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85,9002019-08-13 Countries Bordering Two or More Oceans
32,3052021-10-29 Countries that Produce the Most Cheese
17,5932020-03-19 How to Get Out in Cricket
5,1722013-01-03How quick can you type the Alphabet
1,3182013-01-03Everything to do with Cricket Test Matches
1,0432013-03-26Countries with the Greatest Proportion of People Without Religion
9902013-01-14Most Dangerous Diseases
9352013-01-30Countries with the largest Jewish Population
9162014-03-13The New Zealand Quiz
8782013-08-03New Zealand Place Names
8462013-09-04Countries with the Largest Christian Population
6572013-03-31Highest Terrorist Affected Countries
5402013-01-30Countries with the largest Muslim Population
5202013-08-14Countries with the Highest Fertility Rate
4822013-01-30Countries with the Greatest Proportion of Jews
4472016-05-28The New Zealand Quiz #2
4132013-02-25Countries with the Greatest Proportion of Hindus
3722013-02-04Countries with the Lowest Life Expectancy Rate
3162013-04-04Richest Sportsman in the World
2742014-05-13The New Zealand Quiz #3
2722013-03-31Highest Chocolate Producing Countries in the World
2462013-01-03The New Zealand Quiz #4
2252013-01-17TEXT LANGUAGE :)
2132013-03-31Spy Agency Acronyms
2072013-03-31Biggest Industrial Nations in the World
1932013-02-01Population, Population, Population!
1802013-03-31Coldest Capitals in the World
1542013-03-05Famous Inventions
1502013-03-31Countries with the Highest Gold Reserves
1202013-01-07Famous Tourist Attractions
1182013-02-01Population, Population, Population! #2
1172013-01-30Countries with the Greatest Proportion of Muslim
1052013-01-30Countries with the Greatest Proportion of Christians
992013-02-03Countries whose Capital is not their Largest City
882013-02-18Tallest and Highest Cities in the World
822014-05-13Cities with the Most High-Rise Buildings
822013-02-04Countries with the Highest Percentage of Undernourishment and Malnutrition
762013-02-04Countries with the Highest Literacy Rate
672013-02-04Country with the Highest Percentage of Internet Users
652013-01-08Most Dangerous Sports
642013-04-15Countries with the Highest Population Growth Rate
592013-02-04Countries with the Highest Death Rate
452013-01-30Countries with the Highest Point
442013-03-31Countries with the Largest Hindu Population
442013-02-04Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy
402013-02-04Country with the Highest Amount of Internet Users
332013-03-31Best Fridge Manufacturing Brands in the World
302013-02-02Tallest Bridges in the World
292013-02-04Countries with the Highest Unemployment Rate