Statistics for Catfish and the Bottlemen Pre-Album Songs

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You with your misleading tattoos and your New York City style and your Jackie Ryan soulASA (B-Side, 2013)
She said "I've missed this mattress and I've missed being classless and this district's lifeless"Ayatollah (B-Side, 2012)
I can tell by your look that you're lying through your fringe againBroken Army (Single, 2012)
Are you ready for the fall?Collide (The Beautiful Decay EP, 2010)
You leave my party with your left-handed cigarette and you look awful coldBite Down Salvador (Poetry & Fuel EP, 2009)
I did my best to get my hands under your jumper, you know I want herTyrants (The Beautiful Decay EP, 2010)
And if I adopt you from these roads would you adopt me from these clothes?Tortuga (Single, 2013)
And I know I'll wake up to bottom of the bed coughed guts and she won't look the same to meHarlot (The Beautiful Decay EP, 2010)
She lights her cigarette in my face and says "Let's get good and lost for a while cause I can't stand the people 'round here"Bodies (The Beautiful Decay EP, 2010)
I love this place and melodrama that it brings but loving artists, it just ain't my thingPoetry & Fuel (Poetry & Fuel EP, 2009)
Maybe she's throwing in the towel, we meet, we drink, we talk, we hide awayA Chase Isn't A Chase If You're Not Running (Poetry & Fuel EP, 2009)
As we go wild and the drinks are piled went to our heads, "Why can't I get you smoke-eyed and paralyzed" she saidSea, Found (Poetry & Fuel EP, 2009)

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