Actors Who Played Multiple Comics Characters

For each set of comic book characters, name the actor who has portrayed all of them.
Includes portrayals in film and television
This is not intended to be totally comprehensive, but excluding television and cartoons it's pretty close
Quiz by kalbahamut
Last updated: June 6, 2019
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First submittedJune 6, 2018
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Captain America - MCU
Human Torch - The Fantastic Four
Cpt Jake Jensen - The Losers
Lucas Lee - Scott Pilgrim
Curtis Everett - Snowpiercer
Chris Evans
Nick Fury - MCU
Octopus - The Spirit
Richmond Valentine - Kingsman
Samuel L. Jackson
Black Widow - MCU
Silken Floss - The Spirit
Rebecca Doppelmeyer - Ghost World
The Major - Ghost in the Shell
Scarlett Johansson
Batman - Batman vs Superman
Ben Affleck
Thor - MCU
Agent H - MIB International
Chris Hemsworth
Green Lantern
Hannibal King - Blade: Trinity
Nick - R.I.P.D.
Ryan Reynolds
Storm - X-Men
Halle Berry
Doctor Strange
Dormammu - Doctor Strange
Benedict Cumberbatch
The Mask
The Riddler - Batman Forever
Colonel Stars and Stripes - Kick-Ass! 2
Jim Carrey
StarLord - MCU
Barry - Wanted
Chris Pratt
Thanos - MCU
Cable - Deadpool 2
Jonah Hex
Agent K - Men in Black 3
Dwight McCarthy - Sin City aDtKF
Josh Brolin
Conan the Barbarian
Mr. Freeze - Batman and Robin
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Odin - MCU
Edward Bailey - RED 2
Anthony Hopkins
Ghost Rider
Big Daddy - Kick-Ass!
Spider-Man Noir - Into the Spider-Verse
Nicholas Cage
Bane - The Dark Knight Rises
Tom Hardy
Vision - MCU
Jarvis - MCU
Paul Bettany
Agent J - Men in Black
Deadshot - Suicide Squad
Will Smith
Evey Hammond - V for Vendetta
Jane Foster - Thor
Natalie Portman
Gamora - MCU
Aisha al-Fadhil - The Losers
Zoe Saldana
Vulture - Spiderman: Homecoming
Michael Keaton
Heimdall - MCU
Cpt. William Roque - The Losers
Moreau - Ghost Rider: SoV
Idris Elba
Hulk - The Incredible Hulk
Desty Nova - Alita: Battle Angel
Ed Norton
Alfred Pennyworth - Batman Begins
Arthur - Kingsman
Michael Caine
Agent K - Men in Black
Two Face - Batman Forever
Chester Phillips - Captain America TFA
Tommy Lee Jones
Lucius Fox - Batman Begins
Sloan - Wanted
Joe Matheson - RED
Morgan Freeman
The Collector - MCU
"Jackie Boy" Rafferty - Sin City
Benicio del Toro
Green Goblin - Spider-Man
Nuidis Vulko - Aquaman
Willem Dafoe
The Ancient One - Doctor Strange
Minister Mason - Snowpiercer
Tilda Swinton
Invisible Woman - The Fantastic Four
Nancy Callahan - Sin City
Jessica Alba
Professor X - X-Men First Class
Wesley Gibson - Wanted
James McAvoy
Captain Marvel - MCU
Envy Adams - Scott Pilgrim
Brie Larson
