse of Horror Characters (Hugo Simpson, Dr. Hot Dog, etc.)
PS- There are many of the same names, so don't be too intimidated by the number!!
Quiz by ADog550
Last updated: April 22, 2024
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Daughter of Edwina & Abe Simpson; Acts like Homer
Abbey Simpson
Close-up Magician; Performed at Lenny's Birthday
Abra Ca-Debra
Patriarch of the Simpsons; Father of Homer Simpson
Abraham Simpson
Actor who played Bart Simpson in "Bart's Not Dead"
Actor Playing Bart
Actor who played Homer Simpson in "Bart's Not Dead"
Actor Playing Homer
Spuckler Child; Worked at family's Mother Hubbard store
Addem-up Spuckler
Mean Girl befriended by Lisa Simpson; Loves horses
Foreign Exchange Student from Albania; Communist Spy
Adil Hoxha
Retired Admiral; Attends high profile, rich events
Admiral Carstairs
Democrat News Reporter; Co-Host of 'Head Butt'
Adriatica Vel Johnson
EPA Agent; Caught Burns hiding waste in the Park
Agent Malone
Strict & Bitter Elderly Mother of Seymour Skinner
Agnes Skinner
Kids who attended Expressions, the performing art camp
Aiesha / Sarah / Flynn
FICTIONAL; Superhero & Member of the Vindicators
Native Residents of Microatia; Met by Homer Simpson
Ak / Qtoktok / Lisa Jr.
Waiter at Happy Sumo & Swanky Fish; Karate Sensei
Akira Kurosawa
Owner of Barney's Bowlarama; Barney Gumble's Uncle
Al Gumble
Executive at the Nuclear Power Plant; Friend of Mike
Al Simmons
Farmer; Current owner of Sneed's Feed & Seed
Al Sneed
Famous Child Pop Singer; Loved by Waverly Hills
Alaska Nebraska
Founder of "Over-Feeders Anonymous"; DEAD at 23
Attorney; Helped Bart's lawsuit against Krusty the Clown
Albert Dershman
European Family; Met the Simpsons on a road trip
Alberto / Sylvia / Ruthie
Famous Gangster Rapper; Bart snuck into concerts
Popular "grown-up" Girl in Lisa Simpson's class
Alex Whitney
Old Woman; Lives near the Simpsons; Formerly Dead
Alice Glick
Mascot for Shøp; Asks Bart Simpson for Tungsten
Allen Wrench
FICTIONAL; TV Host of 'Dancing with the Scars'
Alleycat Deeley
Student in Lisa's class; Smart as Lisa, and younger
Allison Taylor
Greyhound Racing Dog; Always comes in second
Always Comes in Second
Original Winner of the Little Miss Springfield Pageant
Amber Dempsey
Daughter of Duffman; Owns Cannabis & Accessories
Amber Duffman
Homer Simpson's former Vegas Wife; DEAD
Amber Simpson
Muslim Building Demolitionist; Husband of Mina
Amid bin Laden
Foodie; Ate at Haile Ethiopian Food w/ Marge/Lisa/Bart
Amuse Bruce
Radio Show Host; Hosts 'Verbal Tea' on Public Radio
Amy Levine-Gonzalez
Female White Tiger; Performs with Gunter and Ernst
Scam Artist from Ohio; Ordered Bride for Moe Szyslak
Anastasia Alekova
Cadets at Rommelwood Military School; Hate Simpsons
Anderson / Larsen / Platt / Franklin
Former Counselor & Current Student at Burns University
Andre (Counselor)
Tried dating Marge, after Homer's bypass surgery
Andre (Triple Bypass)
Prime Minister of Australia during Bart's visit (Fake)
Well-known Former Pupil & Prankster at Springfield El.
Andy Hamilton
Adult Film Stars; Shooting movie in the Simpsons house
Angela Dare / Sultry Stevens
Current Wife of Fat Tony; Licensed Real Estate Broker
Angela D’Amico
Owner of Guidopolis Savings & Loan in Guidopolis
Angelica (Guidopolis)
Girl who went out w/ Milhouse while teaching Lisa Italian
Angelica (Kid)
FICTIONAL; Main Character in Angelica Button series
Angelica Button
Waiter at Luigi's & Sub-contractor for J&J Construction
Commentator for ESBN; Constantly getting angry
Anger Watkins
Intern at the Nuclear Power Plant; Used as muscle
Angry Ricky
Parents of Erik; Members of The Cool Moms
Anita / Chris
Wife of Thayer Blackburn; Moved next to the Simpsons
Anne Blackburn
Blonde Squishee Supplier; Had an affair with Apu
Annette (Squishee)
Therapist; Previously worked at S. Community College
Annette (Therapist)
Bipolar Special Agent w/ the FBI (Kristen Wiig)
Annie Crawford
Actress & Agent of Krusty the Clown (Joan Rivers)
Annie Dubinsky
Dutch Cousin of Milhouse Van Houten; Bart had crush
Annika Van Houten
Son of Apu & Manjula; Octuplet; Overbite & shaggy hair
Anoop Nahasapeemapetilon
Co-Founders of CarGo; Hired Homer Simpson briefly
Antoine / Zora
Former Owner of the Springfield Isotopes
Antoine Tex O’Hara
Jazz Singer; Photograph up at Jazzy Goodtime's
Anwar Benitez
Proprietor of the Kwik-E-Mart; Good friend of Homer S.
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Owner of Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant; Burns' Rival
Aristotle Amadopolis
Hairdresser at The Perm Bank; Marge has gone there
Armando (Perm Bank)
Cashier at Try-N-Save; Convinced Homer to buy a lot
Armando (Try-N-Save)
Patrons at Flaming Moe's; Met Barney in bathroom
Armando / Rafi
Disgruntled, Crazy Helicopter Pilot for Channel 6 News
Arnie Pye
Cashier at Springfield Grocery Store; Friendly w/ Selma
Bartender at The Confidential, a bar for bartenders
Children's Entertainer & Ventriloquist; Uses Gabbo
Arthur Crandall
Owner of the Fortune Megastore chain; Hip Billionaire
Arthur Fortune
Billionaire Inventor & Business Owner; Loves Marge
Artie Ziff
Famous Pop Singer; Fan army called 'Murmur Nation'
Ashlee Starling
Graduate Student & Feminist; Babysat Bart/Lisa/Maggie
Ashley Grant
MyTuber Hosts of 'Let's Talk Boblox! With ___ & ___ __'
Astrid / French Fry
European Art Historian; Owner of an Art Gallery
Astrid Weller
School Comptroller for Springfield's state; Canadian
4th Grade Teacher at Springfield Elementary; Red hair
Audrey McConnell
Owner & CEO of RedStar; Owned Worth-A-Try Burger
Augustus Redfield
Former Mascot of Ovenfresh in 1954; Bakeoff Judge
Auntie Ovenfresh
American Ambassador of Australia; Tried to help Bart
Averell Ward
Goat; Found by Bart, Nelson, Dolph, Martin in Highlands
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Baby of the Boobsy Family
Baby Boobsy
Former Champion for Hot Shot Tots, & current Judge
Baby Dimples Riskind
Old Pro-wrestler; Fought against Abe Simpson & lost
Baby Face Palooka
Jazz Musician; Played at Jazzy Goodtime's benefit
Bad-Check Mazursky
Owner of St. Giles Orphanage; Wife of Sideshow Mel
Barbara Belfry
Wife of Sideshow Mel, but they are currently separated
Barbara Van Horne
Ample-chested Vampire Woman; Local TV Personality
Barbara “Booberella” Lelavinsky
Male Drag Queen; Reference to Barbra Steisand
Barbra Streisman
Springfield Town Drunk; Spends most of time at Moe's
Barney Gumble
German Baron; Marge sent him a taxi bill by accident
Baron Von Kiss-A-Lot
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Wears a barrel around him
Spuckler Child; Conjoined Twin with Wheel Spuckler
Barrow Spuckler
Worked as the Devil Mascot at In 'n' Out; Fired
Barry (Devil Mascot)
Husband of Grizzly Shawn; Amazing Place contestant
Barry (Grizzly Shawn)
Scientists at & Founders of Exploration Incorporated
Barry / Paul
Husband of Jerri Mackleberry; Father of Sherri & Terri
Barry Mackleberry
Hillbilly Comedian at the Hillbilly Talent Contest; Parody
Barry the Satellite TV Guy
Frog caught by Bart Simpson; Brought to Australia
Bart Junior
Mischievous Eldest Child of the Simpson Family
Bart Simpson
Muslim Student at Springfield Elementary; Son of Amid
Bashir bin Laden
Group of Dancers & Prostitutes; Hired by Mr. Burns
Basket Bells
Family Dog of the Flanders; Loves Homer Simpson
Girlfriend of Squeaky-voiced Teen; Only wants money
Short-lived Girlfriend of Grampa; DIED of broken heart
Beatrice Simmons
Brown Dog of Cletus Spuckler; Guarded a possum
Ex-fiancé of Otto Mann; Employee at Der Krazy Kraut
Blonde friend of Lisa Simpson; In Lisa's class
Becky Shorter
Members of Addy's Crew; Mean girls who love horses
Bella-Ella / Sloan / Tessa Rose
Aunt of Jenny; Lives at the Springfield Retirement Castle
Belle (Aunt)
Entrepreneur and Proprietress of La Maison Derrière
Belle (La Maison)
Street Performers; ___ & ___ the Street Magic Men
Ben / Ken
Couple; Husband tried cheating on wife w/ Marge S.
Ben / Ramona
Son of Verity Heathbar; Can play lute & speak Mandarin
Ben Heathbar
Magazine Vendor; Got friend Marge 'Sponge & Vacuum'
1/3 Nerds; Met Homer Simpson at Springfield University
Benjamin (Nerd)
Interns at the Nuclear Power Plant; Attended meeting
Benjamin / Gretchen
Tall, black Bouncer at Flaming Moe's; Also an Usher
Doctor Hibbert's recovering alcoholic Wife; Housewife
Bernice Hibbert
Pianist; Played piano for Krusty's Li'l Starmaker contest
Bowling Team consisting of Nerds; Bullied by FundBunch
Beth / Harold / Scott
Nutritionist; Hired by Marge to put Homer on a diet
Betsy Bidwell
Jewel Thieves; Former gang of Sarah Wiggum
Bette / Erin
Ya Hoo! Cast Member; Trademark of not wearing shirt
Big Shirtless Ron
Accountant for Krusty; Helped start his Clown College
Well-known DJs for KBBL; Often announce contests
Bill / Marty
5th Grade Student & News Editor at S. Elementary
Billy (5th Grade)
Child Actor; Worked with Troy McClure multiple times
Billy (Child Actor)
Son to the owner of Gasso; Not very smart
Billy (Gasso)
First-mate of The Rotting Pelican, under Skipper Jack
Billy (Rotting Pelican)
Personal Trainer of Krusty the Clown; Helped Nelson
Billy (Trainer)
Kids when Homer was young; In the No Homers Society
Billy / Joey
Mascot of Ovenfresh; Tells Marge not to look at eyes
Billy Bouillon Cube
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Wears a gong around him
Bing Bong
Italian Gelato Salesman; Flown out to Kids Formula One
Right-wing Conservative Talk Show Host on KBBL
Birch Barlow
Spuckler Child; Wears a potato sack for clothes
Birthday Spuckler
Jazz Tenor Saxophonist; Played at The Jazz Hole
Birthmark Billy Jackson
FICTIONAL; Superhero & Member of the Vindicators
Black Voodoo
One of Nelson's two cronies; Moved to Shelbyville
Black Weasel
FICTIONAL; Horror Movie: ____ Meets ____ ______
Blacula / Black Dracula
Former Hostage Negotiator; ChoreMonkey Employee
Blake (ChoreMonkey)
Student at Springfield Elementary; Wore fake contacts
Blake (Student)
Rich Kid in NYC; Cut in line at The Enlightened Scoop
Blake Black
Greedy Store Employee at Pedalon, a fitness store
Famous Jazz Musician; Idol of Lisa Simpson; DEAD
Bleeding Gums Murphy
Blind Jazz Musician; Taught ABOVE musical skills;DEAD
Blind Willie Witherspoon
Three-eyed Orange Fish; Mutated by the Power Plant
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Wears a football uniform
FICTIONAL; Member of the Ki-Ya Karate Monsters
Blob Jitsu
Springfield's most prominent Lawyer; Has blue hair
Blue-haired Lawyer
Female Whale; Washed up on the shore; DEAD
Old Therapist; Dated Abe Simpson until dumping him
Producer for Dateline: Springfield, a doc. crime series
Former Congressman for Springfield's state; Orange hair
Bob Arnold
FICTIONAL; Employee for Mr. McGrew; Christmas Carol
Bob Cratchett
Former Square Dance Teacher at Springfield Elementary
Bob Johnson
Former Student at Springfield High in 1974; Class Clown
Bobby Mindix
Dean of Springfield University; Mellow, hip & easy-going
Bobby Peterson
Police Dog; Owned by Eddie & Lou; Attacked Homer
Youth Minister & Reverend in Springfield; Very Popular
Bode Wright
Clown; Up on the wall of clowns at Mussel & Flanks
Version of Santa; Mascot for Bonestorm, a video game
Bonestorm Santa
Player for Boston Americans; Cheered on by a crowd
Daughter of Ted Flanders; Sister of Connie Flanders
Bonnie Flanders
Mentally-ill British Neighbors of the Simpsons
Booth Wilkes-John / Wallis
Car Salesman & Owner of _____' Car Loft; Hired Homer
Director & Opera Conductor; Directed Carmen
Boris Csupovski
Young Boy; Went to Itchy & Scratchy Land w/ mother
Cow owned by Cletus Spuckler; Went to Slaughterhouse
Jazz Tenor Saxophonist; Played at The Jazz Hole
Boston Cream Basie
Hobo Boxer; Fought Homer Simpson for a sandwich
Boxcar Bob
Advertisers for Powersauce, an energy bar; Hosted show
Brad / Neil
Very easy-going psychiatrist; Told people to be like Bart
Brad Goodman
Wife of Cletus Spuckler; Hillbilly, but secretly smart
Brandine Spuckler
Agent of Duffman & Woketopus; Wears green track suit
Bartender at MoHo HOUSE; Served Moe & Marge
Singer, Musician & former student; Met Lisa at STEM
Brendan Beiderbecke
Father of Trevor McBride; Hosted Trevor's pool party
Brian McBride
Snobby Daughter of Kent & Stephanie Brockman
Brittany Brockman
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Brittany Spuckler
Husband of Madison; Father of Nikki; Fed. Prosecutor
Brody McKenna
Faith Healer; Hosts show 'Brother ____'s Revival'
Brother Faith
Physical Education Teacher at Springfield Elementary
Brunella Pommelhorst
Father of Tobias Drundridge; Lives in Australia
Bruno Drundridge
Mafioso in the Springfield Mafia; Held phone for Tony
Bruno Wife-Banger
Former Western Film Star; Recovering Alcoholic
Buck McCoy
Baseball Player for the Isotopes; Married to Tabitha Vixx
Buck Mitchell
Pet Dog of Sam, Moe's regular; Ran away from home
Played Fallout Boy in the Radioactive Man TV show
Buddy Hodges
Spanish Star of Channel Ocho; Dresses in bee costume
Bumblebee Man
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Clumsy, bumps into things
FICTIONAL; Krustyland Character at Krusty Fest
Burger Reynolds
First Cat owned by Crazy Cat Lady; Orange & Brown
Member of Krusty's No-Collar Comedy Tour
Buttcrack Barry
Ya Hoo! Cast Member; Leaned against a barrel, smoking
Butterball Jackson
Robot built by Martin Prince; Martin's best friend
Jazz clarinetist; Played at Jazzy Goodtime's benefit
C.S.I. Miami
Tried to climb The Murderhorn w/ Abe Simpson; DEAD
C.W. McAllister
Students at Waverly Hills; Their idol is Alaska Nebraska
Caitlin / Katelyn / Kate Lynn
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Caitlin Spuckler
Member of Dirt First, a vegan activist organization
Marine Biologist working w/ Manatees (Alec Baldwin)
Caleb Thorn
Substitute Music Teacher at Springfield Elementary
Calliope Juniper
Adopted Son of Blythe; Homer Simpson hated this kid
Calvin (Adopted Son)
Young Genius Boy; Attends Enriched Learning Center
Calvin (Bart the Genius)
Woman who went to Blazing Guy; Wore butterfly wings
Calypso Self-Knowledge
Child Singer; Placed 2nd in Krusty's Li'l Starmaker
Mascot of Bob's RV Round-Up; Parody of King Kong
Camper Kong
Legal Owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Canary M. Burns
Performer in Krusty's Kristmas on Ice; Candy Cane
Candy Kevin
Jazz Singer; Participated in Jazzy Goodtime's benefit
Cantaloupe St. Pierre
Mascot for Capital City Capitals; Also a State Legislator
Capital City Goofball
Beatnik Mother of Ned Flanders; Attended wedding
Capri Flanders
Old Pro-wrestler; Was going to team up w/ Half-Mast
Captain Flag
Sea-faring Resident of Springfield; Pipe & wooden leg
Captain Horatio McCallister
Sea Captain of The Relation Ship, a father-son help ship
Captain Joseph Bowditch
Norwegian Cruise Chip Captain of the Royalty Valhalla
Captain Svalbard
Captain of the Springfield Reserve Sub, U.S.S Jebediah
Captain Tenille
Best Friend of Lenny Leonard; Power Plant Employee
Carl Carlson
Adoptive Father of ABOVE; Lives in Iceland w/ his wife
Carl Carlson, Sr.
