City Where Happy Things Happened

For each (happy) event, name the city where it took place.
Quiz by kalbahamut
Last updated: November 25, 2018
First submittedJune 22, 2016
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Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee
The first Black president of the USA gives a victory speech at Grant Park
The Boston Red Sox break the curse of the Bambino
St Louis
Facebook launched
Cambridge, MA
A wall emblematic of the Cold War is torn down
The "happiest place on Earth" begins accepting tourists
3 days of peace and music (and acid-fueled mud-covered orgies)
Mission control celebrates the first manned moon landing
Trent Reznor is born
New Castle
The first McDonald's opens for business
San Bernardino
A treaty is signed ending the war between Germany and the Allied powers
The first modern Olympic games are joined by 14 nations
Karl Benz creates the first gas-powered automobile
The "golden spike" is driven in, completing the Transcontinental Railroad
First manned untethered balloon flight
Level 56
Jun 22, 2016
Zero idea who Trent Reznor is. Turns out he is exactly two weeks younger than I am.
Level 84
Jun 22, 2016
He makes lots of brilliant music. Though seldom could it be described as happy. Maybe that one was a mistake.
Level 77
Jun 22, 2016
Apparently 93% of us hadn't heard of him. After looking him up I remembered that you have promoted Nine Inch Nails in comments on other quizzes, so I found them on Youtube and listened to Wish. The language was too harsh for this grandma and it's not my kind of music, but I can see why you think they are deserving of praise. I'd leave the clue in. Maybe more will follow my lead and check them out if they haven't heard of them.
Level 84
Oct 13, 2021
If you ever come back here, Ander, maybe try listening to some other songs by the artist/group? "Wish," though it garnered Nine Inch Nails a Grammy that year for best Metal performance, is probably the most metal song they've ever done, possibly excepting stuff like "Suck," "Happiness in Slavery, or some other tracks from the albums Broken and The Downward Spiral which may be more Industrial than Metal.

However, there is an enormous range of stuff Trent has done in tone and style, and I often say that NIN transcends genre for this reason... some other songs I could recommend listening to before you dismiss them entirely, all very different from "Wish":


La Mer


Ghosts IV - 34 (the riff from which inspired 2019's country/pop song of the year)

a warm place (beautiful serene instrumental in a small oasis on an otherwise very noisy album)

And All That Could Have Been (the song, not the live album by the same name which is also great but questionable in its grandma-friendliness)

Level 84
Oct 13, 2021

The Fragile (the song not the album, maybe a little hard to listen to to grandmas, but a beautiful song, load up the lyrics sheet before you put it on)

Somewhat Damaged (even harder to listen to, but Trent wrote this song about his own grandma, after she passed away and he felt alone since he didn't really have a relationship with his parents. Maybe you could appreciate it for that reason)

Hurt (by far the one song of Trent's that has been covered most often by other artists, including Sheryl Crow, David Bowie, the Croatian instrumental group 2 Cellos, and the late great Johnny Cash, which I think really speaks to how his lyrics and music transcend genre like I said. Cash's video is worth a watch, too.)

Something I Can Never Have (I'd recommend the acoustic version off the album Still - actually I'd recommend that entire album it's beautiful)

leaving hope (an instrumental off the same album)

The Social Network film soundtrack (not technically NIN, but done by the same guy.)

Level 84
Oct 13, 2021
Maybe also try All the Love in the World... which has kind of a gospel vibe to it toward the end.

I'm not sure what your musical tastes are, Ander. :) Let me know and I can improve my recommendations. But NIN's oeuvre has got to be one of the most diverse and varied out there so there's often at least one or two songs I can find that appeal to anyone I'm talking to. If you really love Reggae, K-pop girl groups, or 1920s Big Band music like my own grandma did then, I dunno, I might be out of luck.

Level 66
Jun 22, 2016
What he^ said. No idea who this guy is. Interesting what you determine happy events (MacDonalds and Facebook :) but seriously, I enjoyed the quiz. Thanks for having something a little light hearted.
Level 84
Jun 22, 2016
How could McDonald's not be happy? They serve millions of happy meals.
Level 75
Jun 23, 2016
This quiz got me resonating to this...
Level 59
Jun 26, 2016
2008 and 2004 (facebook) were sad events. The baseball one could be happy or sad (depending on which club you were supporting) or irrelevant (for everyone outside USA). 1919 was definitely not a happy event for the Germans. Oh, and I also had no idea who Trent Reznor was, but I've heard couple of NIN songs and they were pretty good.
Level 84
Jun 26, 2016
eh.. yeah I hesitated to put Versailles on there. The treaty was awful for the Germans and many blame it for paving the way for WW2. But... it coincided with the end of the war which was a good thing.
Level 70
Jul 16, 2016
Trent Reznor is GOD. For those of you who might think he's not "happy" enough for this quiz, he's scoring movies these days and won an Oscar for "The Social" Network". However, I thought for some reason he was from Philadelphia.
Level 84
Jul 16, 2016
When I saw Trent play a club in Philly once, he was, in his own words, "from Pennsylvania. But not Philadelphia. The other side of Pennsylvania. The shitty side."
Level 84
Jul 16, 2016
He was born in New Castle, grew up in Mercer. Both are kind of close to Pittsburgh. And Youngstown, OH, where my dad's family is from. (also have relatives in New Castle)
Level 84
Jul 16, 2016
I just added PIttsburgh as an acceptable answer to make that one a bit easier. Mercer was already accepted.
Level 68
Sep 24, 2016
huh, I got Facebook from guessing Boston for the Red Sox one.
Level 84
Nov 13, 2016
Cambridge is a suburb of Boston.