April O'Neil - TMNT
Tallulah Black / Lilah - Jonah Hex
Megan Fox
Electro - Amazing Spider-Man 2
Jaimie Foxx
Whiplash/Ivan Vanko - Iron Man 2
Marv - Sin City
Mickey Rourke
Judge Dredd
Starhawk - Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Sylvester Stallone
The Human Torch - Fantastic Four
Killmonger - Black Panther
Michael B Jordan
Magneto - X-Men First Class
Burke - Jonah Hex
Stelios - 300
Michael Fassbender
Mary Jane Watson - Spider-Man
Erin Randall - The Crow: Salvation
Kirsten Dunst
Commissioner Gordon - Justice League
J Jonah Jameson - Spider-Man
JK Simmons
Bolivar Trask - Days of Future Past
Eitri - Avengers: Infinity War
Peter Dinklage
Happy Hogan - MCU
Foggy Nelson - Daredevil
Jon Favreau
Superman - Superman Returns
Atom - Arrow
Todd Ingram - Scott Pilgrim
Dylan Dog
Brandon Routh
Quicksilver - MCU
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Negan - The Walking Dead
The Comedian - Watchmen
Lt Col Franklin Clay - The Losers
Thomas Wayne - Batman vs Superman
Jeb Turnbull - Jonah Hex
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Judge Dredd - Dredd
Black Hat - Priest
Skurge - Thor: Ragnarok
William Cooper - RED
Karl Urban
Catwoman - Batman Returns
Janet van Dyne - Antman & The Wasp
Michelle Pfeiffer
John Hartigan - Sin City
Frank/Paul Moses - RED
Tom Greer - Surrogates
Bruce Willis
Silver Surfer - Fantastic Four: RotSS
Perry White - Batman vs Superman
Black Goliath - Antman & The Wasp
Lawrence Fishburne
Valkyrie - Thor: Ragnarok
Agent M - MIB International
Tessa Thompson
Dieter Reinhardt - Blade II
Ron Perlman
Kingpin - Daredevil
Manute - Sin City
Kilowog - Green Lantern
Michael Clarke Duncan
Lego Batman
Lt. Grass - Jonah Hex
Vernon Fenwick - TMNT
Will Arnett
Gail - Sin City
Laura Vasquez - Men in Black 2
Claire Temple - MCU TV
Rosario Dawson
Mystique - X-Men
Joan - The Punisher
Rebecca Romijn
V - V for Vendetta
Red Skull - Captain America tFA
Hugo Weaving
General Zod - Man of Steel
Dr. Cross Williams - Jonah Hex
Michael Shannon
Rhino - Amazing Spider-Man 2
Harvey Pekar - American Splendor
Paul Giamatti
William Stryker - X2 X-Men United
Ivan Simanov - RED
Brian Cox
Frank Nitti - Road to Perdition
Abraham Erskine - Captain America TFA
Stanley Tucci
Thomas Kalmaku - Green Lantern
Korg - Thor: Ragnarok
Taika Waititi
Richie Cusack - A History of Violence
Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross - MCU
William Hurt
Martha Kent - Man of Steel
Judge Hershey - Judge Dredd
Diane Lane
Green Arrow - Arrow
Casey Jones - TMNT
Stephen Amell
General Zod - Superman 2
Jor-El - Smallville
Stick - Elektra
Pekwarsky - Wanted
Terence Stamp
Harlen Maguire - Road to Perdition
Yon-Rogg - Captain Marvel