Biological Sister of Carl Carlson; Dated Lenny Leonard
Carlotta Carlson
6th Graders at Elementary; Bossy Riot gang members
Carmen / Erica / Piper
Temporary Teacher for Bart's class; Army; Bart had crush
Carol Berrera
Mother of Jimbo Jones; Once dated Kearney Zzyzwicz
Carol Jones
Timbersports Competitor; Partner of Rachel Cohen
Carol “Oak” Connor
Lawyer; Works for Mr. Burns; Helped in trapdoor lawsuit
College Students; Took private lessons from Lugash
Carrie / Tina
Homeless; Befriended Bart Simpson after passing out
Casey / Rory
Teenage Wiccans; Practice Witchcraft in the Forest
Cassandra / Esmeralda / Gwendolyn Nightshadow
Woman; Lives in a lighthouse near Sideshow Bob
Cassandra Patterson
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Cassidy Spuckler
Contestant on the 'Topiary Wars' competition game show
Ya Hoo! Cast Member; Wears green dress w/ polka-dots
Cathy May
Doorman at Moe's Tavern after modern renovation; Brief
Artists; Admired Homer Simpson's artwork at Moe's
Cecil Hampstead-on-Cecil Cecil / Gunter / Kyoto
Younger Brother of Sideshow Bob; Springfield Dam Plot
Cecil Terwilliger
Young Genius Girl; Attends Enriched Learning Center
Cecile Shapiro
Evil French Wine Maker; Forced Bart to work; Uncle
Personal Golf Caddie for Club President Bildorf
Hedge Fund Traders & bowlers of the Fund Bunch
Chang Stein / Reynolds
FICTIONAL; Member of The Fossil Fuel Four; French
Charcoal Briquette
Former Girlfriend of Krusty; Date where Willie was waiter
Charity Titters
Marge's Mother Flippers "Husband" (Ricky Gervais)
Charles Heathbar
Billionaire Owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Charles M. Burns
Short Man & Masseur at Klub Krusty; Secret Spy
Charlie (Klub Krusty)
Orphan Boy briefly "adopted" by Bart Simpson
Charlie (Orphan)
Dangerous Emissions Supervisor of Sector 7G
Charlie (Power Plant)
Dated Lou; had dog double-date w/ Santa's Little Helper
Military Family; Homer helped wife deliver in an elevator
Chase / Gretchen / Homer, Jr.
Owner of ____ _____ Ballet Academy; Taught Lisa S.
Chazz Busby
Female Horse owned by Fat Tony; Made to have babies
Mascot for a Hamburger Restaurant (name not specified)
Cheesy McMayor
Mother of Sam Monroe; Marine Biologist (Patti LuPone)
Cheryl Monroe
Legendary Bully; Said to have wedgied a kid in half
TV Presenter/ Commentator for Kids Formula One
Chester Arborday
Unemployed Brother of Bernice Hibbert; Never Seen
Chester Dupree
Original creator of Itchy & the Father of Cartoon Violence
Chester J. Lampwick
Gray-haired Journalist & Partner of Chloe Talbot
Lisa's Great Uncle; Runs unsuccessful shrimp company
Chet Simpson
Gray Racedog from Springfield Downs; Lost to Whirlwind
Chew My Shoe
FICTIONAL; Supervillain & Enemy of the Vindicators
Timbersports Commentator; Hosted w/ Anger Watkins
Chip Bunyan
"Springfield's Most Beloved Man That You Never Saw"
Chip Davis
Bolivian Tree Lizards; Found & taken care of by Bart
Chirpy Boy / Bart Junior
Former Employee at the Springfield Kid Kennel; Quit
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Chloe Spuckler
Peabody Award winning reporter from Global Television
Chloe Talbot
Chef at Fleet-A-Pita, a pita bread food truck franchise
Employees at the Springfield City Zoo; Hired Muscle
Christopher / Terence
Cameraman for Head Butt; Agreed w/ Homer Simpson
Chuck (Cameraman)
Celebrity Look-alike of Rainier Wolfcastle; Works for him
Chuck (Look-alike)
Blonde Student in Lisa Simpson's class; Has a lisp
Chuck Berger
Regional Director of the IRS; Invited to Simpson's dinner
Chuck Ellis
Held a Mega-Savings Seminar; Marge Simpson went
Chuck Garabedian
Farmer and Former Owner of Sneed's Feed & Seed
Chuck Tamzarian
Pet Armadillo of the "Cool Family"; Played w/ pets
Ringmaster for the Cirque de Purée (French-Canadian)
Cirque de Purée Ringmaster
FICTIONAL; Superhero & ally of Radioactive Man
Citizen Solar
Pro Bidder on Storage Battles; Watched by Homer S.
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Rides a red-ish unicycle
Tour Guide at Petrochem Petrochemical Corporation
Claire Harper
Chain-smoking Husband of Jacqueline Bouvier; DEAD
Clancy Bouvier
Army Brigadier General in Springfield; Ordered jetpack
Clancy Wiggins
Chief of Police of the Springfield Police Department
Clancy Wiggum
Actress who played McBabe in the McBain movies
Clara Hosenfrauen
Sister of Luke Stetson; Lisa thought she was Luke's gf
Clara Stetson
Barber at the Hair-Do the Right Thing Barber Shop
Black Child Singer; Placed 3rd in Krusty's Li'l Starmaker
Clarissa Wellington
ACLU-appointed Liberal Lawyer for Lisa Simpson in NY
Clarisse Drummond
Two-time Fast Car Champion; Met the Simpson family
Clay Babcock
Light Blonde-hair Coach; Bail Jumper; Ran from Homer
Clay Roberts
Elaine Wolff's former lover; Left his wife for Elaine Wolff
Cookie's cleaning assistant at the Lazy I Ranch (Gollum)
Overzealous Neighborhood Watch Guy; Shot in leg
Redneck Couple; Married at Shotgun Pete's; "Yup."
Cletus / Aileen
Stereotypical Redneck/Hillbilly; Farmer; Has many kids
Cletus Spuckler
TV Critic at Channel 6; Gave overview of Krusty's career
Clive Meriwether
Ya Hoo! Cast Member; Wears large flowered hats
Cloris Mozelle
President of the Springfield Junipers Golf Club; Weird
Club President Bildorf
War Veteran; Owner of Tire Fire Souvenirs at Tire Yard
Coach for the Boston Americans; Doesn't smile
Coach Bonderchuck
Homer Simpson's Baseball Coach during High School
Coach Flanagan
Sadistic, old Gym Teacher at Springfield Elementary
Coach Krupt
Mascot of the Ah, Fudge! Factory.; Can't be near kids
Cocoa Beanie
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Cody Spuckler
Life Coach; Help Homer get better job (Stephen Colbert)
Colby Krause
Eldest Son of Augustus Redfield; Board of Directors
Colby Redfield
Irish Student; Lisa's crush during 'The Simpsons Movie'
Waitress at Flaming Moe's; Brief Relationship w/ Moe
Cowardly Colonel; Lost Daytime Emmy to Sideshow Bob
Colonel Coward
Air Force Colonel; Sideshow Bob stole nuke from him
Colonel Leslie "Hap" Hapablap
Gay Cousin of BELOW; Has large horseshoe mustache
Comic Book Gay
Overweight, geeky Proprietor of The Android's Dungeon
Comic Book Guy
Teenagers; Animal Rights Activists; Broke into feed lot
Compost / Solar Panel
Pro-wrestler; On cover of 'The Golden Age of Wrestling'
Comrade Crush
Parents of Tyler; Members of The Cool Moms
Connie / Mike
Daughter of Ted Flanders; Sister of Bonnie Flanders
Connie Flanders
Father & Son; Work the ring toss game at a carnival
Cooder / Spud
Rancher & Employee at Lazy I Ranch; Old prospector
Most Prominent Realtor in Springfield; #1 on West Side
Cookie Kwan
Cop; Member of the focus group testing Moe's bourbon
Cop with a Secret
Own's ____'s Diner; Waitress at Overpass, Skobo's, etc.
Daughter of the "Cool Family"; Infant still breastfeeding
Taken to Retirement Home; Broke free & went on bender
Cornelius Talmadge
Krusty's Sergeant-at-arms; Deals with rowdy children
Corporal Punishment
Asian Member of the Superfriends; Likes trigonometry
Cosine Tangent
Jazz Musician; Performed a song with Etta Pryor
Count Buddy
Jazz Musician; Played w/ Marbles, Skinny & Bart S.
Count Four Count
Breakfast Cereal Mascot; Count Chocula Parody
Count Fudge-ula
Mother of Hudson; Didn't get along w/ Marge Simpson
Cousin of Seymour Skinner; Nephew of Agnes Skinner
Cousin Peter
Boy in Bart Simpson's class; Joined Army against Nelson
Owner of ____'s Roundup RVs & the Used Couch Lot
Cowboy Bob
Friend of Abe Simpson; From China; "Ping Pong"
Christian Missionaries; Sent to Microatia to build chapel
Craig / Amy
Unauthorized Krusty the Clown Look-alike/ Impersonator
Crappy the Clunk
Mentally-ill Woman, always surrounded by many Cats
Crazy Cat Lady
Exact Opposite of ABOVE; Surrounded by many Dogs
Crazy Dog Man
Owner & Salesman at ____ ____'s Place of Automobiles
Crazy Vaclav
Magician & Host of Magicfreek; Canadian Parliament
Cregg Demon
Burns' oldest Hound; Replaced by Santa's Little Helper
Girlfriend of Otto Mann, during the very early seasons
Spuckler Child; Lopsided ponytail; Named after a drug
Crystal Meth Spuckler
Bartender at the Breezeways in Courtyard by Airport
Inmates at Springfield Prison; Sideshow Bob said bye
Cutter / Icepick
Four Man, Hip-Hop Group; Performed at Murder 4 Life
Da Glock Pointaz
Two Bouncers at M, Moe Szyslak's new "hip" bar
Dagmar / Julien
Yale Graduate who went to Springfield Elementary
Dahlia Brinkley
Female Bounty Hunter; Has a gun for a prosthetic leg
Daisy McGunnan
Jazz Musician; Said that America was stealing music
Daly Night
Former Accountant for the Springfield Mafia; Bowler
Dan Gillick
FICTIONAL; Blue Dog Superhero who lives in Michigan
Danger Dog
Comic Creator; Attended Comicalooza w/ 2 others
Daniel Kim
Member of the Calabresi Mafia; Rival of Fat Tony; DEAD
Dante Calabresi, Jr.
Father of ABOVE; Member of Calabresi Mafia; DEAD
Dante Calabresi, Sr.
Theater Critic for the Springfield Shopper; Manipulative
Daphne Beaumont
Mother of Mr. Burns; Had an affair w/ President Taft
Daphne Burns
Girl from North Haverbrook; Almost married Bart S.
Girlfriend of Barney Gumble, during the early seasons
Father of Orion Hughes; Well-known Actor & Singer
Darius Hughes
Blonde Kid; Drawn by Bart Simpson in caricaturist style
Husband of Rayshelle Peyton; Oboist for Orchestra
Darryl Peyton
FICTIONAL; Video Game & Dingo Junction Mascot
Dash Dingo
Nerd Member of the Superfriends; Wears red glasses
Lifeguard aboard the Royalty Valhalla; Led Spa Cult
Non-Canon; Announcers for the Robot Rumble show
Dave / Steve
Husband of Valerie Togasaki; Wrote own wedding vows
Dave Rothman
Blue-haired Journalist for the Springfield Shopper
Dave Shutton
Comic Creator; Attended Comicalooza w/ 2 others
David Z. Cohen
Friend of Kirk Van Houten during separation from Luann
Dean of Campers for the University of Springfield Camp
Dean Belichick
Lead Mr. Burn's campaign team; Almost wins the vote
Dean Danielson
Cheerleader at Homer & Marge's old High School
Debbie Pinson
Nurse at Springfield General; Talked to Glen Tangier
Former Miss American Girl; Made some bad remarks
Deborah Jo Smallwood
Eccentric and Skeptical British Documentary Filmmaker
Declan Desmond
Snowman Gangster; Simpsons: Tapped Out Original?
Deep Freeze
Jazz Musician; Played Trumpet w/ Marcus Le Marquez
Defonzo “Skinny” Palmer
Running Back for the San Antonio Cow Skulls; Parody
Deion Overstreet
Criminal at Waterville Prison; Tried killing a cow at rodeo
Landowner and Artist at Springfield Desert State Park
Delbert Fornby
Secretary for Lionel Hutz & at Shotgun Pete's Chapel
Bellhop at the Best Western in Shelbyville; Ginger
Sports Announcer; Announced Springfield Isotopes
Dennis Conroy
Blonde Student and Squash Player at Yale University
Detective and Deputy Director of the FBI (Will Arnett)
Deputy Director Gratman
Best-selling Electronica Artist; Judge on Duff talent show
Der Zip Zorp
Employee at Club Lounge; Worked w/ Shauna Chalmers
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Dermott Spuckler
Spuckler Child; Only purpose is to be designated driver
Designated Dorothy Spuckler
Former Employees at Well + Good; Worked w/ Marge
Desmond / Lauren
Hot Dog Vendor & Owner of _____'s Caboose Chili Dogs
Half-brother of Simon Woosterfield; Tried killing Simon
Devan Woosterfield
Dog of Lenny Leonard; Snarled at by Santa Little Helper
Actor; Played a fake FBI Agent in scam of Homer & Bart
Devon Bradley
Won a hillbilly contest, that Mary Spuckler competed in
Devon Peacock
Ex-boyfriend of BELOW; Briefly ran away with him
Gay Music Teacher of Springfield Elementary School
Dewey Largo
Private Detective; Hired by Homer to find out about Lisa
Dexter Colt
Cousin of Cletus Spuckler; Overweight & a diabetic
DiaBetty Spuckler
Magician at Magic Palace, a dinner theatre restaurant
Briefly dated Ned Flanders after Maude passed away
Diane (Dated Ned)
Network Executive at Krustylu Studios; Fired Jeremy
Diane (Network Exec)
Host of Grand Nationals of Sand Castle Building Preview
Teacher at Springfield Elementary; Pun on male "parts"
Dick Testiclees
Retail Clerks at Official Halloween Headquarters; Crazy
Dickie / Lem
Son of Rainier Wolfcastle; Kid enrolled in Clowning Arts
Dieter Wolfcastle
Transfer Student to Springfield Elementary; Falconer
Digby “Diggs”
Russian Spy; Undercover psychical therapist & kitesurfer
Dimitri Nigelovonovitch
Burger Mascot of Dimwillie's; Giant statue on restaurant
Couple; Took part in reality TV, Rollercoaster Romance
Dina / Lucas
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Wears a giant bell on him
Old Roommate of Mr. Burns from Yale; Burns didn't like
Disco Aficionado & Owner of Stu's Disco; 3rd Person
Disco Stu
FICTIONAL; Short-lived Itchy & Scratchy Show character
Disgruntled Goat
One of The Seven Duffs; Dizzy Mascot for Duff Beer
Dizzy Duff
DJ alongside Homer, when he became fully licensed
DJ Daddy Towers
FICTIONAL; DJ in 'Project: After Party', a comedy movie
DJ Keg Head
Member of the Rolling 80; Gave ride to Homer & Marge
DJ Kwanzaa
Super-villain & Mad Scientist who lives in Springfield
Doctor Colossus
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Wears a doctor uniform
Doctor Pickles
Blue Racedog from Springfield Downs; Lost to Whirlwind
Dog O’War
One of the Springfield Elementary bullies; Weird haircut
Dolph Shapiro
Member of the Movementarians; Took the Simpsons
Don (Movementarian)
CEO of Whiz-Bang Toy Company; Offered Abe a job
Don (Whiz-Bang)
Store Detective at Try-N-Save; Caught Bart Simpson
Don Brodka
Retired Safety Inspector of the Power Plant's Sector 7-G
Don Brookner
Elderly Mafia Boss; Rival family of Fat Tony D'Amico
Don Castellaneta
Professional Monster Truck Driver; Drove a green truck
Don "Crusher" Woodard
Television Sports Commentator at Ice-O-Topes game
Don Jacques LaLonde
Worker at Power Plant; Thought he was Burns' disguise
Don Phoneyman
Godfather of the Springfield Mafia; Boss of Fat Tony
Don Vittorio DiMaggio
Gas Attendant & Owner of _____'s Discount Gas
Donny (Discount Gas)
Kid raised in Shelbyville Orphanage; Friend of Bart
Donny (Shelbyville)
Overweight, laconic Lunchlady of Springfield Elementary
Ex-girlfriend of Lenny Leonard; Cheated on Lenny
Kid Niece of Jakob; Assists tracking tourists in Israel
Wheelchair-bound Senior at the Retirement Castle
Homer's Assistant, after taking over for Robert Marlowe
Cameraman who films in Springfield; Filmed many show
Doug (Camaraman)
Former Guidance Counselor at Springfield Elementary
Doug (Guidance Counselor)
1/3 Nerds; Met Homer Simpson at Springfield University
Doug (Nerd)
Manager of La Belle Frottage Casino, a casino on water
Doug Blattner
TV Handyman & Actor; Hosts sitcom, Toolin' Around
Doug “Chip” Vaccaro
Mother / Daughter; Rich Family that lives in Springfield
Dowager / Débutante
Scientist at NASA; Talked about TV Ratings w/ Stillwater
Dr. Babcock
Doctor & Principal of Waverly Hills Elementary School
Dr. Bettleheim
Huge Professional Wrestler; Married to Rumbleina
Dr. Bonebreak
Gray-haired Child Psychologist & Marriage Counselor
Dr. Brentano
Veterinarian at Cheep, Cheep, Cheap!; Rude
Dr. Callas
Psychologist; Visited by Marge every Wednesday
Dr. Carlock
Psychiatrist & Author of 'The Myth of the Imperfect Child'
Dr. Clarity Hoffman-Roth
FICTIONAL; Crustacean ArchEnemy of Radioactive Man
Dr. Crab
Armenian-American; Works at a Euthanasia Clinic
Dr. Egoyan
Dog Psychologist; Helped the sad Santa's Little Helper
Dr. Elaine Wolff
Doctor & Author; Told parents about G.R.I.T. system
Dr. Fenton Pooltoy
Childhood Psychologist of Ned Flanders; Helped later
Dr. Foster
Hair Specialist; Works at Hair Clinic, in Springfield Mall
Dr. H. Boyle
Pro-wrestler; Fought The Iron Yuppie in Death Match
Dr. Hillbilly
Dermatologist & Owner of Dr.______ Dermatology Clinic
Dr. Irving Zitsofsky
Psychologist at Springfield Elementary (J.K. Simmons)
Dr. Jessup
Springfield's Most Prominent & Competent Doctor
Dr. Julius Hibbert
Orthodontist and Owner of Kidzrule Orthodontics!
