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I thought the first quiz was fun, and these are relatively easy to make, so I made another one. Some of these are going to be a bit hard to guess, though.
*had to edit the quiz to meet quizmaster's approval. When I was looking for something to put into this spot, ironically, this actually came up in google.
slightly redone to make the answers easier
Quiz by kalbahamut
Last updated: December 2, 2018
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First submittedMay 5, 2013
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What should I do if I'm _____
Do Americans like _________
Why are Europeans so ______
Am I ________
Where is _____ ______
Chuck Norris
Quizmaster is always _____*
Is Paris a _______
What happens if you swallow ___
Can I eat my ______
Michael Bay is a ______
Am I bad in ___
Do Chinese people have _________
Is music haram in _____
Can dogs eat ______
Was Hitler ______
Is it against the law to drive ________
Why do girls like _____
What do humans _____ ____
taste like
Why is my son ___
Why is my daughter so ____
Level 82
May 6, 2013
hm... only a couple people took this so far, but they got almost nothing right. If more people take it and this trend continues I may edit it to make the answers a little bit easier to guess.
Level 82
May 7, 2013
okay I did that. Hopefully some of the answers will now get up over 0%
Level 67
Apr 1, 2014
Kalbahamut, I've seen you react very passionately everytime someone said anything against the US. Just chill, nobody's attacking your precious United States of America.
Level 82
Apr 2, 2014
The USA is not in any way precious to me. Things that are precious to me include rationalism, skepticism, logic, realism, fairness, justice, equity, and racial and sexual equality. I detest bigots. This is why I react so harshly to people who unfairly malign the 300+ million people who call themselves Americans. There is no basis for the most popular criticisms, but because Americans are generally so open to criticism, and because the USA as the world's greatest superpower is many people's favorite punching bag, much too often such offensively prejudiced remarks are simply allowed to pass unchallenged.

If someone came along to my quizzes and accused all "black" people of being stupid, or all Jews, or all Pollacks, or all Chinese people... I would respond to them with equal vigor.

Level 75
Jul 13, 2014
When I saw, "Can I eat my..." all I could see was Walter Matthau in "Grumpy Old Men" saying, "Eat my shorts."
Level 45
Aug 23, 2014
Now I want to puke after reading the "can I eat my" answer. I can't imagine what degree of desperation would provoke such a question!
Level 82
Aug 24, 2014
I hear they make stew out of placenta and its supposed to be quite healthy. Seems like a logical step to take in light of that? I don't know. I wasn't expecting that answer, either, when I typed in "can I eat"
Level 82
Aug 24, 2014
now that I check it again that answer has fallen to #2 in my results. The top answer, and 6/10 of the top answers, are all about different foods you can eat while pregnant.
Level 50
Jun 12, 2016
You cannot really deny the passionate way we have seen you jump with pride to defend the USA on so many quizzes Kalbahamut. . I am surprised to hear you work with Brits, as I have silently watched your attitude and comments for a long time now. Brits are foolish that they are born into accepting Rule by bloodline, a corrupt way of old. Americans are sickening the way they blindly pledge a allegiance to a flag, that has forces in the majority of the world, keeping the peace lol. If you are as intelligent as you believe, why are quizzes out there declaring Washington as the first president? A lie. Why are virtually all of the American presidents bloodline relatives of Queen Elizabeth and co? Even Obama? Do some research and stop spouting your proud crap. These two nations are corrupt and in it together.
Level 82
Jun 12, 2016
I can deny it and I will. You're wrong. I don't feel any pressing need to prove that you're wrong, because you then go on to destroy and credibility you may have had when you begin talking about bloodlines and start sounding like a conspiracy theorist. I know "do some research" is crazy person talk for "watch some ridiculous videos on YouTube and read some anonymous blogs written by schizophrenics that agree with me and then disregard all evidence, logic and reason so that your opinions more closely align with my own fantasies." and, no, I'd rather not do that. But thanks for the invite.

For the record if there are any sane people in the audience, I do not experience pride associated with any country. Yes, of course there is corruption in both the United States and in the UK; same as every other country in the world (arguably better than most, though there are intelligent counter points to that argument). This has nothing to do with calling out bigots for what they are.

Level 47
Oct 17, 2016
Wow. This quiz is making me question the world. I can't believe there are idiots out there who think that the problem is kalbahamut.
Level 75
Dec 21, 2018
Some of these answers are really bizarre - good for a couple of laughs!
Level 41
Feb 10, 2020
I was sure the dog one was “chocolate”. Obviously I was wrong. You shouldn’t give a dog chocolate, just for the record. I have no idea about apples, The question never occurred to me.
Level 82
Feb 10, 2020
I guess everyone knows that they shouldn't eat chocolate? I dunno. Our cocker spaniel Ivy used to love apples, though. That was one of her all-time favorite foods, along with ice cubes, McDonald's hamburgers, and dirty diapers.