Jude Law
Artemisia - 300 RoaE
Ava Lord - Sin City ADtKF
Eva Green
Sinestro - Green Lantern
Frank D'Amico - Kick-Ass!
Merlin - Kingsman
Dr. Sivana - Captain Marvel
Mark Strong
Nick Fury - Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD
Ego - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (1 scene)
David Hasselhoff
Francis "Ajax" - Deadpool
Zapan - Alita: Battle Angel
Ed Skrein
Betsy Ross - Hulk
Chiren - Alita: Battle Angel
Jennifer Connelly
Dr. Manhattan - Watchmen
Henry Allen - Justice League
Billy Crudup
Dum Dum Dugan - Captain America TFA
Damien Darkh - Arrow
Neal McDonough
Sand Saref - The Spirit
Roxanne Simpson - Ghost Rider
Eva Mendes
Silk Spectre - Watchmen
Lucille - Sin City
Carla Gugino
William Stryker - X-Men Origins: Wolverine
General Erich Ludendorff - Wonder Woman
Marlow - 30 Days of Night
Danny Huston
Angel Salvadore - X-Men First Class
Mary Jane Parker - Into the Spider-Verse
Zoë Kravitz
Sabretooth - X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Kingpin - Into the Spider-Verse
Liev Schreiber
Marvin Boggs - RED
Quentin Turnbull - Jonah Hex
John Malkovich
The Gunsmith - Wanted
Monster T - Suicide Squad
Jesse Custer - Preacher
Howard Stark - Captain America: tFA
Dominic Cooper
The Prophet - Surrogates
Charlie-27 - GotG vol. 2
Ving Rhames
Prof "Broom" Bruttenholm - Hellboy
Adam Sutler - V for Vendetta
Gilliam - Snowpiercer
John Hurt
Cpt George Stacy - Spider-Man 3
Dr. Lionel Canter - Surrogates
Yokai - Big Hero 6
James Cromwell
Korath - Guardians of the Galaxy
old Shazam - Shazam!
King Ricou - Aquaman
Midnite - Constantine
T'challa - Black Panther (TV)
Djimon Honsou
Rorshach - Watchmen
The Terror - The Tick
Odin Quincannon - Preacher
Grewishka - Alita: Battle Angel
Jackie Earl Haley
"The Man" - Sin City
Eben Oleson/Olemaun - 30 Days of Night
Josh Hartnett
Mariko Yashida - The Wolverine
Mercy Graves - Batman vs Superman
Tao Okamoto
Kim Pin - Scott Pilgrim vs the World
teacher - Snowpiercer
Alison Pill
Angel - X-Men: The Last Stand
The Stranger - 30 Days of Night
Spacker Dave - The Punisher
Ben Foster
Samuel Sterns - The Incredible Hulk
Harvey Elder/Allen - Fant4stic Four
Tim Blake Nelson
Gabriel Singer - RED
Ray Cumberland - Blade: Trinity
Peter Gambi - Black Lightning
Frank Gordon - Gotham
James Remar
Anatoli Knyazev - Batman v Superman
Jack Rollins - CA the Winter Soldier
Scyllias - 300: Rise of an Empire
Callan Mulvey
Level 82
Jun 6, 2018
Many years ago this would have been a pretty niche subject, but now, good grief there are so many of these... I started out to make what I thought would be a short quiz but I kept uncovering more and more and more as I slipped down this bottomless rabbit hole.

