Statistics for Embarrassing Chapters in US History, Part 2

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The nation goes to war with this country, ostensibly over "WMDs" which are never found.Iraq
From 1692 to 1693 20 people are executed for witchcraft in this Massachusetts town.Salem
This war kills or maims millions, including 200,000 Americans, and ultimately ends in failure.Vietnam
The first atomic bomb deployed against a civilian population is dropped on this Japanese city,
obliterating it completely and inflicting hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties.
Nathan Bedford Forrest and others form this organization in 1865 to terrorize "blacks"
and promote "white" supremacy.
Ku Klux Klan
Three days later, a second atomic bomb is dropped on this city.Nagasaki
This war leaves half a million Americans dead, having been initiated by the secession of
Southern states for perhaps the worst of all possible reasons.
Civil War
Over 100,000 people with ancestors from this country were sent to internment camps during WW2.Japan
At the height of the Red Scare this senator leads sensationalist attacks
against alleged Communists.
Joseph McCarthy
Government policy for about 100 years of forced relocations, land grabs, and outright massacres
amount to what is essentially systematic genocide of this large and diverse group.
American Indians
The USAF participates in the bombing of this German city, leaving 25,000 dead.Dresden
In 1812 a poorly planned invasion of this country ends in fiasco.Canada
The original sin of the nation, inherited from European colonists, this "peculiar institution"
condemned tens of millions of people to lives of unimaginable suffering and hardship.
This slave in 1857, when unsuccessfully suing for his own independence, was told by
the Supreme Court that he could not be a US citizen due to his race and status as property.
Dred Scott
The war against republican freedom fighters in this country, won by the US after the
Spanish-American War, may have resulted in as many as a million deaths.
Firebombing of this city in 1945 kills 100,000 people in a single day.Tokyo
After directing Bad Boys, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor,
this man is allowed to continue making movies.
Michael Bay
During this massacre in Vietnam, hundreds of unarmed civilians are gang raped, murdered,
and/or mutilated. Only one Army Lieutenant is convicted. He gets a slap on the wrist.
My Lai
This senator speaks for more than 24 hours nonstop
to try and defeat Civil Rights legislation
Strom Thurmond
This Supreme Court decision upholds the legality of racial Segregation.Plessy v. Ferguson
During this 1932-1972 study, African Americans who thought they were receiving free health care were intentionally infected with syphillis and then not given medical treatment for it.Tuskegee experiment

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