Dr. Kidzrule
"Doctor" that helps w/ Love Lives; Helps Moe Szyslak
Dr. Kissingher
Veterinarian and Owner of _______ _______, D.V.M.
Dr. Lionel Budgie
Therapist & Scammer at Messages (Werner Herzog)
Dr. Lund
FICTIONAL; Psychiatrist in Bart Simpson's coma dream
Dr. Morton
Quack Physician; Studied at dubious medical schools
Dr. Nick Riviera
Psychiatrist; Worked at Complex Medical Care; DEAD
Dr. Nussbaum
Doctor; Former Bully, now teaches others not to Bully
Dr. Raufbold
FICTIONAL; Villain of Everyman (The Lizard Parody)
Dr. Reptilicus
Owns the Spirograph Factory; Spirographs↓Gang Activity
Dr. S
FICTIONAL; Imaginary Family Therapist of Lisa Simpson
Dr. Schulman
Simpson Relative; Chief of Complicated Surgeries
Dr. Simpson
Child Psychologist; Helped Bart Simpson at school
Dr. Stacey Swanson
Chiropractor, commonly recommended by Dr. Hibbert
Dr. Steve
Child & Animal Psychiatrist; Helped Santa's Little Helper
Dr. Thurston
Plastic Surgeon; Works at Stomach Staples Center
Dr. Velimirovic
Therapist & Co-Owner of Masters & Johnson Institute
Dr. Virginia Johnson
Orange-haired Hypnotherapist & Breast Cancer Survivor
Dr. Wendy Sage
Therapist & Co-Owner of Masters & Johnson Institute
Dr. William Masters
Dentist & Owner of Painless Dentistry, a small clinic
Dr. Wolfe
Director of a Fathering Enrichment class; Homer / Bart
Dr. Zander
Psychologist; Helped Marge overcome her fear of flying
Dr. Zweig
Former Boxer of Springfield; Active Famous Celebrity
Drederick Tatum
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Fat who drools a lot
Jazz Drummer; Photograph up at Jazzy Goodtime's
Drop Jaws Turner
Clown on children's show; Lost Emmy to Sideshow Bob
Droppy Drawers
Spuckler Child; Wears an eyepatch and worn overalls
Dubya Spuckler
Great White Shark; Newest Mascot for Duff Beer
Duff McShark
Mascot & Spokesman for the Duff Beer company
Employee at Frank Needy & Sons; (Chumlee Parody)
Auctioneer at Gavelby's Auction House; Sold "Poetess"
Duncan (Gavelby’s)
White Racehorse; Adopted by Bart Simpson + Family
Duncan “Furious D”
Clown; Up on the wall of clowns at Mussel & Flanks
Dungaree Dave
Bank Robber; Held Marge hostage (Steve Buscemi)
Dwight Diddlehopper
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Dylan Spuckler
Red-haired Member of the Superfriends; Maybe moved
FICTIONAL; Character on show, The Electric Company
E-Z Reader
Police Officers; Ordered to back up Ward & Van Zuylen
Earhart / Keneally
FICTIONAL; Character from Mr. ____'s Christmas Carol
Ebenezer McGrew
Pop Singer, U.N. AmbassaDiva, & lip gloss spokesman
Police Officer; Unintelligent & Often seen w/ Lou
Father of Nelson Muntz; Abandoned his family
Eddie Muntz
One of The Seven Duffs; Edgy Mascot for Duff Beer
Edgy Duff
Former 4th Grade Teacher of Bart Simpson; DEAD
Edna Krabappel
Homer Simpson's Pen Pal from Spain; 200 Children
Eduardo Barcelona
Assistant Vice President of Finance at Polystar Pictures
Edward Christian
Had relationship & Abbey w/ Abe Simpson in England
FICTIONAL; Man in costume ran over by Abe Simpson
Member of the Stonecutters; Wears an Egg costume
Egg Council Guy
Mexican Wrestler sponsored by Springfield Investorettes
El Bombastico
Soccer Player from Brazil; Biggest Diver in the World
El Divo
Young Italian Boy; Played music at Le Petite Appétit
El Puerco
Former Assistant Reverend, later turned Reverend
Elijah Hooper
Springfield Socialite; Met Marge at Glen Country Club
2nd Grade Teacher of Lisa Simpson; Bored w/ her job
Elizabeth Hoover
Homeless Woman; Lives outside the Regent Hotel
Spuckler Child; Still attached by an umbilical cord
Embry Joe Spuckler
Attendee of the National Native American Tribal Council
Residents at the Retirement Castle; Often seen together
Emil / Hester
Employee at the Candy Shoppe in Barnacle Bay
Emily (Candy Shoppe)
Mother of the "Cool Family"; Brief neighbor of Simpsons
Emily (Cool Family)
University Student; Occasional babysitter for Simpsons
Emily Beth
British Owner & Operator of ____ ____'s Canine College
Emily Winthrop
Italian Paparazzo; Hired by Rainier Wolfcastle for Homer
Enrico Irritazio
Employee at Stuff-N-Hug; Wanted to show Marge a film
Salesman at Plan Nine Comics; Sold Milhouse 1000 vol.
Eric Reynolds
Student; Son of Anita & Chris; Son of a "Cool Mom"
Ex-soldier; Mother of Sophie Krustofsky w/ Krusty
Husband and Wife owners of the Tuckernuck Inn
Ernest / Trudy
Performer / Entertainer; Performs w/ Gunter & Anastasia
Well-known Author & Publisher of Romance Novels
Esme Delacroix
Artsy Counselor at Expressions & Sprubway Worker
Ethan Ballantyne
Young Genius Boy; Attends Enriched Learning Center
Ethan Foley
Jazz Musician; Performed a song with Count Buddy
Etta Pryor
Homer Simpson's former Assistant & Current Supervisor
Eugene Fisk
Great Half-step Aunt of Marge, Patty & Selma Bouvier
Eunice Bouvier
Aunt of Mayor Joe Quimby; DEAD
Eunice Quimby
Gray-haired Taxi Driver in Glendon Falls; Drove Duffman
Undersecretary for International Protocol; Brats & Punks
Evan Conover
Girlfriend of Patty Bouvier; Went on a few trips together
Springfield Socialite; Went to High School w/ Marge S.
Evelyn Peters
Art Teacher at Springfield Elementary; Very Supportive
Evelyn Trunch
FICTIONAL; Superhero created by Comic Book Guy
Hillbilly/Musician; Scared off Bart & Lisa (Jack McBrayer)
Ewell Freestone
4th Grade Religious Students; Left class to pray for souls
Ezekiel / Ishmael
Patriotism Editor of the "Reading Digest" magazine
Faith Crowley
Hired by Number 2 to pose for Homer in Springfield
"Fake Homer"
FICTIONAL; Superhero & Sidekick of Radioactive Man
Fallout Boy
Cheerleader Group at the Speedway; Shoots t-shirts
Pilot & Sky-writer for Hire; Hired by Apu for Manjula
Fantastic Dan
Owner of Farmer _____'s Bacon Factory; In TV Ad
Farmer Billy
Non-Canon; Irish Priest & Exorcist; Got rid of Pazuzu
Father Ben
Roman Catholic Priest at St. Jerome's Catholic School
Father Sean
Two Female Jazz Tenor Saxophonists; At Jazz Hole
Fatneck Sisters
Imaginary Mascot of 2014 Olympics by Bart Simpson
Portuguese Crew Member of The Rotting Pelican
Killer & Employee for the Globex Corporation; Parody
Femme Fatale
Sheriff in Conklin, MO; Son of Judge J.T. Winchester
Commercial Airline Pilot; USA to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Professional Killer; "The World's Most Devious Assassin"
Fernando Vidal
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Springs on hands & feet
Fiddle Faddle
Orange Racedog from Springfield Downs; Lost race
Father of Paolo Paoletti; Extremely rich Tracksuit Mogul
Fila Fendi Paoletti
CEO of GimmeChow, food delivery (Jason Mantzoukas)
Finn Bon Idée
Male Drag Queen; Reference to Fiona Apple
Fiona Adams Apple
Baseball Player; New Addition to the Springfield Isotopes
Fishbone Walker
Police Officers; Ordered to sleep together by Wiggum
Fitz / Garcia
Turkmenistani Exchange Student at Spr. Elementary
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Wears a chef outfit & cooks
Flap Jack
Mascot for BostonAmericans; Scored winning touchdown
Flappy the Flag
Washed-up, Elderly Player for the Springfield Isotopes
Flash Bailor
Firefighter; Put out a fire at the Simpson family house
Flint Drywall
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Wears large flip flops
Flip Flop
Significant Other of Jimbo Jones (Lisa's Belly: S33 E5)
Alligator bought by Homer for Bart; Flushed down toilet
Foodie; Ate at Haile Ethiopian Food w/ Marge/Lisa/Bart
Fois Garth
Spuckler Child; Worked at family's Mother Hubbard store
Fontanelle Spuckler
Dog owned by Diane, a woman who dated Ned Flanders
Movie Director; Hired to direct The Sands of Space; Quit
Ford Brackford
Interior Designer; Hired to redecorate Moe's Tavern
Italian Wife of Sideshow Bob & Mother of Gino
Francesca Terwilliger
Waitress at Brunchausen by Loxy; Scared of Homer
Orange-hair Bully that moved to Springfield Elementary
Francine Rhenquist
Employee at Barney's Bowlarama; Sold Lane Janes
Pilot for Air Springfield; Flew to New Orleans, LA
Son of BELOW; Mechanic; Tried killing Homer Simpson
Frank Grimes, Jr.
Plant Worker; Self-declared Enemy of Homer S.; DEAD
Frank Grimes, Sr.
Owner of the Pretzel Wagon; DIED in a car accident
Frank Ormand
Child Star; Skyler Green was his opening act for show
Frank Sinatra Jr. Jr. III
Actor Horse owned by Buck McCoy; In 24 Movies
Frank the Wonder Horse
FICTIONAL; Member of the Ki-Ya Karate Monsters
Franken Samurai
Health Department Inspector; Old friend of Moe Szyslak
Low-level Member of the Springfield Mafia; Indiscretion
Frankie the Squealer
Hotel Doorman; Opened the door for Drederick Tatum
Freddy (Doorman)
Black Student at Springfield Elementary; Early Seasons
Freddy (Student)
Bassist for Sungazer; Discovered Apu for lead singer
Freddy Freeman
Spoiled Nephew of Mayor Quimby; Almost went to Jail
Freddy Quimby
Ya Hoo! Cast Members; Fat Farmer & his pet Pig
Freddy-Boy / Yuma
Gray and White Falcon, owned & trained by Diggs
German Businessmen; Took over Nuclear Power Plant
Fritz / Hans / Horst
FICTIONAL; Main Killer in Xbox Game: ____ the Hit Man
Frosty the Hit Man
Female Chinese Professional Basketball Player; Tall
Fung Pang-Li
Pet Knife-fighting Monkey owned by Mr. Burns (Parody)
Furious George
Soldier & Ex-husband of Stacy Lovell; (Action Figure)
G.I. Joe
Social Worker who helps families get along better
Father of Martin Prince; Husband of Gloria; Stock Broker
Gareth Prince
CEO of Motherloving Sweets and Sugar Company
Garth Motherloving
TV Critic for the Springfield Shopper; Influenced Homer
Garth Trelawny
1/3 Nerds; Met Homer Simpson at Springfield University
Gary (Nerd)
Paparazzi; His wife & children are ashamed of him
Gary (Paparazzi)
Strict Superintendent of Springfield's School District
Gary Chalmers
Corporate Recruiter who specializes in Nuclear Workers
Gator McCall
Spoiled Boy, around the same age as Bart Simpson
Mother of ABOVE; In Moe's bourbon focus group
Gavin's Mother "Soccer Mom"
Demolition Derby Driver; Used Homer's car in derby
Gene “No Helmet” Dupree
Bear; Host of a TV Talk Show; Microphone on head
Gentle Ben
Artist & Cartoonist; Creator of the Danger Dog series
Geoff Jenkins
Current Boyfriend of Dewey Largo; Has dog, Poochini
Maggie Simpson's baby Arch-nemesis; Has a unibrow
Gerald Samson
Elderly Woman w/ an electrolarynx; Hired Bart Simpson
Son of Apu & Manjula; Octuplet; Overbite & short hair
Gheet Nahasapeemapetilon
Unsuccessful and Unlucky Businessman; Many jobs
Gil Gunderson
Springfield Socialite; Met Marge at Glen Country Club
Young Girl in Juvenile Prison; Escaped w/ Bart Simpson
Gina Vendetti
Ned Flanders' former Vegas Wife; Ran from Rod & Todd
Ginger Flanders
Fat, bald Orderly at Springfield Retirement Castle
Toddler Son of Sideshow Bob & Francesca Terwilliger
Gino Terwilliger
Dog of Seth & Munchie at Groovy Grove Juice Corp.
Spuckler Child; Went on The Relation Ship w/ Cletus
Gitmo Spuckler
Retired Italian Fireworks Pyrotechnic; Put on a show
Giuseppe Granfinali
Sister of Jacqueline Bouvier; Died of bowel obstruction
Gladys Gurney
Actor who played Airshot; Visited Milhouse at a hospital
Glen Tangier
Wife of Snake Jailbird; Police Officer, who breaks rules
Mother of Martin Prince; Wife of Gareth Prince
Gloria Prince
Woman who went w/ husband to counseling retreat
Gloria S.
FICTIONAL; Male; The Elf on the Shelf Parody
Gnome in Your Home
TV Host of Rock Bottom, a tabloid news show; Cheater
Godfrey Jones
Pet Goldfish of Captain Horatio McCallister; Female
Jazz Pianist; Photograph up at Jazzy Goodtime's
Gooey Martin
Owner of ______'s Gags & Gifts; (Willy Wonka Parody)
Goose Gladwell
Pet Goose of Jay G; Mascot of Golden Goose, a cgl.
Hired by an award-winning athlete to carry his trophies
Consulate of Sweden; Met with the Simpson family
Jazz Tenor Saxophonist; Played at The Jazz Hole
Grabass Walker
Boyfriend of Julio Franco; Roommate of Homer Simpson
Grady Little
Elderly TV Personality on ¡Noches con Abejorrito!