I am sure that I've missed many answers. And there are others I found but intentionally omitted because they were just very obscure. But feel free to throw out any that you think of that don't appear and I might consider updating.

Level 90
Jun 7, 2018
I enjoyed the quiz, but I think the biggest omission here was Mark Strong. He was Frank D’Amico in Kick-Ass, Sinestro in Green Lantern, Merlin in the Kingsman movies, and he’s about to be Doctor Sivana in the upcoming Shazam! movie.
Level 82
Jun 7, 2018
Thanks! Another one to add to the list. And... I thought of another big one last night as I was falling asleep. Michael B Jordan played both the Human Torch in the last Fantastic Four movie and more recently Killmonger in Black Panther.
Level 90
Jun 7, 2018
He was also the voice of Cyborg in an animated Justice League movie. But that's direct-to-video and I don't know if you'd count that.

Ron Perlman's in that one, too. He voiced Deathstroke.

Level 90
Jun 7, 2018
Ha! And I found another one. Danny Huston. Voice of Lois Lane's father in the previously mentioned Justice League movie, plus William Stryker in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and General Erich Ludendorff in Wonder Woman.

Jesus, you were right. This is neverending.

Level 82
Jan 5, 2019
Yeah it really is getting to be unwieldy. 80 answers now as of the last update and obviously they're not slowing down making comic book movies. In 10 more years you're just going to have to name every working actor in Hollywood.
Level 82
Jun 6, 2019
Big update today. Now up to 92 answers on this increasingly ridiculous quiz.
Level 63
Jun 6, 2018
Could you put a disclaimer up the top of the quiz that it includes both movies and tv series? It wasn't until I saw one in the last dying minute of the quiz that indicated to me that it included tv shows (that would be Brandon Routh whom I am a big fan of in Legends of Tomorrow).
Level 82
Jun 6, 2018
I didn't say that it didn't include television. But okay.
Level 66
Jun 6, 2018
Hat's off to you, kalbahamut, this is an incredibly impressive and comprehensive list, I'm glad my idea was improved so much.
Level 82
Jun 6, 2018
I told you you missed a bunch! :D haha.. it was more than I thought. I missed a bunch, too.
Level 82
Jun 6, 2018
The only one from your quiz that I left off was some Canadian actress who played Supergirl in 3 episodes of Smallville.. and another character I'd never heard of before. Plus I'd never heard of the actress before, either. That was one of the ones I decided was too obscure.
Level 73
Jun 10, 2018
Sterling effort Kalbahamut
Level 82
Jun 10, 2018
I'll update this once the pace of discoveries that I missed someone slows to fewer than 1/week. Right now it's several a day.
Level 76
Jun 13, 2018
It's Benicio, not Benecio.
Level 82
Jun 13, 2018
Thanks! I knew that... but I didn't catch it because I just type in the last names when I test.
Level 60
Jun 15, 2018
Don't forget Will Arnett's amazing portrayal of Vernon Fenwick in the wonder TMNT movies!
Level 82
Jun 15, 2018
One more clue to update. Thanks. ;-)
Level 82
Jun 26, 2018
Jeremy Irons, who played Alfred in Batman vs Superman, was just cast in the lead role in the upcoming HBO series Watchmen. But... I'm not sure if I should count him or not. The series is a spinoff of the comics, not based directly off of them. All of the lead characters in it are supposed to be original. That's unusual. Closest parallel I can think of is the TV series Gotham, though even in that most of the main characters are taken from the comics.
Level 82
Jul 9, 2018
I haven't decided since thinking of this if I want to include Japanese manga or not... but if I do... then I'd have to add Maj. Motoko Kusanagi to ScarJo's list of roles. And I'd also have to add a few from the upcoming Battle Angel Alita movie.

Jennifer Connelly plays Chiren in that, and she also played Betsy Ross in Ang Lee's Hulk.

Ed Skrein plays Zapan, and he previously portrayed Ajax in Deadpool.

Jackie Earl Haley is listed as playing an undetermined role in Alita, and he also was Rorschach in Watchmen.

Christopher Waltz is set to play Dr. Dyson Ido, and he previously portrayed Benjamin Chudnofsky / Bloodnofsky in The Green Hornet - though the Green Hornet was originally a radio program and only later adapted in to a comic book so I may discount that one.

Level 56
Oct 4, 2018
I usually never say this but do you think you could be a little looser with the spellings? I ran out of time because I spent so long trying to spell Romijin and mcavoy. If not I still did good but just wanted to do better lol
Level 82
Nov 18, 2018
I added more information to the clues and also added James Remar who I discovered might have played more comic book characters than anyone else on this quiz, though most of them were voice work in cartoon movies or TV shows. Still, even not counting those he's done a lot! And I left off several roles where his character on-screen either didn't have a name or where he wasn't credited.

I also deleted the role of Green Lantern for Common since I can't find any confirmation that he's actually been cast... and the DCEU is falling apart who knows if they'll even make that movie.

