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Tracy Mcgrady scored 13 points in 35 seconds. Who was guarding himBruce Bowen
The 2012 Charlotte Bobcats had the worst record in NBA history. Who was there owner?Michael Jordan
kyrie Irving was a great rookie. How many points did he score in the rising stars game34
Kobe Caried his team to a championship in 2010.Who was there sixth manLamar Odom
Wlit Chamberlain was the 1967-68 NBA MVP. Who was third place in the MVP raceElgin Baylor
Kobe scored 81 in a game against the raptors. What was the Raptors record45-37
Michael Jordan Hit a Legendary shot against the Cavs in 1989. Who was the cavs coachLenny Wilkens
Bill Russell Has 11 championship rings. In 1957-58 who beat the Celtics in the finalsHawks
The 2001 Lakers had a playoff run of 15-1 Losing one game to the Sixers in the finals. What was the record for the Sixers that year56-26
The malice at the palace was one of the worst fights in NBA history. Who did the pacers play next gameMagic
Hakeem olajuwon Is one of the best shot blocks in NBA History. Who did Olajuwon not help become a better basketball playerTracy Mcgrady
The 1989-90 Bad Boy Pistons was one of the dirtiest teams ever. who was not in there lineupDennis Rodman
Ray Allen Has the most three's made in NBA History. What was his best season2006-7
The LA Lakers are second in most championships to the Celtics. How many hall of famers was on the lakers21
Julius Erving got traded for money. How much money did he get traded for?4.8mil

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