Grampa Baby
Grandmother of Ned Flanders; Lived w/ Ned; DEAD
Grandma Flanders
Grandmother of Milhouse Van Houten; Divorced
Grandma Van Houten
Grandfather of Milhouse Van Houten; Travels in RV
Grandpa Van Houten
Professional Hunter; Lives in the Springfield Forest
Grant Connor
Cousin of Groundskeeper Willie; Gravedigger
Gravedigger Billy
Football Quarterback - Springfield Atoms (Beck Bennett)
Grayson Mathers
Male Masseuse at Rancho Relaxo; Marge got message
Daughter of Rainier Wolfcastle; Brief gf of Bart Simpson
Greta Wolfcastle
Cornhole Player; Went against Smokey Blandings
FICTIONAL; Krustyland Character at Krusty Fest
Grilly Cheese King
Husband of Barry; Went on TV show, The Amazing Place
Grizzly Shawn
Irish Rival of BELOW; Temp. Janitor at Spr. Elementary
Groundskeeper Seamus
Angry Scottish Groundskeeper of Springfield Elementary
Groundskeeper Willie
Red-haired Groundskeeper at Shelbyville Elementary
Groundskeeper Wilma
Sapphire Lounge Singer in the Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn
Gulliver Dark
FICTIONAL; 1/2 Characters in Menace Tooth Society
Gum Disease
Elderly Nuclear Power Plant Employee w/ one tooth
Gummy Joe
Spuckler Daughter; Has large gums & 1 large tooth
Gummy Sue Spuckler
Performer / Entertainer; Performs w/ Ernst & Anastasia
Member of Australia's Parliament; Pig Farmer
Gus (Australia)
Security Guard at Polystar Pictures; Knows Mel Gibson
Gus (Polystar Guard)
Bartender at Springfield Sports Arena; Served Homer
Gus (Springfield Sports Arena)
Blonde Kid; Only one who attended Lisa's B-Day Party
Gus Huebner
Theatrical Director; Directed 'Sad Girl' (Martin Short)
Guthrie Frenel
British Man; Looks like Homer, except for mustache
Guy Incognito
Employee at Nuclear Power Plant w/ a big hand
Guy with Big Hand
School Principal; Sat at the annual Dance of the Lemons
Gwendolyn Hertzfeld-Mastroantonio
Emotional Support Chicken owned by Truth-Anne
Gwyneth Poultry
Waitress at Joe's Diner; Homer almost left Marge for her
American Gladiator; Best Friend of Chase "Pyro"
Midget Pro-wrestler; Was going to team up w/ Cpt. Flag
Friends of Homer, Lenny & Carl at Power Conventions
Halpern / Sherman
Fat & Balding Member of the Superfriends; Likes radios
Black-haired Brother of Maisie & Owen MacWeldon
Hamish MacWeldon
Strange, Diminutive Concertina Player; Looks like Krusty
Handsome Pete
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Has comedically large hands
Evil Genius Philanthropist; Owner of Globex Corporation
Hank Scorpio
Former Mayor of Springfield; Has extremely Bad Luck
Hans Moleman
Principal of Springfield High School, back from 1974
Harlan Dondelinger
Rich Friend of Lisa Simpson; Child of Mike Jambowski
Harper Jambowski
Vice President of Tipsy McStagger's; Tried to buy recipe
Harv Bannister
Well-known Magician; Taught Lisa Simpson magic tricks
Harvey Raymondo
Pink-haired Elder at the Springfield Retirement Castle
Deaf Elder at the Springfield Retirement Castle
FICTIONAL; Dead Headmaster in Angelica Button series
Headmaster Greystash
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Heather Spuckler
Jamaican Member of Reaction Guy's crew; MyTuber
Cosplayer on Pacific Princess Leia; Fell onto by CBG
Hedonismbot Cosplayer
Elderly Organ Player at the First Church of Springfield
Helen Feesh
Gossipy & Very Judgmental Wife of Reverend Lovejoy
Helen Lovejoy
Executive Producer of 'It Never Ends', a soap opera
Helen Morehouse
Scandinavian Elderly Maid of Krusty the Clown
Pet Brown Cat of Elizabeth Hoover; Rude Cat
Dog of Homer Simpson as a kid; Owned by Miss Viola
Hair Stylist at Hairy Shearers; Talked w/ Homer Simpson
Elderly Farmer; Appeared in the movie, Gas World
Henry (Gas World)
Interviewer for Miss Wickerbottom's (Simon Cowell)
Henry (Wickerbottom's)
Yellow Canary; Owned by Lisa Simpson, then Frink
Henry the Canary
Older Half-brother of Homer Simpson; Owns company
Herbert Powell
Brilliant Tactician; Owner of _____'s Military Antiques
Herman Hermann
Owner & Creator of Aerochair; Owns rights to Angry Dad
Herman Millwood
Homeless Elderly Woman; Secretly lived in Bart's closet
Hettie Mae Boggs
Jazz Musician; Watched musicians in The Jazz Hole
Hi Hat Pat
Two Members of the Yakuza; Fought the Mafia
Hiroshi / Yukio
Emmy Winner TV Clown; Rival Station of Krusty
Hobo Hank
Head of Springfield Historical Society (Don. Sutherland)
Hollis Hurlbut
Hippie; Former wife & sideshow of Krusty the Clown
Holly Hippie
Father of the Simpson Family; Overweight & lazy
Homer Simpson
Purple-haired Clown; Fled from Bart Simpson's tank
Diverse Singing Group; Sang the Duff Gardens TV ad
Hooray for Everything
Pet Macaw of Duffman; Helped Maggie rescue possum
Lady Brewologists; Potential Mascots for Duff Beer
Hops / Barley
Spuckler Child; Fed Shame-u a fish head at Aquatraz
Hors D’oeuvre Spuckler
FICTIONAL; Bear Fire Safety Mascot at Mt. Useful
Hosey the Bear
Owner of the Duff Stadium and the Springfield Isotopes
Howard K. Duff VIII
Florist & Current Owner of ______'s Flowers; Glasses
Howard, Jr.
Father of ABOVE; Started ______'s Flowers; DEAD
Howard, Sr.
Tourist & Undercover TV Personality; Hated Springfield
Howell Huser
Cool Kid w/ sunglasses; Hangs out at Noiseland Arcade
Student in Lisa Simpson's class; Sits behind Lisa S.
Hubert Wong
Baby; Friend of Maggie Simpson; Played at Sand Tropez
FICTIONAL; Lenny Leonard's Imaginary Friend (Parody)
Bull Mascot at Kissimmee St. Nick Theme Park & Resort
Customer at Moe's Tavern; Received prank phone call
Hugh Jass
Referee at an Easter Egg Hunt; Wore a bunny costume
Hugs Bunny
Talking Camel in Colonel Tex's Traveling Carnival
Humphrey the Talking Camel
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Hunter Spuckler
FICTIONAL; Superhero & Member of the Vindicators
Young Genius Boy; Attends Enriched Learning Center
Ian (Student)
Extremally Tall Man; Taught Nelson a lesson in Beetle
Ian (Tall Man)
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Ian Spuckler
Member of the Rolling 80; Rode with DJ Kwanzaa
Ice Mocha
Crossword Competitor; Thought Simpsons cheer for her
Carnival Freak who puts nails up his nose; Hallabalooza
Impervo the Painless
Spuckler Child; Named after "relations" between family
Incest Spuckler
Elder at the Springfield Retirement Castle; Sleeping
Babysitter for the Simpsons; Migrated from Ogdenville
Inga (Babysitter)
Bikini Model from Sweden; Willie's ex-girlfriend
Inga (Bikini Model)
Spuckler Child; Wears Mickey Mouse ears w/ bite taken
International Harvester Spuckler
Elderly Woman; Mother of Larry (from Moe's Tavern)
Iris Dalrymple
Boy; Had his own float in the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Irish Boy Most Resembling a Potato
2nd Grade at Springfield Elementary; Lisa's library friend
Isabel Gutierrez
CIA Agent posing as a Bartender at a Hotel in Cuba
FICTIONAL; Jamaican versions of Itchy & Scratchy
Itchem / Scratchem
FICTIONAL; Blue Cartoon Mouse; Cruel Psychopath
Greyhound Racing Dog; Tends to always come in third
I’m Number Three
Psychiatrist for Springfield Elementary's school district
J. Loren Pryor
Criminal imprisoned at Waterville for shooting Apu
Jack Crowley
Student at Springfield Elementary; Casablanca Play
Jack Deforest
President of Laramie Cigarettes; Pageant Spokesman
Jack Larson
Former School Teacher of Bart Simpson; Jail Guard
Jack Lassen
Elderly Worker at Nuclear Power Plant; Forced to retire
Jack Marley
FICTIONAL; Krustyland Character at Krusty Fest
Jack Pickleson
Executive at NASA; Brought Homer & Barney to NASA
Jack Stillwater
Student & Bully at Springfield Preparatory School
Matriarch & Widow of the Bouvier Family; Marge's Mom
Jacqueline Bouvier
Bowling Instructor; Pursued an affair w/ Marge Simpson
Orange-haired Student in Bart Simpson's classroom
Jaffee Ziswhisky
Blue-hair Barber & Owner of ____'s Unisex Barbershop
Israeli Tour Guide; In charge of the Simpsons on trip
Secret Agent; Enemy of Hank Scorpio & Globex; DEAD
James Bont
Demolition Derby Driver; Went against Gene Dupree
James “Psychiatric Disorder” Porter
Farm Supply Critic for the Springfield Shopper; Farmer
Jamie Killday
Son of Sanjay; Nephew of Apu; Ran the Quick & Fresh
Jamshed Nahasapeemapetilon
Recruiters for the Movementarians; Recruited Homer
Jane / Glen
2nd Grade Student; Cupcake stolen by Yellow Weasel
Lisa Simpson's "fair-weather friend"; Likes to jumprope
Janey Powell
FICTIONAL; Cosmic Wars Character; (Obi-Wan Parody)
Old Friend of Abraham Simpson & Old Jewish Man
Jasper Beardsley
Famous Rapper; Owner of the 'Golden Goose' brand
Jay G
Former Rapper & Songwriter for The Five Boyfriends
Jazzy James
Television Sports Commentator at Ice-O-Topes game
Jean-Pierre Petomane
Cheerleaders for Duff Beer; Went to Moe's w/ Duffman
Jeanette / Cheryl
Manager of Kissimmee St. Nick Theme Park and Resort
Purported Historical Founder of Springfield; DEAD
Jebediah Springfield
Councilman; Attended The Institute; "The Toilet Rocker"
Jed Hawk
Jazz Tenor Saxophonist; Played at The Jazz Hole
Jellyroll Jones
Proctor for the Department of Standardized Testing
Jennifer Clarkeson
Christian & Retirement Castle Volunteer; Bart's crush
Network Executive on FOX; Dealt with Krusty; Fired
Son of Snake Jailbird; Steals things, just like his father
Jeremy Jailbird
Jeans Counterfeiter; Ran business w/ Herman Hermann
Wife of Barry Mackleberry; Mother of Sherri & Terri
Jerri Mackleberry
Channel 6 Employee; Works directly for Kent Brockman
Jerry (Channel 6)
Dancer for Lady Gaga aboard the Lady Gaga Express
Jerry (Dancer)
Former Segment Producer for Lindsey Naegle; Fired
Jerry (Producer)
Radio Shock Jock; Hosts ___ __ & the Bathroom Bunch
Jerry Rude
Cycling Instructor for Pedalon; Marge's Instructor
Krusty's former Krusketeers, a group of singers
Jesse / C.J. / Cubby
Teenage Vegan Environmentalist; Leads Dirt First
Jesse Grass
Pet Collie owned by Kent Brockman; Red Bow-Tie
Jessica (Dog)
Psychopharmacologist & Lawyer for the Redfield family
Jessica (Lawyer)
Secretly Mischievous Daughter of Reverend Lovejoy
Jessica Lovejoy
Employee at Duff Gardens; Supervises the Barrel Roll
Former Teacher; President of Kid First Industries
Jim Hope
Mahicanindia; Native American who talked to Homer
Jim Proudfoot
Journalist at the Associated Press; At NASA conference
Jim Wallace
FICTIONAL; Cosmic Wars Character; (Jar Jar Parody)
Jim-Jam Bonks
Leader of the Springfield Elementary bullies; Tall
Jimbo Jones
Child Actor & Assistant of Troy McClure; In education film
Jimmy (Assistant)
Golf Caddie; Personal caddie of Homer Simpson
Jimmy (Caddie)
New York City Carriage Driver; Gave Simpsons a ride
Jimmy (NYC)
Host of the show, The Late Late Late Show w/ ___ ___
Jimmy Jimmy
Member of the Springfield Mafia; Kissed-up to Tightlips
Jimmy Kissass
Waiter at The Sip 'N' Spin Lounge; Skinner's old student
Jimmy Pearson
Small-time Crook; Arrested for illegal auto-dialing
Jimmy the Scumbag
Member of the Springfield Mafia; Thrown into car trunk
Jimmy the Snitch
Spuckler Child; Wears only one shoe; Plays the kazoo
Jitney Spuckler
Clown; Wears a purple-barrel; Fled from Bart in a Tank
Newspaper Editor for the Springfield Shopper (Parody)
JJ Gruff
Younger Son of Doctor Hibbert; Attends Springfield Prep
JJ Hibbert
Chimpanzee Researcher; Helped Simpsons in Tanzania
Joan Bushwell
Security Guard at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Joe (Security)
Shelbyville Resident; Moe Counterpart; ____'s Tavern
Joe (Shelbyville)
82-year-old Man; Fed ducks everyday for 17 Years
Joe Banks
Retired Baseball Player; Dropped an easy catch
Joe LaBoot
Mayor of Springfield; Slick, Opportunistic & a Womanizer
Joe Quimby
Member of the Springfield Mafia; Popular w/ Legs/Louie
Member of the Springfield Mafia; Can't "read" rooms
Joey Can’t-Read-the-Room
Hired Goon at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Joey Crusher
Customer at Moe's Tavern; Friend of Homer & Barney
Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo
Comedian aboard the Royalty Valhalla; Depressed
Joey Skazazone
Member of the Springfield Mafia; Well-known Arsonist
Joey the Arsonist
Child Go-Kart Racer in Goldfish Cart; Opening Racer
Johannes von Schwarzvalder III
Gay Owner of Cockamamie’s, a collectibles shop
Embittered Man who went w/ wife to counseling retreat
John S.
Native American Journalist for The Chippewa Bugle
John Squawking Bear
Professional Monster Truck Driver; Drove a blue truck
John "The Skunk" Trumane
Canadian War Veteran; Friend of Abraham Simpson
Student at Springfield High School; Friend of McBride
Johnny Joe
Founder of the Springfield Shopper in 1883; DEAD
Johnny Newspaperseed
Caporegime of the Springfield Mafia; Right-hand Man
Johnny Tightlips
Comic Book Artist; Attended a Comic Book Convention
"Jolly” Jack Tate
Son of Marv, a studio executive at One-Week Wonder
Son of BELOW; Once crashed remote-controlled plane
Jonathan Frink III
Springfield's Local Scientist; Extremely brilliant & nerdy
Jonathan Frink
Father of ABOVE; Didn't get along w/ his son; DEAD
Jonathan Frink, Sr.
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Jordan Spuckler
Relative of Ned Flanders from Latin America; Male
José Flanders
FICTIONAL; Survival Games; (Gale Hawthorne Parody)
Waitress at Gas and Grub; Peeled Sideshow Bob's face
Pet Iguana of Selma Bouvier; Originally Gladys Gurney's
Harsh & Sadistic Judge; Enjoys cruel punishments
Judge Constance Harm
Elderly Judge in Conklin, MO; Mother of Fennimore
Judge J.T. Winchester
Springfield Court Judge; Hosted TV Court program
Judge Julie
Judge in Springfield; Grandfather of Nelson Muntz
Judge Muntz
Main Judge in Springfield; More lenient over the years
Judge Roy Snyder
Mother of Sideshow Bob; Retired Shakespearean Actor
Judith Underdunk
FICTIONAL; Member of the Ki-Ya Karate Monsters
Judo Mummy
Sunnyday Nursing Home Receptionist; Questioned Bart
Dance Instructor at Some of That Jazz w/ Sweet Sal
Julia (Dance)
Crazy Woman; Homer's manager while an Opera Singer
Julia (Manager)
Blonde Woman; Lives behind the Simpson's house
Julia (Neighbor)
Theatrical Director; Directed the musical, Stab-A-Lot
Juliana Krellner
Friend of Lisa Simpson; Created Equalia with Lisa
Juliet Hobbes
Won Teacher of the Year award, against Krabappel
Julio Estudiante
Gay Man; Former Roommate of Homer & Grady Little
Julio Franco
Seasoned Voice Actress; Voices Itchy & Scratchy
June Bellamy
Naval Recruited; Often makes sarcastic / angry remarks
"Just Stamp the Ticket” Man
Fiancée & Business Manager of Grayson Mathers
Barney Gumble's girlfriend while in Be-Sharps (Parody)
Intergalactic Regellian Invader from Rigel 7; CANON
Kang Johnson
Springfield Socialite; Met Marge at Glen Country Club
Homer Simpson's former Personal Assistant; Fired
Doberman Puppy owned by Waylon Smithers, Jr.
Kate Spayed
Works in Personnel at the Nuclear Power Plant
Kid Singer; Participated in Krusty's Li'l Starmaker; Lost
Katie Anderson
Friends & Adult Film Stars for an internet website
Katja / Vicki
Cousin of Apu; Helped Homer Simpson while in India
Kavi Nahasapeemapetilon
Ugliest & Toughest of the Springfield Elementary bullies
Kearney Zzyzwicz
Oldest Child of ABOVE (7); Sat in Santa's (Gil) lap
Kearney Zzyzwicz, Jr.
Father of Kearney Zzywicz; Has rude appearance
Kearney Zzyzwicz, Sr.
Youngest Son of Kearney Zzywicz; Fought Maggie S.
Kearney’s Other Son
FICTIONAL; Main Character in The Survival Games
Keendah Wildwill
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Kendall Spuckler
Security Guard at a museum; Painted one of the pics
Member of the Springfield Mafia; Always had a problem
Kenny the Problem
Party Planner; Planned Addy's birthday party sleepover
TV News Anchor; Hosts Channel 6 News & Smartline
Kent Brockman
Blind Student at Springfield Elementary; Friend of Nelson
Kevin (Blind Kid)
Catholic Student at St. Jerome's; Saw Homer cheating
Kevin (Catholic Boy)
Pedicab Driver; Ferried Moe & Princess Kemi around
Kevin (Pedicab Driver)
Contestant on the reality game show, Touch the Stove
Kevin (Touch the Stove)
Agent for Highsmith Modeling; Modeled at Luigi's
Kiki Highsmith
Owner of King ____'s Music Store; Rival of Moe Szyslak
King Toot
FICTIONAL; King ______ Feasts on His Children
King Winter
Husband of Luann Van Houten & Father of Milhouse
Kirk Van Houten
Former Tour Guide & Current President of Tanzania
Art Forger on Isla Verde, an island famous for Strupo
Klaus Ziegler
Rude Car Salesman & Owner of _____'s Kar Chalet
FICTIONAL; Short-lived Itchy & Scratchy Show character
Klu Klux Clam
Clown; Up on the wall of clowns at Mussel & Flanks
Knick Knack
Siamese Twin-midgets; Interviewed by Jerry Rude
Knick-Knack / Paddy-Whack
Australian Man who loves spoons; Drank at a bar
Knifey Spooney
Intergalactic Regellian Invader from Rigel 7; CANON
Kodos Johnson
Russian Ice Hockey Player on Springfield Ice-O-Topes
FICTIONAL; Member of the Ki-Ya Karate Monsters
Krav-Ma Golem
Owner of _____'s Krafts; Former owner of Petey
Rat; Employed by Artemis at The Confidential
Non-Canon; Clown who terrorized Kingfield; It parody
House Band for The Krusty the Clown Show; 4-piece
Krusty and the Krums
Cynical & Burnt-out Host of The Krusty the Clown Show
Krusty the Clown
Group of Bullies that dress like Clowns; Bully Summit
Krusty’s Kids
Japanese Wife of Comic Book Guy; Manga Fan & Artist
Kumiko Albertson
FICTIONAL; Member of the Ki-Ya Karate Monsters
Kung Fu Werewolf
Artsy Counselor at Expressions & Sprubway Worker
Kurt Hardwick
Counselor at Quitters, an alcoholic rehab clinic
Step-son of Duffman; Looks similar to Moe Szyslak
Kyle Duffman
5th Grade Student at Springfield Elementary; Rich
Kyle LoBianco
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Kyra Spuckler
Navy Recruiter; Founder of the Party Posse, a band
L.T. Smash
Pet Collie of Bart Simpson; Works on the Police Force
Biological Sister of Lenny Leonard; Dated Carl Carlson
Lainie Leonard
Mascot of Lard Lad Donuts & Original design of Lard Lad
Laird Ladd
Professional Stunt Devil; Has broke every single bone
Lance Murdock
Famous Broadway Performer; Took Lisa to Broadway
Laney Fontaine
Asian Employee at Nuclear Power Plant; Does drugs
Pet Dog of Martin Prince; Name Reference to Lao Tzu
Advertising Mascot of Lard Lad Donuts; Big Statue
Lard Lad
Barfly always seen at Moe's Tavern, alongside Sam
Larry (Bar)
Bus Driver; Drove Bus 22A; Drove Lisa Simpson around
Larry (Bus Driver)
Long-lost son of Mr. Burns; Former Power Plant Worker
Larry Burns
Elderly Lead Singer of the _____ _____ Experience
Larry Davis
Forgets things; Attended the Institute; "Pissed-O Shorty"
Larry Doogan
Personal Injury Lawyer; Helped Bart sue comic book co.
