2019 UK General Election

How well do you know the General Election that took place on 12th December 2019 in the United Kingdom?
Some questions have more than one acceptable answer
Quiz by gursh
Last updated: July 20, 2020
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Which day of the week was the election held on?
Which interviewer did Johnson notoriously dodge an interview with?
Andrew Neil
Where did our esteemed PM hide to avoid a grilling by a certain notorious breakfast TV presenter on polling day morning?
In a fridge
When was the last time that Labour's seat tally was as low as in 2019?
Which party leader lost their seat (East Dunbartonshire)?
Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrats)
Name a party that won JUST one seat in Parliament
Green Party, Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Which party's Westminster leader was ousted by the Mayor of Belfast?
DUP (Nigel Dodds)
How many seats did Labour win in Scotland?
One (Edinburgh South)
Which constituency was the first to swing on Election Night? (clue: it was a traditional Labour seat that went to the Conservatives - and it was the fourth to be declared)
Blyth Valley
Which former PM intervened against the Tories a week before polling day - only to see his former seat unexpectedly switch to the Tories
Tony Blair (Sedgefield)
Which type of prejudice dogged Jeremy Corbyn and Labour during the election (for which he repeatedly refused to apologise)?
Which national treasure shouted at Corbyn to 'JUST APOLOGISE' on live television?
Phillip Schofield
Which was the last constituency to declare? (at 3pm on the 13th)
St Ives
Instead of a manifesto, what did Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party name their document of stated objectives in Government?
His 'Contract With The People'
Boris Johnson's PR team had him parody a scene from a famous Christmas love movie - which one?
Love Actually
Name one of the most senior MPs to (stand for and) lose their seat
Dominic Grieve, Frank Field, Dennis Skinner, Mike Gapes
What was the name of the electoral pact between the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru that covered about 80 seats?
Unite To Remain
Did Boris Johnson increase or decrease his personal majority in his own constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip?
Which institution did Labour erroneously claim the Conservatives would attempt to 'sell' when they won the election?
What was the problem with the document that Corbyn provided to prove this claim?
It only mentioned the NHS four times in over 400 pages, it was from the previous government, it was almost entirely redacted
Which institution did Johnson claim was 'beyond reproach' in the first Leaders' Debate?
The Monarchy
Who did Boris Johnson claim were his favourite bands in a Tory election broadcast? (name one)
The Clash, The Rolling Stones
What was the 'Russia Report,' over which Johnson and the Tories were much derided, about?
Russian meddling in the 2016 EU Referendum
What is the name of the Conservatives' controversial Chief Special Advisor? (he also led the VoteLeave campaign)
Dominic Cummings
Which party leader announced during their constituency acceptance speech that they would not lead their party into the next election?
Jeremy Corbyn (Labour)
Which Tory Minister's aide did the media briefly - and wrongly - claim was punched by a Labour activist; leading to allegations of media bias
Matt Hancock (Health Secretary)
Which controversial new industry did the Conservatives put a moratorium on for the election campagin after fears it triggered an earthquake in Lancashire?
Which party suffered the greatest loss in national popular support?
If the election was held under proportional representation, how many seats would the LibDems have won? (they won 11 in the actual election)
And finally, how many seats did Boris Johnson's Conservatives win?
Level 57
Dec 14, 2019
One of the worst election outcomes to date. Not because of who won but because of how it was proportionality distributed. 30K per seat for Tory, 50K per seat for Labour. Seems fair.
Level 56
Dec 14, 2019
and 800k for the Greens' one seat. At the end of the day that's always how FPTP works.
Level 59
May 20, 2020
Ken Clarke didn't stand for his seat. Maybe put Laura Pidcock in instead, she was touted as a future Labour leader.
Level 56
Jul 20, 2020
You are correct - an oversight on my part. I have changed it to include two others elected in the 90s. Thanks!