Level 82
Nov 19, 2018
If Channing Tatum ever plays Gambit I'll have to add him on here since he was also in Kingsman 2.
Level 82
Jun 7, 2019
but since the Disney/Fox merger went through, looks like this probably will not happen.
Level 90
Nov 22, 2018
Awesome update! I guess you're right to exclude animated portrayals other than Lego Batman, otherwise we'd be here for hours.
Level 82
Nov 22, 2018
yeah I put him on here because it was a pretty big role in a pretty big movie. Plus, Arnett has had two other live-action roles so he would qualify anyway.
Level 79
Sep 23, 2023
Maybe Michael Cera then? Robin in Lego Batman, and Scott Pilgrim. (It's a cool quiz, hopefully you can update it some day haha)
Level 82
Dec 15, 2018
I just watched Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. Good flick, and added 3 more answers to this quiz in addition to adding an additional clue for Nick Cage.
Level 77
Feb 10, 2019
Fun idea and quiz, although I did awful. I've never been great with actor's names. One very small thing - isn't it Betty Ross rather than Betsy?
Level 82
Feb 10, 2019
haha! good catch. Yes. Betty Ross. Betsy Ross, the woman who is widely credited for creating the first American flag, has not been portrayed in any comic book movies that I'm aware of.
Level 61
Jun 7, 2019
You could add Patrick Wilson (Watchmen and Aquaman), Zachary Levi (Thor: The Dark World/ Thor: Ragnarok & Shazam), Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone & all 3 Thor Movies), and Ciarian Hinds (Justice League and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance)
Level 82
Jun 7, 2019
Wow! You certainly know your obscure character actors! I would have recognized the faces of all of those actors but not been able to name any of them except maybe for Levi, and I didn't realize that Levi was in Thor the Dark World. I'll consider adding some or all of them next time I update this.
Level 82
Jul 20, 2019
More notes to self:

David Harbour played Hellboy and is set to be in the Black Widow movie.

Rachel Weisz was in Constantine and set to be in Black Widow

Angelina Jolie is going to be in the Eternals and was also in Wanted.

Mahershala Ali was in Alita as Vector, did the voice for Uncle Aaron in Into the Spider-Verse, was Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes on the Luke Cage TV series, and was just cast as the new Blade.

Level 90
Jul 21, 2019
Do you think it would be easier to split this up into multiple parts or do you prefer just one quiz? I’m fine with either but at some point this quiz is gonna get too big.
Level 82
Jul 21, 2019
yeah I don't know. The fact that they keep making more and more comic book movies is making this quiz increasingly ridiculous every year. Eventually like I said above this is just going to be every working actor in Hollywood. :D I'm not sure what to do about it.
Level 64
Aug 6, 2019
Tilda Swinton was also in Constantine as Gabriel.
Level 82
Aug 6, 2019
yep. good catch.
Level 82
Aug 11, 2019
Watched part of Aquaman last night. Couldn't finish it. Awful movie. The DCEU is garbage. But, a couple more additions:

Dolph Lundgren (also played The Punisher)

Patrick Wilson (also played Nite Owl)

Level 82
Nov 16, 2019
Jennifer Connelly was in the Rocketeer as Jenny Blake
Level 77
Sep 7, 2019
In case you don't have enough actors both on here and on your list to add, here's another! Doug Jones was the physical actor for the Silver Surfer in Fantastic 4: RotSS, played Abe Sapien in the del Toro Hellboy movies (body only in the first one, body and voice in the second, and also played the Angel of Death and Chamberlain in the second one). If those aren't enough, he also had bit parts in Batman Returns ("Thin Clown"), Tank Girl ("Additional Ripper"), Mystery Men ("Pencil Head"), and Men in Black II ("Joey"), and was the villain "Deathbolt" in episodes of Arrow and The Flash. I know it's mostly small parts, but the sheer number of them is impressive.
Level 82
Sep 7, 2019
I actually did discover this one myself, but decided it was just too obscure to include. Though some of the others on the list are close to the same ballpark.
Level 82
Sep 8, 2019
In fact I think I might start deleting any answers that fall below 5-10%, to keep this a more manageable size.
Level 48
Nov 14, 2019
Some of these are misspelled, it should be: Jamie Foxx, Laurence Fishburne, and Djimon Hounsou. For some reason, the quiz wouldn't take it when I correctly spelled Michael Clarke Duncan and Jackie Earl Haley.
Level 82
Nov 27, 2019
Thanks. I'll look into this with the next update.
Level 90
Feb 5, 2020
A few actors from the upcoming Robert Pattinson Batman:

Colin Farrell was cast as the Penguin. He was also in Daredevil.

