My Hero Academia Quiz

Answer all questions involving answers from the popular anime My Hero Academia!
Quiz by alesposi34
Last updated: December 14, 2018
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Who is the main character of the show?
Izuku Midoriya
Who is the Symbol of Peace?
All Might
What school do all the students attend?
UA High School
Who is the classroom representative of Class 1-A?
Tenya Iida
Who is Izuku's bully in junior high?
Katsuki Bakugou
How many students are in class 1-A?
Which villain has a quirk called Decay?
Tomura Shigaraki
Who is known as the hero killer?
Where are the students first attacked by the League of Villains?
Shoto Todoroki has what kind of quirk?
Half-Cold Half-Hot
Shoto Todoroki is the son of which pro hero?
What is Fumikage Tokoyami's weakness in the show?
Who is the smartest student in class 1-A who has a creation quirk?
Momo Yaoyorozu
Who is Class 1-A's homeroom teacher?
Eraser Head
Who is the principal of UA High School?
What are the colors of the training outfits that the students wear?
Who is the number 4 hero that trains Bakugou during his Internship?
Best Jeanist
Who has a crush on Izuku?
Ochaco Uraraka
What is the Nationally Televised events all the students attend to get noticed by pro heroes?
UA Sports Festival
Where is the training camp located the students attend in the summer?
the woods
Tenya Iida is the younger brother of which pro hero?
Which support course student in on Izuku's team during the Calvary Battle?
Mei Hatsume
Who is best friends with Bakugou?
Which student is girl crazy in class 1-A?
Minora MIneta
Who is the leader of the Vanguard Action Squad
What is the quirk of the person listed above?
Who defeats the villain known as Mustard, during the training camp?
Which villain captured Bakugou?
Mr. Compress
Who trains Izuku during his internship?
Gran Torino
All Might go's into retirement after defeating which villain?
All for One
Where do the students move into after they are attacked at the training camp?
What kind of contest do the girls decide to have after everyone moves into dorms?
Best Room
What are the students trying to attain toward the end of season 3?
Provisional Hero License
The powerful student know as Inasa has what kind of quirk?
Which pro hero acts as a villain during the Provisional Licensing Exam?
Gang Orca
Who beats the entire class in a fight by himself in the last episode of season 3?
Level 28
Oct 26, 2021
Many answers should've been accepted such as Aizawa instead of eraser head and mineta
Level 54
Dec 28, 2021
Please accept Half Cold Half Hot without dashes.
Level 48
Dec 15, 2022
*Minoru Mineta

Also "Aizawa" and "Bakugo" should be accepted

The woods=Forest