Larry H. Lawyer, Jr.
Owner of the Springfield City Zoo; Wanted the Octuplets
Larry Kidkill
Elderly; Member of focus group testing Moe's bourbon
Latina Granny
Daughter of Ruth Powers; Bart Simpson had crush
Laura Powers
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Lauren Spuckler
Purple-haired Clown; Employee at Mussel & Flanks
Leaky Pants
Pro. Bodyguard Trainer; Owns _____'s Bodyguard Acad.
FICTIONAL; Golfer in ___ ______'s Putting Challenge
Lee Carvallo
Member of the Springfield Mafia; Often seen w/ Louie
Child at a Party; Looked like Bart w/ face paint & crown
Leland Huebner III
Resident at Springfield Retirement Castle; W/ Prudence
Conductor for Krusty and the Krums, on the Krusty show
Best Friend of Carl Carlson; Power Plant Employee
Lenny Leonard
Special Investigator from the Attorney General's office
Lenora Carter
Spotlight Operator for The Krusty the Clown Show
Creator & Operator of Truckasaurus; Very kind to Marge
Leo G. Clark
Former Mental Patient; Thinks he is →(Michael Jackson)
Leon Kompowsky
Large, surly Assistant Superintendent of Gary Chalmers
Factory Worker at Petrochem Petrochemical Corporation
Greyhound Breeder & Owner of the No Kill Kennel
Les Moore
Pro-Golfer Man who disguised himself as a woman
Leslie Robin Swisher
Student in Springfield Elementary; Friend of Richard
Lewis Clark
Non-Canon; Mail Carrier at the Nuclear Power Plant
Springfield's Residential Business Link; Many Jobs
Lindsey Naegle
Adopted Daughter of Selma Bouvier; Very talented
Ling Bouvier
Co-owner of The Pan-Fried Dragon, w/ his wife Sheila
Ling Chow
Incompetent but Greedy Lawyer; Financially Unsound
Lionel Hutz
Smart & Moral Middle Child of the Simpson Family
Lisa Simpson
Pink-haired Clown; Met w/ Krusty, Scuzzo & Lisa S.
Little Debbie Dimples
1/25 Greyhound Puppies of Santa's Little Helper
Little Monty
Stage Director; Directed Oh, Streetcar; Brother of Mrs.__
Llewellyn Sinclair
Doomsday Prepper; Brought Homer to their retreat
Fabled Scottish Creature; Doorman at Burns' Casino
Loch Ness Monster
Purple-haired Executive Assistant to Krusty the Clown
Lois Pennycandy
FICTIONAL; Evil Snake in the Angelica Button series
Lord Evilton
Relative of Ned Flanders from the United Kingdom; Male
Lord Thistlewick Flanders
Co-Anchor of Entertainment Tonight; Talked about Troy
Nuclear Engineer at Kevät Kenttä Nuclear Power Plant
Lori Spivak
Leader of Los Souvenir Jacquitos, a senior citizens gang
Los Souvenir Jacquitos Leader
Police Sergeant; Most intelligent & competent Officer
Lou (Cop)
Member of the Springfield Mafia; Often seen w/ Legs
Louie (Mafia)
Tow Truck Driver; Offers Homer Simpson a Towboy job
Louie (Tow Truck Driver)
Hired Goon at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Low Blow
Wife of Kirk Van Houten & Mother of Milhouse
Luann Van Houten
Fat Kid with dreams of competitive eating; Lisa liked him
Luca$ Bortner
Criminal Babysitter; Babysat Bart, Lisa and Maggie
Lucille Botzcowski
Boxing Manager of Drederick Tatum, & formerly Moe
Lucius Sweet
Bail Bondsman & Owner of Bail Bonds; Hired Homer
Lucky Jim
Romanian Gymnastics Instructor; Large-curled Mustache
Italian Chef & Owner of Luigi's; Often rude to customers
Luigi Risotto
Christian Film Producers; Produced "Bart's Not Dead"
Luke / Mark / Matthew
Teenager at the Lazy I Ranch; Lisa Simpson had crush
Luke Stetson
School Snake of Springfield Elementary; Green Boa
Attractive, aspiring country western singer; Liked Homer
Lurleen Lumpkin
Secret Cousin & Former Lover of Charles M. Burns
Con Artist & Shyster; Sold the Monorail to Springfield
Lyle Lanley
Celebrity Fitness Trainer; Trained Homer (Seth Rogen)
Lyle McCarthy
Rapper at Phineas Q. Butterfat's Ice Cream Parlor
M.C. Birthday
Famous Rapper; Hip-Hop Act at Murder 4 Life concert
M.C. Champagne Millionaire
Brown Pony; Kids at Springfield Elementary rode her
Media Agent of Troy McClure; Didn't speak for 8 years
MacArthur Parker
Abraham Simpson's friend from the Air Force; Elderly
Mach Ridley
Pink-haired Girl in Murmur Nation, Ashlee Starling's fans
Mackenzie (Murmur Nation)
Chinese Adoption Center Worker; Helped Selma get Ling
Madam Wu
Guest on The Krusty the Clown Show w/ poodles
Madame Mimi
Film Student at Springfield University; "Sacrificed" a goat
Wife of Brody; Mother of Nikki McKenna; Attorney
Madison McKenna
Youngest Child of the Simpson Family w/ a pacifier
Maggie Simpson
FICTIONAL; Superhero & Member of the Vindicators
Magnesium Man
Newly-married Scottish Wife of Groundskeeper Willie
Maisie MacWeldon
Seniors at the Retirement Castle; Jenny made "cookies"
Major Preston / Donald / Sam
FICTIONAL; Main Antagonist in Angelica Button series
Malicious Krubb
Suave Polish-American Freelance Insurance Investigator
Brief Girlfriend of Lenny Leonard; Brought to a dance
Wife of Apu; Mother of the Octuplets; Friend of Marge
Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon
Waiter at the Gilded Truffle; Served Homer Simpson
Jazz Musician; Played Bass w/ Defonzo "Skinny" Palmer
Marcus “Marbles” Le Marquez
Happy Homemaker & full-time Mom of the Simpsons
Marge Simpson
Finalist for Reading Digest's essay competition
Maria Dominguez
Ex-wife of Rainier Wolfcastle; Photographed by Homer
Maria Quimby
Capo of the Springfield Mafia; Many rackets going on
Marion Anthony D’Amico
Members of Jehovah's Witnesses; Marge told them off
Marlin / Noreen
Springfield Shopper Reporter; Faked Grampa's stories
Marshall Goldman
Librarian at the Springfield Public Library & Elementary
Employee at the Springfield DMV; Wife of Stanley
Martha Peterson
Long-suffering Wife of Mayor Quimby; Cheated On often
Martha Quimby
Academically brilliant teacher's pet; In Bart's class
Martin Prince
Studio Executive at One-Week Wonder Films
Brother of Moe & Minnie Szyslak; Owns Mattress King
Marv Szyslak
Springfield's Local Psychiatrist; Thought to have died
Marvin Monroe
Springfield's State's Governor; Won against Mr. Burns
Mary Bailey
Maître d' at The Singing Sirloin; Chased the Simpsons
Mary Kay
Internet Troll & Fat Member of the Troll Force Five
Mary Sue
Movie Producer for Heartmark Channel (Ellie Kemper)
Mary Tannenbaum
Spuckler Child; Ran away to New York; Bart had crush
Mary WrestleMania Spuckler
Treasure Hunter; Sent love letters to Mona Simpson
Mason Fairbanks
Japanese Master Sushi Chef at The Happy Sumo
Master Sushi Chef
Wife of Ned Flanders; Mother of Rod & Todd; DEAD
Maude Flanders
Wife of Mike Wegman & Mother of Patrick Ewing
Maureen Wegman
Donkey of César & Ugolín; Treated better than Bart S.
Maurice the Donkey
Environmental Lawyer & Pro Surfer Couple; Guardians
Mav / Portia
Youngest Son of Augustus Redfield; Board of Directors
Mav Redfield
Mother of Cletus Spuckler; Visited Itchy & Scratchy Land
Maw Spuckler
Ice Cream Man; Homer was his best customer; DEAD
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Max Spuckler
Democrat Speaker of Springfield's State's Assembly
Maxine Lombard
Injury Lawyer; Helped Homer sue the Power Plant
Maxwell Flinch
Little Woman; Current Fiancée of Moe Szyslak
Group of Bodyguards to Mayor Quimby; Not very good
Mayor Quimby's Bodyguards
African Residents of Tanzania; Tribal Girl / Tribal that ran
Mbali / Ngongo
FICTIONAL; Love Interest of BELOW; Played by Clara
FICTIONAL; Movie Action Hero; Played by Rainier Wolf.
Biker Members of Hell's Satans in Bakersfield, USA
Meathook / Ramrod
Girl who bullied Lisa Simpson because she was blonde
Billionaire Tech Mogul; Stole The Poetess, a painting
Megan Matheson
Former Principal & Teacher at Springfield Elementary
Melanie Upfoot
Daughter of Calliope Juniper; Bart forced to date her
Melody Juniper
Spuckler Child; Went to see Bart Simpson at Squidport
Melvis Spuckler
Moose Spokesperson & Mascot for Laramie Cigarettes
Menthol Moose
Cousin of Cletus Spuckler; Construction Worker at Dam
Merl Spuckler
Member of Krusty's No-Collar Comedy Tour
Merle Values
Brother of Marvin M.; Owns Happy Sailor Tattoo Parlor
Mervin Monroe
Hypnotist at The Pimento Grove, a fancy restaurant
Demolition Derby Driver; Went against Gene Dupree
"Meth" MacFarland
Mexican Version of Duffman; Mascot for Duff Beer
Mexican Duffman
Assistant to Praline, the ex-wife of Jay G; No Respect
Member of the First Church of Springfield's Choir
Son of Fat Tony; Poisoned rival gang for his father
Michael D’Amico
Gay Fashion Designer & TV Judge (Victor Garber)
Michael de Graaf
Irishman; Hails from Green Potato Pub at O'Hare Airport
Michael Finn
Mother of Kumiko Albertson; DEAD; Ghost of Husband
Michiko Nakamura
Corrupt Sherriff & Mafioso "owned" by Fat Tony
Mickey No-Loose-Ends
Father of Freddy, a student at Springfield Elementary
Rude 5th Grade Teacher at Springfield Elementary
Mike Benzie
CEO of J-Cloud and Owner of Springfield Sports Arena
Mike Jambowski
Former Intern at the Power Plant; Owner of ____'s Slices
Mike Wegman
Boy who lives in Shelbyville; Counterpart of BELOW
Milhouse (Shelbyville)
Bart Simpson's Best Friend; Often gets into trouble
Milhouse Van Houten
Horse Trainer & Owner of The Grateful Gelding Stables
Slim & Trendy Owner of Coolsville Comics & Toys
Author of The Land of the Wild Beasts (Parody)
Milton Burkhart
Former Food Critic & Wife of The Lifeways Editor
Wife of Amid bin Laden & Mother of Bashir bin Laden
Mina bin Laden
Three Executives for Laramie Cigarettes; ALL DEAD
Mindy / J.P. / Emile
Engineer at the Nuclear Power Plant; Homer had crush
Mindy Simmons
FICTIONAL; Supervillain in a Stradivarius Cain movie
Ming the Merciless
Spuckler Child; Worked at family's Mother Hubbard store
Minimum Wade Spuckler
Sister of Moe & Marv Szyslak; Co-Owns Mattress King
Minnie Szyslak
Miss American Girl Pageant; Oil Pipeline & Barrel
Miss Alaska
Miss American Girl Pageant; Dressed as a potato
Miss Idaho
Miss American Girl Pageant; Abraham Lincoln costume
Miss Illinois
Miss American Girl Pageant; Had racetrack around neck
Miss Indiana
Miss American Girl Pageant; Tornado with House Hat
Miss Kansas
Miss American Girl Pageant; Rode a horse onto stage
Miss Kentucky
Miss American Girl Pageant; Dressed as a lobster
Miss Maine
Miss American Girl Pageant; Cigarette "through" body
Miss North Carolina
Orange-haired School Nurse at Springfield Elementary
Miss Phipps
Miss American Girl Pageant; Replica of Mt. Rushmore
Miss South Dakota
Beauty Pageant Winner; Secret lover of Mayor Quimby
Miss Springfield
Miss American Girl Pageant; Wore oil rig on her head
Miss Texas
Miss American Girl Pageant; Maple Syrup Pancakes Hat
Miss Vermont
Owner of Hendrix; Lives just outside of Springfield
Miss Viola
Super Model from Wyoming; Loves Professor Frink
Miss Wyoming
Former Duff Girl from OK; Judge in Duff talent show
Missy LeBeau
FICTIONAL; Member of the Ki-Ya Karate Monsters
Mixed Martial Medusa
FICTIONAL; Superhero & Member of the Vindicators
Moby Man
Proprietor & Bartender of Moe's Tavern; Cheap & Sad
Moe Szyslak
Homer Simpson's Helper Monkey; Becomes very obese
Mojo the Helper Monkey
Cat Burglar & Resident of Springfield Retirement Castle
Octopus saved by Lisa for "My Cephalopod Soulmate"
Employee & Co-owner of Mom & Pop Hardware
Mother of Homer Simpson; Left Springfield; DEAD
Mona Simpson
Deaf Son of Bleeding Gums Murphy; Found by Lisa S.
Monk Murphy
Non-fluent French Teacher at Springfield Elementary
Monsieur Kupferberg
Brother of Martin Prince; Lead Drummer in school band
Montaigne Prince
Chased out of Moe's Tavern by Anastasia Alekova
Moose / Squirrel
Cow owned by Prof. Frink; Turned into Ice Cream Maker
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Morgan Spuckler
Father of Moe Szyslak; Former Mattress Salesman
Morty Szyslak
Professional Yo-Yo Trick Guy; Can hold Six Yo-Yos
Mr. Amazing
Teacher at Springfield Elementary; Daffodils reading
Mr. Becker
Brief Substitute Teacher of Lisa Simpson that she liked
Mr. Bergstrom
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Carries around a bindle
Mr. Bindle
Camp Director of Kamp Krusty; Does very little work
Mr. Black
Professional Ivory Dealer; Former Seal Clubber
Mr. Blackheart
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Father of Boobsy Family
Mr. Boobsy
Father of Wendell Borton; Commonly seen in the crowd
Mr. Borton
Famous Fashion Critic; Judge for Miss American Girl
Mr. Boswell
Record Producer at Hicksville U.S.A. Recording Studio
Mr. Boylan
Bowling Alley Owner of _______'s Bowl-O-Rama
Mr. Bulger
Pro-bidder Couple on "Storage Battle: Tahoe"
Mr. Business / Mrs. Business
Fancy Mascot for Cashew Nuts; (Parody of Mr. Peanut)
Mr. Cashew
Father of Lewis Clark; Went on The Relation Ship w/ son
Mr. Clark
Owner & Chairman of Costington's & the Springfield Mall
Mr. Costington
Owner & Manager of Candy Most _____; Yelled at kids
Mr. Dandy
Kind Teacher at Cypress Creek Elementary School
Mr. Doyle
Father of Eugene Fisk; Went to Eugene's buck's night
Mr. Fisk
Father of Tom Gammill; Nuclear Power Plant Employee
Mr. Gammill
Supply Teacher at Springfield Elementary; Quit for name
Mr. Glasscock
Father of Adil Hoxha; Sent Adil to America as a spy
Mr. Hoxha
Owner of Gulp 'N' Blow; Friend of Sideshow Mel
Mr. Johansson
Male Physical Education Teacher at Sp. Elementary
Mr. Johnson
Father of Jimbo Jones; Once beat up Homer Simpson
Mr. Jones
Waiter of the Quimby Family; Falsely accused Freddy
Mr. Lacost
Father of Groundskeeper Willie; Owns a bar in Scotland
Mr. MacDougal
Man who has a Leg for an Arm and an Arm for a Leg
Mr. McGreg
Homer's Guidance Counselor at Springfield High School
Mr. McIntyre
Blind Man; Briefly adopted Santa's Little Helper
Mr. Mitchell
Father of Sam Monroe & Husband of Cheryl Monroe
Mr. Monroe
Announcer on phone lines when booking cinema tickets
Mr. Movie Phone
Shauna's Music Teacher at Springfield High School
Mr. Orlando
Highly Eccentric Resident; Catchphrase: "Yee-e-e-es?"
