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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user StringsRule.
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Times taken 36,726
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3,8462022-06-27Word Scramble - States
3,4922022-06-27Word Scramble - Disney Characters
3,1582022-07-26Birth State of US Presidents
3,1302022-06-27Word Scramble - Countries
2,0022022-06-27City to State #1
1,8892014-03-16Disney's Tangled Quiz
1,7782014-02-07Fast Typing - Days of the Week
1,5732014-05-05Word Puzzles - US State Capitals
1,5082013-10-14Fast Typing - US State Capitals
1,2952012-12-15Good Luck Charlie Characters
1,2102023-10-11NFL Teams by Location
1,0392014-01-22Disney Channel TV Shows by Character
9172014-02-06US Capital to State
9072022-06-27Highest-Grossing Animated Films
8992014-12-18Ultimate Elf Quiz
8852013-02-17US States Bordering the Ocean
8732022-07-05Country Borders by Shared Letter
7672014-07-07Fast Typing - Countries
5382022-06-27The Jeopardy! Quiz
3632014-06-28Answers Contain Mad
3382014-08-21Disney Movies by Country
3212014-01-22Harry Potter Characters
2912013-08-13Board Games by Clue
2772017-03-28Fast Typing - Countries of Asia
2652022-06-28Starbucks Locations - Tile Select
2222014-12-30U.S. States in Reverse Alphabetical Order
2022014-01-19Hawaiian Islands
1892020-07-09Country Homophones
1762016-06-25A.N.T. Farm Characters
1752021-07-10IKEA Locations - Tile Select
1742017-09-30Countries Bordering the DRC
1732012-12-15Country to Continent
1692014-03-27VERY General Knowledge
1552015-01-20Countries on the Equator
992014-08-01Countries with Names
942014-01-22Random African Countries
902017-07-20US States without Duplicate Letters
902013-04-29Year of Celebrities' Birth
832014-06-24Countries with Y
802014-02-092014 Winter Olympics
802016-07-08Word Scramble - Pixar Characters
782016-12-15Biggest Country Capitals A-Z
692015-11-24City to World Capital
682014-06-24Countries with V
642016-08-17Word Scramble - U.S. Cities
562014-06-24Countries with Z
532014-01-21Seven Letter States
502014-01-21Eight Letter States
482014-06-24Countries with W
442017-08-31U.S. Borders by Shared Letter
442022-06-28Country Anagrams
432017-09-30Same Start and End Letter - Country Capitals
412013-08-21City to State #2
362014-12-18Cities that are Names
362013-10-14US Presidencies by Year
342014-04-27This Quiz Is Not Possible
302014-03-20Mississippi River Quiz
292013-10-15French Numbers
272013-08-16Words that End in J
262013-08-04Canadian Provinces and Territories by Area
212013-02-1910 Highest Mountain Peaks in Asia
172020-03-24♬ Word Scramble - Composers ♬