Quizzes by CalRodgers

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user CalRodgers
# of Quizzes 40
# Subscribers 1
Times taken 1,447
Quizmaker Rank # 5,682
1502019-02-04Lost in Space Quiz
702022-01-04Ends in "-uck"
552021-08-26Ends in "-ick"
522020-01-13Beatles Menagerie
522020-01-05Ends in "-art"
502021-10-03Ends in "-ock"
492020-09-30Ends in "-ong"
452019-11-13Ends in "-oon"
432020-10-05Ends in "-og"
432021-04-15Women's Names in Classic Rock Songs
392020-10-23Ends in "-ard"
382021-02-24Ends in "-ake"
382020-07-05Ends in "-ther"
372020-07-04Ends in "-ight"
372019-11-18Ends in "-ot"
352021-01-15Ends in "-ine"
342020-10-23Ends in "-ode"
342021-01-07Ends in "-ate"
342020-09-28Ends in "-ort"
342019-10-22Ends in "-ig"
332021-02-26Ends in "-ack"
322021-10-26Ends in "-est"
292020-11-17Ends in "-tor"
292020-11-06Ends in "-ist"
292020-09-30Ends in "-ite"
272021-10-06Ends in "-oke"
272022-05-02Triple "A" World Capitals
262022-07-11Ends in "-Eat" or "-Eet"
252020-01-02Ends in"-ain"
252019-02-03Single-Parent Sitcoms
242019-11-20Ends in "-ian"
242020-09-23Ends in "-tle"
242020-11-27Ends in "-tor" Part 2
242020-01-27Ends in "-age"
242021-02-12Ends in "-ent"
192021-05-26Ends in "-ary"
192021-03-01Ends in "-oil"
152019-04-09Maid for TV
122022-02-11Ante-, Anti-, Auntie
112019-10-27Space Exploration for Experts