Mr. Pettigrew
Father of Janey Powell; Went to Bounce-A-Thon event
Mr. Powell
FICTIONAL; Imaginary Bear Friend of Ralph Wiggum
Mr. Rum-ta-Tum
Acupressurist; Helped Marge's broken foot at a ski resort
Mr. Sakamoto
Marge's old Art Teacher at Springfield High School
Mr. Schindler
Homer/Marge's Shop Teacher at Springfield High School
Mr. Seckofsky
Father of Dolph Shapiro; Once beat up Homer Simpson
Mr. Shapiro
Bald Mascot for a Japanese Dishwashing Detergent
Mr. Sparkle
Overprotective Father of Samantha Stanky; Moved
Mr. Stanky
Father of Allison Taylor; Professor; Plays anagrams
Mr. Taylor
Chain-smoking Trained Monkey of Krusty the Clown
Mr. Teeny
Indian Owner of You Thai Now, a Thai restaurant
Mr. Thai
Balding Middle-aged Man; Has a wife and a son
Mr. Williams
Elderly Husband of Sylvia Winfield; Neighbors Simpsons
Mr. Winfield
Father of Hubert Wong; Attended Bounce-A-Thon
Mr. Wong
Chinese Consulate; Works at the Consulate of China
Mr. Zhao
German Father of Üter Zörker; Yells at Seymour Skinner
Mr. Zörker
Marge Simpson's Teacher at Springfield High School
Mrs. Bloomenstein
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Mother of Boobsy Family
Mrs. Boobsy
Mother of Wendell Borton; Commonly seen in the crowd
Mrs. Borton
Kind Mother of Lewis Clark; Wants another child
Mrs. Clark
Wife of Jonathan Frink, Jr.; Also a scientist & a mother
Mrs. Frink
Mother of Tom Gammill & Wife of Mr. Gammill; Asian
Mrs. Gammill
FICTIONAL; Female; The Elf on the Shelf Parody
Mrs. Gnome in Your Home
Mother of Juliet Hobbes & Wife of Professor Hobbes
Mrs. Hobbes
Mother of Adil Hoxha; Sent Adil to America as a spy
Mrs. Hoxha
Wife of a man at the Nuclear Power Plant; Mother
Mrs. Long
Mother of Groundskeeper Willie; Owns a bar in Scotland
Mrs. MacDougal
Mother of Trevor McBride; Hosted Trevor's pool party
Mrs. McBride
Owns a large compost heap; Guard heap w/ a shotgun
Mrs. McFearly
Mother of Nelson Muntz; Alcoholic, Stripper, & Neglectful
Mrs. Muntz
Librarian at Springfield Public Library; Friendly w/ Lisa
Mrs. Norton
Applied to be Simpson's nanny; (Mrs. Doubtfire Parody)
Mrs. Pennyfeather
Applied to be Simpson's nanny; Attacked by Homer S.
Mrs. Periwinkle
Mother of Janey Powell; Went to Bounce-A-Thon event
Mrs. Powell
Mother of Luigi Risotto; Commonly hit Luigi w/ spoon
Mrs. Risotto
Mother of Gerald Samson; Looks very similar to him
Mrs. Samson
FICTIONAL; Wife of Scratchy; Reoccurring Itchy victim
Mrs. Scratchy
Head of Ayn Rand School for Tots; Sister of Llewellyn
Mrs. Sinclair
Elderly Retirement Castle Resident; Jury in Court
Mrs. Spencer
Mother of Hubert Wong; Attended Bounce-A-Thon
Mrs. Wong
German Mother of Üter Zörker; Obese, like her son
Mrs. Zörker
Sunday School Teacher at First Church of Springfield
Ms. Albright
Former P.E. Teacher at Springfield Elementary
Ms. Barr
Substitute Teacher for Miss Hoover; Disliked Lisa
Ms. Cantwell
Former History Teacher at Krusty's School for Clowning
Ms. Coco
Teacher at Springfield Elementary; Runs Debate Team
Ms. Dubinsky
1st Grade Teacher & Nuclear Power Plant Employee
Ms. Finch
Etiquette Instructor at Camp Land-A-Man; DEAD
Ms. Killebrew
Grief Counselor; Works at Discount Grief Counselor
Ms. Mancuso-Gluckman
Teacher at Cloisters Academy; Talked to Lisa about book
Ms. Marshall
Teacher at Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children
Ms. Melon
Professional Monster Truck Driver; Drove a orange truck
Ms. Monster
FICTIONAL; Cartoon Blue Mouse & Crush of Itchy
Ms. Mouse
Krusty the Clown's former Sidekick, ordered by the court
Ms. No Means No
Teacher at Springfield Elementary; Night Telemarketer
Ms. Timberwood
Retired Former Principal of Springfield Middle School
Ms. York
Mascot for Mucinex; Seen at Corporate Fan Convention
Mucinex Loogie
Very Tall Basketball Player; "The Human North Pole"
Muk Mu
Dog Mascot at Kissimmee St. Nick Theme Park & Resort
Mulberry Mutt
Smart Kids at Springfield Elementary in secret smart club
Myles / Toby
Secretary for Principal Seymour Skinner; Friendly w/ Bart
Demolition Derby Driver; Went against Gene Dupree
Mysterious Fandango
Son of Apu & Manjula; Octuplet; Shaggy hair
Nabendu Nahasapeemapetilon
Owner of SoulHouse; Went out with Carl Carlson
Grandmother of Milhouse Van Houten; Luann's Mom
Nana Sophie Mussolini
Nascar; Member of focus group testing Moe's bourbon
Nascar Dad
Main Host of 'Head Butt'; Often yells a lot to his guests
Nash Castor
Owner of Makeup, a stall at the Springfield Glenne
Member of the Rolling 80; Rode with DJ Kwanzaa
Nasty J
Potential Renters for the Simpson's family house
Nat Gladness / Nancy Gladness
Employee at the Candy Shoppe in Barnacle Bay
The Simpson's Religious & Kind next door Neighbor
Ned Flanders
Beatnik Father of ABOVE; Brought Ned to Dr. Foster
Nedward Flanders, Sr.
Small Dog owned by Moe Szyslak; Sat in Moe's pocket
Neil Patrick Hairless
Girl at Springfield Elementary; Wears pink-ish headband
Nell Nicholson
Main Bully at Springfield Elementary School; "Haw Haw"
Nelson Muntz
Dog; Lives in Channel 6 Studios; Has 7 Emmy Awards
Class Pet Hamster at Springfield Elementary; DEAD
Owner of Nick's Bowling Shop (Other Side of Town)
Nick (1)
Owner of Nick's Bowling Shop (Springfield Mall)
Nick (2)
Realtor at Red Blazer Realty; Sold the Whitman's place
Nick Callahan
Drummer for Sungazer; Discovered Apu for lead singer
Nick Delacourt
Old Boarding School Friend of Charles M. Burns
Nigel (Boarding School)
Former Manager for The Be Sharps; Tattoo under hair
Nigel (Manager)
Security Consultant from England; Set up cameras
Nigel Bakerbutcher
Jazz Musician; Watched musicians in The Jazz Hole
Nighty Day
Pet Pugs of Paula; Showed off to Marge Simpson
Nike / Swoosh
Girl Rebel Skateboarder; Liked by Bart Simpson
Nikki McKenna
Student at Springfield Elementary w/ blonde pigtails
Nina Skalka
FICTIONAL; Member of the Ki-Ya Karate Monsters
Ninja from the Black Lagoon
Jazz Musician; Watched musicians in The Jazz Hole
No Nickname Henderson
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Noah Spuckler
Clown in blue & orange suit; Ran away from Bart in tank
Danish Uncle of Milhouse Van Houten; Brother of Kirk
Norbert Van Houten
Spuckler Child; Infested w/ tick & has large-swollen head
Normal Head Joe Spuckler
Leader of The Island, a parody of The Prisoner (1960s)
Number 2
Alien & Former Stonecutter; Sang the "We Do" song
Number 51
Loyal Head of the Stonecutters (Springfield Chapter)
Number One
Prison Guard at the Montgomery Burns State Prison
Officer Krackney
Clown; Up on the wall of clowns at Mussel & Flanks
Old Friend of Abraham Simpson & Jasper Beardsley
Old Jewish Man
Senior Citizen; Played Cribbage against Abe Simpson
Old Joel
FICTIONAL; Member of The Fossil Fuel Four; Coal
Old King Coal
Father of Orville Simpson; Professor; DEAD
"Old Tut" Simpson
Young Nurse at the Springfield Retirement Castle
Man who Mary Spuckler knows; Said no-one wants her
Ol’ Joe Clabby
Finnish Owner of Kevät Kenttä Nuclear Power Plant
Onni Korhonen
Female, blue-haired Clown; Ran from Bart in a tank
Host of The ____ Show; (Parody of Oprah Winfrey)
Famous Child Singer, Actor & Producer; Owns Slipreme
Orion Hughes
Ya Hoo! Cast Members; Partners in a fence gag on show
Orville / Hurley
Father of Abe & Tyrone Simpson; Immigrant; DEAD
Orville Simpson
Member of the Filming Crew during Everyman movie
Unnamed Owner of Ostrich World; Welcomed Simpsons
Ostrich World Owner
Drunkard freed from Jail by Homer, Lenny & Carl
Drug Addict School Bus Driver for Springfield Elementary
Otto Mann
Brown-haired Brother of Maisie & Hamish MacWeldon
Owen MacWeldon
Spuckler Child; Worked at family's Mother Hubbard store
Oxycontin Spuckler
Clown; Up on the wall of clowns at Mussel & Flanks
Daughter of Sanjay; Niece of Apu; Likes to sing
Pahasatira Nahasapeemapetilon
Springfield Isotopes newest attraction; Drinks paint
Paint-Drinking Pete
Father of Maisie, Hamish & Owen; Dislikes Gr. Willie
Pa MacWeldon
Italian Go-Kart Racer & Student; Rival of Lisa Simpson
Paolo Paoletti
Daughter of The Rich Texan; Spoiled Famous Rich Girl
Paris Texan
Television Assistant on Krusty, a daytime talk show
Orphan Twins in Springfield; Gave money to Bart
Patches / Poor Violet
Springfield Socialite; Met Marge at Glen Country Club
Infant Daughter of Mike & Maureen; Has boys name
Patrick Ewing Wegman
Erotic Baker & Owner of Au Naturel, an erotic bakery
Patrick Farrelly
Chain-smoking Bouvier Twin; Pink Dress; Lesbian
Patty Bouvier
FICTIONAL; Krustyland Character at Krusty Fest
Patty Meltin’ John
FICTIONAL; Main Character in ___ ___: Water Park Cop
Paul Flart
Timbersports Competitor & Partner of Marge Simpson
Chef, Author & Host of What's on ____'s Window Sill?"
Paula Paul
Parrot of the Sea Captain; DEAD; Held a funeral for her
Pauline McAllister
Spuckler Child; Worked at family's Mother Hubbard store
Pediculus Spuckler
Clown; Up on the wall of clowns at Mussel & Flanks
Penny Nickels
Poor Boy who became Homer Simpson's little brother
Plays the biggest cat in the world in a children's program
Entrepreneur & Owner of LifeBoat; Ex-wife of Mr. Burns
Persephone Odair
Undercover Cop for Springfield PD; Had cover blown
Keyboardist for Sungazer; Discovered Apu as singer
Peter D’Abbruzio
Gray Parrot; Owned by Marge Simpson as a child
FICTIONAL; Member of The Fossil Fuel Four; Dinosaur
Petroleus Rex
Only other Mayoral Candidate in Springfield; Long name
Beer Checker at Duff Brewery; Met Homer & Barney
Duff's Vice President in charge of calendars and fake IDs
Phil Angelides
Voiceover Artist; Took Bart Simpson to Mike Pop's Studio
Phil Muhlstock
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Phil Spuckler
Gay Photographer for toy army figures & an Artist
Philip Hefflin
Teacher & Owner of Miss ________'s Pre-Nursey School
Philippa Wickerbottom
Retired Nature Photographer & Friend of Bart Simpson
Phoebe Pratt
Pet Lobster of Homer Simpson; Eaten by Homer; DEAD
Angry Resident Bull Panda at the Springfield Zoo
Ya Hoo! Cast Member; Had an emcee-style role
Pip Diddler
Owner of Plop, a new age crystal stall in Shelbyville Mall
Piper Paisley
Homer Simpson's Pet Pig; Saved from Krusty Burger
Plopper “Spider-Pig”
Pet Guinea Pig of Lisa Simpson; Destroyed painting
Octoparrot created at Screaming Monkey Medical Center
FICTIONAL; Cartoon Dog who loves to surf; DEAD
Gray Bulldog owned by Dewey Largo & Geoffrey
Daughter of Apu & Manjula; Octuplet; Full head of hair
Poonam Nahasapeemapetilon
Gorilla in the Springfield Zoo; Freed by Bart & Lisa
Father of Comic Book Guy; Collects postage stamps
Postage Stamp Fellow
Ex-wife of Jay G; Said Jay G took everything from her
Greedy Preacher at the Blessed Buy Megachurch
Preacher Mac
Daughter of Apu & Manjula; Octuplet; "Palmtree" Hair
Pria Nahasapeemapetilon
Overweight Mobster in the Calabresi Mob; DEAD
Primo "Big Alberto"
Pony owned by Lisa Simpson; Lisa gave her away
Exotic Dancer at Florence of Arabia; Wants to be actress
Princess Kashmir
Princess of Nigeria; Fell in Love with Moe Szyslak
Princess Kemi
Fortune-telling Gypsy & Owner of Princess ____'s
Princess Opal
Television Personality & Singer; New to Krusty's show
Princess Penelope
Principal of a school in Springfield's school district
Principal Duggins
Principal of a Magnet School (Hannibal Buress)
Principal Finch
Former Principal of Springfield Elementary School
Principal Meredith Milgram
School Principal; Sat at the annual Dance of the Lemons
Principal Sackett
Principal of Limitless Frontier Horizons; Not in-charge
Principal Sandra
Great Principal of Shelbyville Elementary School
Principal Valiant
School Principal; Sat at the annual Dance of the Lemons
Principal Weinberg
Adopted Son of Comic Book Guy & Kumiko Albertson
Prius Albertson
Senior Humanities Professor at Springfield University
Professor Hessler
Father of Juliet Hobbes; Foremost John Grisham scholar
Professor Hobbes
Blue-hair Art Teacher at Springfield Community College
Professor Lombardo
Lecturer and Department Head at Springfield University
Professor Moose
Resident at Springfield Retirement Castle; W/ Lemuel
Mother of Disco Stu; Hated disco, loved public domain
Public Domain Debbie
American Gladiator & Stuntman; Briefly dated Luann
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Q-Bert Spuckler
Gray Racedog from Springfield Downs; Lost to Whirlwind
One of The Seven Duffs; Queasy Mascot for Duff Beer
Queasy Duff
Female Rapper; Performed at Murder 4 Life; (Parody)
Queen Booty Shaykah
Male Drag Queen; Helped Marge Simpson (RuPaul)
Queen Chante
Half-Sister of Simon Woosterfield; Tried killing Simon
Quenly Woosterfield
Waiter at Magic Palace, a dinner theatre restaurant
FICTIONAL; Superhero & Member of the Vindicators
Pro-wrestler; On cover of 'The Golden Age of Wrestling'
Quick Count Basie
Lead Singer of The Snuffs (Benedict Cumberbatch)
Programmer & Coding Teacher at Springfield Elementary
Quinn Hopper
Jewish Rabbi; Father of Krusty the Clown; DEAD
Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky
Head Rabbit of Temple Beth Western & a Comedian
Rabbi Rudenstein
Astronaut; Flew on shuttle w/ Homer & Buzz Aldrin
Race Banyon
Parents of Ross; Members of The Cool Moms
Rachel / Andy
Famous Singer; Former Lead Singer of Kovenant
Rachel Jordan
Timbersports Competitor; Partner of Carol Connor
Rachel “The Pine” Cohen
FICTIONAL; Comic Book Superhero; Atomic Powers
Radioactive Man
Rich Austrian-accented, Musclebound Action Movie Star
Rainier Wolfcastle
Billionaire Mumbai Entrepreneur; Judge in talent show
Rajneesh Superstar
Dumb & Awkward Oddball Son of Chief Wiggum
Ralph Wiggum
Creator of the Cosmic Wars franchise; (Parody)
Randall Curtis
Tour Guide at Mt. Swartzwelder Historic Cider Mill
Ranger at Mt. Useful in the Ranger Lookout Post
Ranger McFadden
Elderly Man whom Abe Simpson met in Miami, FL
Sarcastic Man w/ many jobs; Handyman, Taxi Driver, etc.
Pro-wrestler; Fought Professor Werner von Brawn
Rasputin the Friendly Russian
White & Black Bodyguards of George H. W. Bush
Ray Johnson / Agent Heintz
Roofer who befriended Homer Simpson (Ray Romano)
Ray Magini
Sanitation Commissioner for Springfield (Steve Martin)
Ray Patterson
Jazz Singer; Participated in Jazzy Goodtime's benefit
Ray-Ray Takamura
Pigeon owned by Raphael then Bart Simpson; DEAD
Raymond Bird
Bart Simpson's new 4th Grade Teacher; Lived in Ghana
Rayshelle Peyton
Famous MyTuber; Reacts to other videos (Tal Fishman)
Reaction Guy
Trucker; Met Homer at The Slaughterhouse; DEAD
Red Barclay
One of The Seven Duffs; Remorse Mascot for Duff Beer
Remorseful Duff
Agatha Christie Museum of Quirky Detectives Employee
Former Girlfriend of Moe Szyslak (Helen E. Hunt)
Black Member of the Superfriends; Wears yellow shirt
Report Card
Reverend from Indonesia; Recently converted to Islam
Reverend Kartawijaya
Member of Krusty's No-Collar Comedy Tour
Reverend Racist
U.S. Treasury Officer; Briefly replaced Chief Wiggum
Rex Banner
Mascot for the Ribwich; Skated at Krusty Kristmas on Ice
Ribwich Rib-It
Smooth-talking ladies' man from South America; DEAD?