Andy Serkis will play Alfred. He's in the MCU.

Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman, who she also voiced in Lego Batman, so there's another hint for her.

If graphic novels are included, then Paul Dano can join because he was in Cowboys and Aliens and he was cast as the Riddler.

Another name I found was Peter Sarsgaard, pretty obscure but he was in Green Lantern as Hector Hammond, so feel free to decide whether he's in or not.

Also, I recently learned that Christian Bale is in talks to join Thor 4, so I'll be on the lookout for that one.

Level 53
Sep 8, 2020
Another fun quiz! Quite proud of a 72/92 score, but totally blanked on about a half dozen of the easiest ones by being able to picture their faces but not think of their names! Ah, well, I'll check back and see if it's been updated later and try again...
Level 82
Mar 19, 2021
Another one to add (there must be dozens by now, I have not been trying to keep up lately): Randall Park who played Shin in Aquaman and Woo in Ant-Man and WandaVision, one of the few actors to appear in both the DCEU and MCU.
Level 82
Mar 19, 2021
and I guess I could also add Evan Peters who played Pietro in the FoX-verse as well as Fietro in WandaVision.
Level 15
Jun 11, 2021
Quite the extensive list! Only made it to about the 60-65 mark before running out of time. The misspelled Laurence(not Lawrence) Fishburne and Jamie(not Jaimie) Foxx definitely created some anger and ate up some time. 😂😂😂

Overall, awesome quiz!

Level 82
Jun 11, 2021
oh. whoops. You can just type in last names in the future. I'm afraid to update this quiz as I think it will just become too big. There are too many comic book movies anymore.
Level 71
Sep 2, 2021
It is a big quiz! Impressive and fun in that brain-wracking way.

Another minor error: it's "Nicolas", not "Nicholas", Cage.

Level 33
Nov 12, 2021
Great quiz! Also Idris Elba played Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad, if you want to add that.
Level 82
Nov 12, 2021
yep. If I want to update this I've got a lot of work to do. The Suicide Squad and recently Eternals had pretty big casts. And the thousand or so other superhero movies since the last time I updated.
Level 70
Dec 10, 2021
Chris Evans also played Casey Jones in TMNT (2007 animated film)
Level 82
Nov 19, 2022
Not sure if I'm ever going to update this again, but, in case, note to self: missed Ayelet Zurer, Lara LorVan in Man of Steel, Vanessa Marianna in Daredevil.
Level 81
Jan 5, 2024
How the heck did you even make this? Just knowing what movies were based on obscure comics alone, then all the cross referencing between actors. What a monster of a quiz, I went crosseyed halfway through
Level 82
Feb 11, 2024
It took some work. Sadly, now, very out of date.
Level 63
Mar 30, 2024
Great quiz! If you wanted to update, you could also add Chris Pine (he voices RIPeter (the blond one) in Into the Spiderverse and plays Steve in the Wonder Woman movie), Oscar Isaac (he voices Miguel O'Hara in Across the Spiderverse and plays Moon Knight in Moon Knight), Daniel Kaluuya (plays W'Kabi in Black panther and voices Spider-Punk in Across the Spiderverse), Kenneth Choi (plays both Jim Morita in Captain America TFA and the principal in Spiderman Homecoming, although this one might be a bit obscure I guess), and Brian Tyree Henry (Phastos in Eternals and Jefferson Davis (Mile's dad) in the Spiderverse movies)