Ricardo Bomba
Student at Springfield Elementary; Friend of Lewis Clark
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Wears a giant clock
Former Restaurant Singer & Girlfriend of Abe Simpson
Rita LaFleur
CEO of Tianjin Mining & Smelting & Donuts & Tarps
Robert Chan
Quimby Family Member; Stated COVID killed Eunice
Robert F. Quimby Jr.
Former "Accounts Man" at Power Plant (John Slattery)
Robert Marlowe
Father of Sideshow Bob; Injected Bob w/ fake death drug
Robert Terwilliger, Sr.
Springfield Socialite; Met Marge at Glen Country Club
World's Strongest Man; Homer bought his dumbbells
Film Executive at Polystar Pictures, w/ William Milo
Robyn Hannah
Oldest Son of Ned & Maude Flanders; Often prays
Rod Flanders
Head Chef at Rancho Relaxo; Cooked for Marge
Rodrigo (Chef)
Waiter in Costa Rica; Served Kirk Van Houten
Rodrigo (Waiter)
Blue-hair CEO of Itchy & Scratchy Studios (Alex Rocco)
Roger Meyers, Jr.
Small Person Rapper; Performed at Murder 4 Life
Romeo Smoov
Only Man on Hunks, a dating show, dating three women
Talent Agent from Uncreative Artists Agency; Signed Moe
Ron Finkelsteinberg
Agent & Friend of Krusty; Agent of Gabbo & Arnie Pye
Ron Rabinowitz
Attorney; Helped Bart's lawsuit against Krusty the Clown
Ronald Chaporo
Poor Orphan Boy from Brazil; Simpsons went to find him
Three-time Soapbox Derby Champion that Bart idolizes
Ronnie Beck
Singer & Songwriter of music for young children & babies
Ya Hoo! Cast Member; Old Man w/ large overalls
Poodle of the Hibbert Family; Had puppies w/ Santa's LH
Rosa Barks
Tango Dancer; Bart Simpson had free lessons w/ her
Owner of the Ajax Steel Mill & Play-Doh Factory Worker
Mother of Mayor Quimby & Matriarch of the Quimbys
Rose Quimby
Student; Son of Rachel & Andy; Son of a "Cool Mom"
Ross (Cool Moms)
Billionaire CEO of Flashmouth; Old friend of Homer S.
Ross (Flashmouth)
Dog Actor; Determined to Attack Bart Simpson
Cruise Entertainment Director for the Royalty Valhalla
Rowan Priddis
Skin-care Consultant; Judge for an essay-writing contest
Secretary for Roger Meyers, Jr. at I&S International
College-aged Cool Guy who stays at Simpson's home
Father of Lurleen Lumpkin; Dishonest & Untrustworthy
Royce Boss Hogg Lumpkin
Salesman; Went to franchise expo to sell his company
Royce McCutcheon
Homer Simpson's grumpy former assistant (Jane Lynch)
Roz Davis
Spuckler Child; Baby named after spelling bee word
Rubella Scabies Spuckler
Dog Author of "Sit Stay Love"; At Springfield Book Fair
Female Professional Wrestler; Married to Dr. Bonebreak
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Rumer Spuckler
Businessman and an Antagonistic EPA Administrator
Russ Cargill
Old Neighbor of the Simpsons; Mother of Laura Powers
Ruth Powers
Clown; Up on the wall of clowns at Mussel & Flanks
Sumo Wrestler; Part of Wayne Slater's training program
Jazz Pianist; Leads ____ ___ & the Irregular Heartbeats
Salty Joe
Barfly always seen at Moe's Tavern, alongside Larry
New friend of Lisa Simpson; Plays clarinet & is smart
Sam Monroe
Sign Hanger; Told Homer "the curse of the little stores"
Sam the Sign Hanger
Girl who fell in love w/ Milhouse; Sent to a bad school
Samantha Stanky
Jazz Guitarist; Photograph up at Jazzy Goodtime's
Sammy Biltmore
Son of Apu & Manjula; Octuplet; Has curly hair
Sandeep Nahasapeemapetilon
Brother of Apu; Father of Jamshed; Helps out in store
Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon
Unnamed Man in charge of the mall's Santa School
Santa School Head
Family Dog of the Simpsons; Former Racing Dog
Santa’s Little Helper
Film Star & Celebrity; Fell in love w/ Ned Flanders
Sara Sloane
Assistant to Krusty the Clown; Helped him sign headshot
Wife of Chief Wiggum; Secret jewel thief background
Sarah Wiggum
Prisoner at Waterville Prison; Helped by Marge in Jail
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Sascha Spuckler
Daughter of Apu & Manjula; Octuplet; "Paintbrush" Hair
Sashi Nahasapeemapetilon
Group of Bullies that prepare for exams; Bully Summit
SAT Preppers
Mascots for the Scammer & Z-Dog vending machines
Scammer / Z-Dog
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Interrupts people w/ water
Scene Blow
Leader for the Music Band on "Up Late with McBain"
Scoey (Conductor)
FICTIONAL; Veteran Cop in the McBain movie; DEAD
Scoey (McBain)
News Anchor for Channel 6 News; Often Overshadowed
Scott Christian
Famous Chef & TV Host; Challenged Homer to cook-off
Scotty Boom
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Scout Spuckler
FICTIONAL; Black Cartoon Cat; Usually kind in nature
FICTIONAL; Son of ABOVE; Good relationship w/ Dad
Scratchy, Jr.
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Right-hand Man at Circus
Scientist hired by Lyle Lanley to build a monorail; DEAD?
Sebastian Cobb
Host of "Hot Shot Tots", a talent show for babies
Sedgwick the Personality
Clown w/ orange cowboy hat; Ran from Bart in a tank
Chain-smoking Bouvier Twin; Blue Dress; Adopted child
Selma Bouvier
FICTIONAL; Arch-nemesis of McBain in the movies
Senator Mendoza
Trained Monkey of Bumblebee Man; Rival of Mr. Teeny
Señor Chongo
Salesman & Owner of Señor ___-___'s Doorbell Fiesta
Señor Ding-Dong
Mexican Film Director; Directed 'A Burns for All Seasons'
Señor Spielbergo
Professional Tunnelcraft Player; 1/2 of the Greatest
Señor Subway
Bumblebee Man's Ex-wife & has same Mexican accent
Señora Bumblebee Man
TV Hosts who were hosting a show about Spring Break
Sepulveda / Cienega
Police Sergeant; In informational video about Road Rage
Sergeant Crew
Sniffer Dog & former Police Dog of Chief Clancy Wiggum
Sergeant Scraps
Hippies; Co-Owners of Groovy Grove Juice Corporation
Seth / Muchie
Uptight Principal of Springfield Elementary School
Seymour Skinner
Jazz Piantist; Photograph up at Jazzy Goodtime's
Shaky Premise
Killer Whale owned by Aquatraz Water Park; Freed
Brief Nanny of the Simpsons; (Mary Poppins Parody)
Shary Bobbins
Daughter of Gary Chalmers; Student at the High School
Shauna Chalmers
Mother of Santa's Little Helper; Owned by Les Moore
She Biscuit
Co-owner of The Pan-Fried Dragon, w/ her husband Ling
Sheila Chow
Only Daughter of Augustus Redfield; Board of Directors
Sheila Redfield
Shelbyville Resident; Stole the Springfield Lemon Tree
Purported Historical Founder of Shelbyville; DEAD
Shelbyville Manhattan
Tortoise owned by Mr. Burns; Had $$$ left in Burns' will
Eldest Mackleberry Twin; In Bart Simpson's class
Sherri Mackleberry
Greyhound Racing Dog; Always comes in first
She’s the Fastest
Went on date w/ Snake at Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag
Minister & Owner of Shotgun ____'s; Mafia Member
Shotgun Pete
Guitarist for Sungazer; Discovered Apu for lead singer
Shredder Stevens
Friend & FBI Agent who works w/ Annie Crawford
Self-proclaimed Genius; Archnemesis of Bart Simpson
Sideshow Bob
Krusty's Sidekick on The Krusty the Clown Show
Sideshow Mel
Krusty's Sidekick before Bob; Devout follower of Islam
Sideshow Raheem
Adoptive Mother of Carl Carlson; Lives in Iceland
Sigrin Siguðardóttir
Rich Boy; Looks exactly like Bart; Switched lives briefly
Simon Woosterfield
Mascot for Gudger College; High-fived Kirk Van Houten
Sir Gudge-A-Lot
Pig Mascot of Springfield A&M, rival of Springfield Uni.
Sir Oinks-A-Lot
Krusty's clown friend; Stuffs a balloon into his pants
Sir Widebottom
Strict Nun & Teacher at St. Jerome's Catholic School
Sister Thomasina
Jazz Singer; Photograph up at Jazzy Goodtime's
Sketch Friendly
Sportscaster on Anger vs. Angry, alongside Watkins
Skip Angry
Fisherman & Owner of The Rotting Pelican; Lumberjack
Skipper Jack
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Stutters when he talks
Former Patty-cake Child Star; Hollywood Nightmares
Skyler Green
Father of Zhenya; Taxi Driver from Russia; Drove Marge
One of The Seven Duffs; Sleazy Mascot for Duff Beer
Sleazy Duff
Sleazy Salesman & Owner of ____ ___'s Payday Loans
Sleazy Sam
Publisher for TweenLit Inc.; Published Troll Twins book
Tortoise at the Springfield Zoo; Found by Homer S.
Slow Leonard
Baseball Player; New Addition to the Springfield Isotopes
Smash Diggins
Dog in an Animal Pound; Going to be put down; Saved
Official Mascot of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Smilin’ Joe Fission
Black Employee at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Cornhole Player; Went against Griffith in Omaha
Smokey Blandings
Springfield's Recidivist Criminal; Always robbing Apu
Snake Jailbird
3 Mascots for cereal; (Parodies of Snap, Crackle & Pop)
Snip / Crinkle / Poof
First Cat of the Simpsons; Killed before Episode 1
Snowball I
Second Cat of the Simpsons; Current Cat
Snowball II
Third Cat of the Simpsons; Non-canon; Drowned
Snowball III
Fourth Cat of the Simpsons; Non-canon; Fell out window
Snowball IV "Coltrane"
Fifth Cat of the Simpsons; Non-canon; S15:E9
Snowball V
Jazz Musician; Watched musicians in The Jazz Hole
Inmate at Springfield's Women Prison; Knocked Out
Member of the Springfield Mafia; Gos-along w/ whatever
Sonny Go-along
Female Bodybuilder & Singer; Iron Maidens competition
Student in Bart Simpson's class w/ two pigtails
Sophie Jensen
Daughter of Krusty the Clown & Erin; Plays the violin
Sophie Krustofsky
Danish Man from Copenhagen; Rents out an Airbnb
Professional Yo-Yo Trick Girl; Each Hand & Each Ear
Greek Owner of Spiro's; Hired Abe Simpson in the past
Spiro Papadapaconstantikasgianopolopodopotopolis
Young Child; Former Member of the Springfield Isotots
Mascot made by Homer for Springfield Olympic Games
Springy the Springfield Spring
Bald Eagle; Brief Pet of the Simpson Family; DEAD
Australian Teenager; Trapped in a a dead-end job
Squeaky-voiced Australian Teen
Teenaged; Trapped in a series of dead-end jobs
Squeaky-voiced Teen
Headmaster of the Springfield Preparatory School
St. John Van Hookstratten
Spuckler Child; Spends all day stabbing w/ wood shank
Stabbed in Jail Spuckler
Entrepuneur & Creator of the Malibu Stacy franchise
Stacy Lovell
Rogue African Elephant owned by Bart Simpson
Car Sales Manager at the Tissan Auto Dealership
Stan (Tissan Auto Dealership)
Internet Troll & Member of the Troll Force 5; Groot
Stan (Troll Force 5)
Transgender Cousin of Helen Lovejoy; Male-to-"female"
Husband of Tammy, leader of the Cheery Red Tomatoes
Security Guard at Springfield DMV; Husband of Martha
Stanley Peterson
Teacher of the extension class "Successmanship 101"
Stark Richdale
Chain-smoking Alcoholic Floozie who dated Kirk VH
Greek Chef at Skobo's & later the Odyssey Diner
Banjologist from Dartmouth; Went on 'Verbal Tea' show
Stefan Whitmore
Teacher at Springfield Uni. & Former Love of Marge S.
Steffan August
Channel 6 News Weather Lady; Wife of Kent Brockman
Stephanie Brockman
FICTIONAL; Dream where he threw baseball to Homer
Steroid Santa Claus
Sound Guy for Head Butt; Agreed w/ Homer Simpson
Dressed up as Groot on the plane to Comicalooza
Steve Fishbein
Eccentric and Reclusive CIO of Mapple Inc.; DEAD
Steve Mobbs
Annette's Professor at Springfield Community College
Parking Officer in NYC; Gave Homer many tickets
Steven Grabowski
Nephew of Fat Tony; Attended Wet 'N' Wild Weekend
Stevie B. “S-Money”
Nephew of Fat Tony; Attended Wet 'N' Wild Weekend
Stevie F. “Jell-O Shot”
Yellow Duck employed at the Nuclear Power Plant
Stewart the Duck
FICTIONAL; Video Game Character of Grand Theft ____
Stick Up Walrus
Jazz Drummer; Watched musicians in The Jazz Hole
Former Teacher at West Springfield; Stole many things
Sticky-Fingers Stella
Employee at Guitar Central; Convinced Homer to buy $$
Two Goldfish; Pet fish in Edna Krabappel's room; DEAD
Stinky / Wrinkles
Pianist & Singer at MoHo HOUSE; Sang to Moe Szyslak
Storyteller; Read 'Noisy Dinner' to a children's group
Storytime Sue
FICTIONAL; Secret Agent Spy in Homer's hallucinations
Stradivarius Cain
Spuckler Child; Long, straight piece of hair sticking out
Straight-Edge Spuckler
Python bought by Bart; Now owned by Willie at school
Eccentric Wife of Milo, owner of Coolsville Comics&Toys
Mascot for Barney's Bowlarama; Threw himself down
Snide & Condescending Chef at Ovenfresh Bakeoff
Male Horse owned by Fat Tony; Forced to have a child
Sudsley Brew-Right
Ponies used by Mr. Burns to bribe Lisa Simpson
Sugarbell / Dewdrop / Honeysuckle
Korean Girl; Two of the three finalist for the Spellympics
Sun Moon / Alex
One of The Seven Duffs; Surly Mascot for Duff Beer
Surly Duff
Mechanic & Owner of Surly ___'s Foundation Repair
Surly Joe
Springfield Socialite; Met Marge at Glen Country Club
Builder who moved from Ogdenville to Springfield
Master Hypnotist & Criminal; Hypnotized Homer S.
Svenjamin “Sven” Golly
Stewardess for Mr. Burn's Private Jet; Very Nice
Dance Instructor at Some of That Jazz w/ Julia
Sweet Sal
Young Genius Boy; Attends Enriched Learning Center
Sydney Swift
Former Neighbor of the Simpsons; Wife of Mr. Winfield
Sylvia Winfield
Son of the "Cool Family"; Rude & Snob (Patton Oswalt)
FICTIONAL; Fake Author of the Angelica Button books
T.R. Francis
Director of the Serenity Ranch, a max-security fat camp
Tab Spangler
Host of the podcasts, Interminable & Sunken Anchor
Tabitha Shingle
Provocative Professional Singer; Wife of Buck Mitchell
Tabitha Vixx
FICTIONAL; Member of the Ki-Ya Karate Monsters
Taekwon Dracula
5th Grade Student; Fell in love w/ Milhouse Van Houten
Host of the reality TV show, The Amazing Place
Tag Tuckerbag
Leader of the Cheery Red Tomatoes, a women's society
Blue-haired Friend of Lisa Simpson & Janey Powell
Pet Chihuahua of Milhouse Van Houten; Very mean
Tattoo-toting Female Inmate; Very intense personality
Tattoo Annie
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Taylor Spuckler
Monster Bike Basketball Team at a Monster Truck Event
Team Tomomatsu Dirt Riding Dunk Masters
Director for Channel 6 & Aide to Sideshow Bob
Ted (Director)
Retired Former Supervisor of Sector 7G; Carl took over
Ted (Former Supervisor)
Owner of Twirl King, a company that makes Yo-Yos
Ted Carpenter
Cousin of Ned Flanders; Father of Bonnie & Connie
Ted Flanders
Retired British Spy for MI5 / Daughter of Retired Spy
Terrance / Hazel
Father of the "Cool Family"; Owner of Devil Donuts
Youngest Mackleberry Twin; In Bart Simpson's class
Terri Mackleberry
Former Husband of Julio Franco; Homer officiated
Owner of Lambuggini Dealership; Husband of Anne
Thayer Blackburn
FICTIONAL; Survival Games; (Peeta Mellark Parody)
Pro-wrestler; On cover of 'The Golden Age of Wrestling'
The $10,000 Man
Circus Freak; Very Old Man claiming to be a virgin
The 400-Year-Old Virgin
3 Jazz Musicians; Watched musicians in The Jazz Hole
The Backup Boys
Owner of The Doughy Dozen Bagels; Out of Business
The Bagel Man
Unnamed Red-haired Ballet Teacher at Sp. Elementary
The Ballet Teacher
Group of Bullies that consist of Mascots; Bully Summit
The Baseball Furries
Female Performer at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Has a beard
The Bearded Lady
Pro-wrestler; On cover of 'The Golden Age of Wrestling'
The Beefy Bishop
Unnamed Employee at Big & Tall Hazmat Suit Store
The Big & Tall Hazmat Suit Store Employee
Pro-bidder on "Storage Battle: Myanmar" w/ a turban
The Big Spender
Group of Bullies that have blinking sneaks; Bully Summit
The Blinky Sneaks
Clowns at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Twins in the Boobsy Family
The Boobsy Twins
Unnamed Cherry Picker Worker and Cable Installer
The Cable Guy
Gray-haired Pro-bidder on "Storage Battle: Tahoe"
The Charmer
Spy disguised as Bart to find out the Simpsons' plan
The Chinese Spy
4 Jazz Musicians; Watched musicians in The Jazz Hole
The Chubb Group
Occasionally performs on The Krusty the Clown Show
The Clown Doctor
Professional Yo-Yo Trick Guy; Can yo-yo onto the tongue
The Cobra
FICTIONAL; Newest Villain/Hero of Radioactive Man
The Collider
Strict & Angry Head of the Rommelwood Military School
The Commandant
New Character in Krusty the Clown Show Retro Reboot
The Dancing Chimp
Narrator for Dateline: Springfield; Hurt right vocal chord
The Dateline: Springfield Narrator
Video Game Expert & Walkthrough Gamer; 19-years old
The Detonator
Unnamed Circus Ringmaster at Ding-A-Ling Bros. Circus
The Ding-A-Ling Bros. Circus Ringmaster
Unnamed Waiter at El Chemistri, a very posh restaurant
The El Chemistri Waiter
Pro-wrestler; On cover of 'The Golden Age of Wrestling'
The English Pound
Pro-bidder on "Storage Battle: Myanmar" in Monk attire
The Enigma
Dwarf Man w/ various jobs, as an actor or stuntman
The Estonian Dwarf
Guinness World Record for having the least # of faces: 0
The Faceless Man
Daredevil w/ flying rig w/ parachute & large propeller
The Fan Man
Circus Freak; An extremely overweight woman in chair
The Fat Lady
Unnamed Boardwalk Performer; Plays the Fiddle
The Fiddler
Unnamed Boardwalk Performer; "Eats" fire trick
The Fire Eater
Human Cannonball who works with a Traveling Circus
The Flying Giuseppe
FICTIONAL; Member of The Fossil Fuel Four; Burly
The Fracker
French Chef & Assassin; Hired to kill Homer Simpson
The French Chef
Internet Troll & Member of the Troll Force 5; Furry
The Furry
Pro-bidder on "Storage Battle: Tahoe" w/ cowboy hat
The Gambler
Army General; Led children's drone piloting program
The General
FICTIONAL; Comic Book Hero (Green Hornet Parody)
The Green Listener
Green, hairy Monster; Thief of Holiday Cheer (Parody)
The Grumple
Known by everyone, except Ned, as the happiest man
The Happiest Man in Springfield
FICTIONAL; Main Characters in children's TV show
The Happy Little Elves
Balding Pro-bidder on "Storage Battle: Tahoe"
The Hell Raiser
Unnamed Substitute Teacher at Springfield Elementary
The Hippie Teacher
Mr. Burns' Guard Dogs; Often releases them to attack
The Hounds
Attention Seeker who climbs Skyscrapers in fly costume
The Human Fly
Man who went to Blazing Guy; Wore red kazoo costume
The Human Kazoo
Boardwalk Performer; Painted Gray & stands still
The Human Statue
Hypnotist & Teacher; Taught at the Santa School in mall
The Hypnotist
Unnamed Ice Cream Van Instructor; Before 9 A.M.
The Ice Cream Van Instructor
Personal "Imaginer" for Mr. Burns; Paid to imagine things
The Imaginer
Pro-wrestler; Fought Doctor Hillbilly in Death Match
The Iron Yuppie
Unnamed Waiter at Jazzy Goodtime's; Wore trumpet hat
The Jazzy Goodtime's Waiter
Unnamed Boardwalk Performer; Juggles juggling pins
The Juggler
Unnamed Food Vendor of "Khlav Kalash" in NYC
The Khlav Kalash Vendor
FICTIONAL; Group of Mascots (Keebler Elves Parody)
The Koobler Dwarfs
Mascot for Krusty Burger; "Steals" Krusty Burgers
The Krusty Burglar
Unnamed Waiter at La Coffee Nostra; Watched tow car
The La Coffee Nostra Waiter
Unnamed Conductor of The Lady Gaga Express, a train
The Lady Gaga Express Conductor
Democrat imprisoned at Ronald Reagan Reeducation
The Last Registered Democrat
Leader of the short-lived Cult of Movementarianism
The Leader
Editor of the Lifeways Section of the Springfield Shopper
The Lifeways Editor
Works as a "mathemagician" at children's parties
The Mathemagician
Elderly Alaskan Woman; Helped Homer have epiphany
The Medicine Woman
Unnamed Boardwalk Performer; "Mimes" around
The Mime
Lawyer for the Springfield Mafia; Currently in Prison
The Mob Lawyer
Producer for the reality TV show, Mother Flippers
The Mother Flippers Producer
Criminal who stole Marge's necklace; Wears Goofy Hat
The Mugger
Real-world Superhero; Has own comic book (Parody)
The Mulk
Admiral in the US Navy & L.T. Smash's superior officer
The Navy Admiral
Unnamed Manager at the Neon Sign Store in Springfield
The Neon Sign Store Manager
Engineer of Itchy & Scratchy Land; Said robots harmless
The Park Engineer
Friend of Reverend Lovejoy; Parson for the church
The Parson
Big Boss of ABOVE; Talked to Reverend Lovejoy
The Patriarch
Elderly Grill Seller; Sold The Hive to Homer; DEAD
The Pit Master
Band of Babies; Participated in the "Hot Shot Tots" show
The Pixie Chicks
Owner of Stern Lecture Plumbing; Former Stonecutter
The Plumber
Unnamed Executive at Polystar Studios; Movie flopped
The Polystar Executive
Group of Bullies that wear purple facepaint; Bully Summit
The Purple Nurples
Ranger at Mt. Useful; Helped Marge find Bart & Lisa
The Ranger
Rap Group comprising of Rabbis; Eye on Springfield
The Rappin’ Rabbis
Psychotic Homeless Man on Skid Row; Sleeps in trash
The Raving Derelict
Unnamed Clerk at Raw Barn, natural peanut butter shop
The Raw Barn Clerk
Hippie who traveled the country following the Ribwich
The Ribhead
Rich, Selfish, Callous, but Gregarious Texan & Oilman
The Rich Texan
Group of Bullies that are extremely nerdy; Bully Summit
The Scary Potters
FICTIONAL; Supervillain & enemy of Fallout Boy
The Scout Master
Internet Troll & Member of the Troll Force 5; DeliveryMan
The Shipper
Homeless Man who rides train & tells tall tales to people
The Singing Railroad Hobo
Talent Manager for United Parasites; Many celebrities
The Slick Manager
Southern Man who accepted Homer's challenge to duel
The Southern Colonel
Fiddler w/ terrible posture at a ranch's Western Dance
The Stooped-Over Fiddler
Unnamed Tabloid Editor at The Inquisitor (J.K. Simmons)
The Tabloid Editor
Mr. Burns Guard Dogs; Sent as therapy dogs to help
The Therapy Hounds
3 Jazz Musicians; Watched musicians in The Jazz Hole
The Three Bottoms
One-man Performance Play Actor at Edinburgh Festival
The Ticket Booth Actor
Pro-wrestler; On cover of 'The Golden Age of Wrestling'
The Tiny Titan
Unnamed Judge for the TV show, Topiary Wars
The Topiary Wars Judge
Unnamed Presenter for the TV show, Topiary Wars
The Topiary Wars Presenter
Native American Manager of Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino
The Tribal Chief
Baby Group; Participated in the "Hot Shot Tots" show
The Umbilical Chords
Unborn Baby; Participated in the "Hot Shot Tots" show
The Unborn Comic
Elderly Bartender at The Veterans of Unpopular Wars
The Veterans of Unpopular Wars Bartender
Black Woman who uses and sells voodoo equipment
The Voodoo Queen
Warden of Waterville Prison; Held a prison rodeo
The Warden
Referee of father-son wheelbarrow race at Ret. Castle
The Wheelbarrow Race Referee
Pro-wrestler; On cover of 'The Golden Age of Wrestling'
The Wild Irishman
Elderly Man; Owns 'General Store' near Catfish Lake
The Worm Man
Ya Hoo! Cast Members; Recovering Alcoholic Jug Band
The Ya Hoo! Recovering Alcoholic Jug Band
Pro-bidder on "Storage Battle: Myanmar" w/ straw hat
The Young Gun
Student at West Springfield Elementary (Frankie Muniz)
Skunk Mascot at Kissimmee St. Nick Theme Park
Thelonious Skunk
Owner of The Institute, a social media reputation center
Black Member of Reaction Guy's crew; MyTuber
Thin Mint
Man from Ogdenville who started dating Selma Bouvier
Performance Art Play Trio at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Three Tall Men Eating Cereal
Samba Dance Teacher in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Employee at Nuclear Power Plant; Speaks little English
Tibor Jankovsky
New Character in Krusty the Clown Show Retro Reboot
Tick-Tock the Clock
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Tiffany Spuckler
Little Kid who has Timmy Thomas disease in wheelchair
Timmy Thomas
Local Reverend of the First Church of Springfield
Timothy Lovejoy, Jr.
Father of ABOVE; Visited La Maison Derrière
Timothy Lovejoy, Sr.
Recurring Character on the Krusty the Clown Show
Tina Ballerina
One of The Seven Duffs; Tipsy Mascot for Duff Beer
Tipsy Duff
Bartender; Worked at Juggernauts and Knockers
Mustached Baseball Player for Springfield Isotopes
Son of Bruno Drundridge; Accepted $900 call by Bart
Tobias Drundridge
Journalist for the Minneapolis Star; At NASA conference
Toby Hunter
Youngest Son of Ned & Maude Flanders; Cursed
Todd Flanders
Former Executive at; Went bankrupt
Todd Linux
Man contacted from Bigger Brother Agency for Bart
Gay Man who attended a party to look for a boyfriend
Tom Collins
Small Blading Child; Son of Mr. & Mrs. Gammill
Tom Gammill
Former Bartender and Owner of O'Flanagan's Pub
Tom O’Flanagan
FICTIONAL; TV Host of 'Dancing with the Scars'
Tomcat Bergeron
Server at a Fancy Restaurant; Sliced meat very thin
Female Monkey; Mother of Mr. Teeny; "Adopted" Bart
FICTIONAL; 1/2 Characters in Menace Tooth Society
Tooth Decay
Jazz Singer; Participated in Jazzy Goodtime's benefit
Tootsie Childs
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Honked a handheld horn
Show Bull; Appeared in the Waterville Prison Rodeo
Japanese Apprentice Sushi Chef at The Happy Sumo
TV Host of Josh.0., a comedy clip show (Parody)
Toshua Josh
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Act is being constantly drunk
Boar Mascot at Kissimmee St. Nick Theme Park
Tremendous Boar
Student at Springfield High; School's quarterback
Trevor McBride
Spuckler Child; Deformed; Has an extra third leg
Tripod Spuckler
Cheesy B-list Actor; Fell on Hard Times (Phil Hartman)
Troy McClure
VP of dev. for Mother Hubbard's Sandwich Cupboard
Trudy Zangler
Kid Finalist for Reading Digest's essay competition
Truong Van Dinh
Student & secret leader of Limitless Frontier Horizons
2nd Grade Student; Danced w/ Lisa for square dancing
Professional Tunnelcraft Player; 1/2 of the Greatest
Niece of Fat Tony; Attended Wet 'N' Wild Weekend
FICTIONAL; Mascot Homer squeezed in his dream
Twinkle the Kid
Baby Boy; Leader of a Riot after a Roofi concert
Tyler (Baby)
Child who works for ChoreMonkey; Insulted Homer
Tyler (ChoreMonkey)
Student; Son of Connie & Mike; Son of a "Cool Mom"
Tyler (Cool Moms)
Son of Scotty Boom; Stole The Hive from Homer S.
Tyler Boom
Brother of Abe Simpson; Visited by the Simpsons in Ohio
Tyrone Simpson
Evil French Wine Maker; Forced Bart to work; Nephew
Daughter of Apu & Manjula; Octuplet; Short curly hair
Uma Nahasapeemapetilon
FICTIONAL; Short-lived Itchy & Scratchy Show character
Uncle Ant
Hippie Owner of _______'s Heap Recycling Center
Uriah “Hippie”
Three Women dating Ron on Hunks, a dating show
Uta / Shasta / Candi
Overweight, Exchange Student from Bavaria, Germany
Üter Zörker
Cousin of the Simpson Family; Married Dave Rothman
Valerie Togasaki-Rothman
2nd Grade Student at Springfield Elementary w necklace
Valley Mercer
Beloved Clown of Holland, MI; Krusty stole his act
Van Kruüsten
Former Class President at Springfield High School
Vance Connor
Ex-wife of Charles Heathbar; Mother Flippers contestant
Verity Heathbar
Former Child Star; Owner of Lil'__ ____ School of Dance
Vicki Valentine
Chef at a Cafe; Met Homer & kids while finding Marge
Music Teacher at Daws Butler Hall (J.K. Simmons)
Victor Kleskow
Ukrainian Mob Boss; Enemy of Wayne Slater; DEAD
Mechanic at Art's Auto Service, in North Townsburg
Demolition Derby Driver; Went against Gene Dupree
Vince "Dead Tooth” McGee
Nephew of Fat Tony; Attended Wet 'N' Wild Weekend
Vincent “The Occurrence”
Mascot for Springfield's Semi-amateur Hockey Team
Vinnie the Vulture
TV Host of "Me Wantee!", a cash prize heavy show
Virgil Sinclair
Former Actress & Girlfriend of Abe (Morgan Fairchild)
Vivienne St. Charmaine
Employee at Lucky's Records; Helped Lurleen Lumpkin
Man who Lives in Springfield; Has books; Where's _____
Purple Weasel Mascot for Wall E.Weasel's; "Sings"
Wall E. Weasel
Beloved Southern Lawyer; Against Lisa Simpson case
Wallace Brady
Travel Agent; Took Homer & friends to the Super Bowl
Wally Kogen
Former Inmate; Had face stolen by Sideshow Bob
Walt Warren
German Owner of Hotenhoffer Pharmaceuticals
Walter Hotenhoffer
Pet Pigeon of Drederick Tatum; Helped by Dr. Budgie
Walter Pigeon
Girl in Lisa Simpson's class; Wears a green beret
Notary in China; Helped Selma & Wu get a notary
Wang Pu
Hipster Branding Expert for MyTube (John Mulaney)
Warburton Parker
Police Officers; Ordered to stake out Doughnut Land
Ward / Van Zuylen
Personal Assistant & Executive of Mr. Burns; Gay
Waylon Smithers, Jr.
Father of ABOVE; Former Assistant to Mr. Burns; DEAD
Waylon Smithers, Sr.
Television Sports Commentator at Ice-O-Topes game
Wayne Buckhorn
Ex-CIA Agent & Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Guard
Wayne Slater
Pale, sickly Boy in Bart's class at Springfield Elementary
Wendell Borton
Pro-wrestler; Fought Rasputin the Friendly Russian
Werner von Brawn
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Wesley Spuckler
Spuckler Child; Conjoined Twin with Barrow Spuckler
Wheel Spuckler
Retired Air Force Member; Met w/ Abe Simpson in Cuba
Wheels McGrath
Race Dog; Won race on Christmas at Springfield Downs
White Member of Reaction Guy's crew; MyTuber
White Malik
Spuckler Child; Wears one shoe & dirty brown overalls
Whitney Spuckler
Clown at Ding-A-Ling Bros; Juggles bowling pins
Bully; Frames Bart Simpson for shooting Chester
Wilbur Nurple
Film Executive at Polystar Pictures, w/ Robyn Hannah
William Milo
Jazz Clarinettist; Photograph up at Jazzy Goodtime's
Willie Mimms
Member of the Springfield Mafia; Replies "whatever"
Willie Whatever
FICTIONAL; Superhero & Sidekick of Citizen Solar
Wind Lad
Japan Game Show Host; Happy Smile Super Challenge
Potential Mascot for Duff Beer; Open-minded Mollusk
Bounty Hunter hired by Lucky Jim; (Parody of Dog BH)
Wolf the Bounty Hunter
Owner of Greaser's Café; Host of a dance competition
Wolfguy Jack
Circus Freak; Claims to have world's longest fingernails
World’s Longest Fingernails
Actress and TV Show Host from Brazil; (Xuxa Parody)
One of Nelson's two cronies; Moved to Shelbyville
Yellow Weasel
Jewish Owner of _____'s Jokes, a practical jokes shop
FICTIONAL; Character from __ __ & the Cloud Palace
Yo Yo
Ya Hoo! Cast Member; Yodeler at Beer-N-Brawl Tavern
Yodelin’ Zeke
Father of Kumiko Albertson; Didn't like Comic Book Guy
Yutaka Nakamura
Cool Teacher; Briefly replace Edna Krabappel's class
Zachary Vaughn
Elderly Ladies Man at Retirement Castle; Stole Zelda
Zack (Elderly)
Host of Sneakers, a reality TV Show in Springfield
Zack (Sneakers)
Former Outreacher for the Springfield STEM Academy
Zane Furlong
Employee at the Candy Shoppe in Barnacle Bay
Former Girlfriend of Grampa & Retirement Castle senior
Professional Yo-Yo Trick Guy; Can throw yo-yo upwards
Zero Gravity
Daughter of Slava; Bart Simpson's Piano Teacher
Comic Creator; Attended Comicalooza w/ 2 others
Zoe Burwell
Background Spuckler Child; (Twisted World of Marge)
Zoe Spuckler
Black/White Dance Instructors at Some of That Jazz
Zoey B / Zoey T
Illegal Immigrant; Works at the Nuclear Power Plant
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