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Explanation: this is based on the famous blog by Christian Lander. It's not really about "White" people as a race. It's more about a certain socioeconomic class of North Americans, mostly urban-dwelling, affluent, college educated and liberal-leaning. Think of the girl in your Women in Film class from college who listened to The Strokes and posted Facebook pics of her hugging some African child? List the things she liked and you'll get most of these.
The blog has not been updated since 2010. It's kind of a time capsule now, as "White" culture in many ways has changed. Some of these things "White" people used to like they now consider to be very negative.
Quiz by kalbahamut
Last updated: July 22, 2022
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First submittedMarch 24, 2018
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morning beverage
e.g. Buddhism
Religions Their Parents Don't Belong To
e.g. Sundance
Film Festivals
John Stockton had a lot
Assists (in basketball)
fresh produce
Farmer's Markets
anti-biotic free
Organic Food
buzzword. important in the workplace, to social justice warriors
President Barack Obama
activity. nature
Making you feel bad about not going outside
e.g. Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited
Wes Anderson Movies
e.g. Sandra Oh; but now seen as a racist
Asian Girls
not making money
Non-Profit Organizations
Chinese beverage
means you're not racist?
Having Black Friends
stretching & meditation exercise
and bragging about them with #100
Gifted Children
Oedipus Rex. Kylo Ren
Hating Their Parents
to create change through slacktivism, raising this:
activity, maybe in Europe
probably now also seen as racist
Being an Expert on YOUR Culture
to help with that screenplay
Writers Workshops
often hyphenated
Having Two Last Names
for hipsters: satisfies tastebuds and makes you feel culturally superior
alcoholic beverage
humorist. Santaland Diaries
David Sedaris
city borough
Manhattan (And now Brooklyn too!)
athletic activity. bleeding nipples
though this makes it hard to enjoy #39
Not having a TV
leg warmers & cover bands
80s Night
baseball. the Chicago Cubs
Wrigley Field
sport of Shaun White and Anna Gasser
dietary choice
mind-altering substance
field of study. Frank Lloyd Wright
comedy news show
The Daily Show/Colbert Report
morning food
Breakfast Places
to do in an old house
quirky sitcom about the Bluth family
Arrested Development
streaming entertainment
Steve Jobs' company
Apple Products
genre of Modest Mouse & The White Stripes
Indie Music
Japanese food
stage entertainment
Public Radio
opposite of fission
Asian Fusion Food
left-leaning newspaper
The Sunday New York Times
liberal colleges
Arts Degrees
overpriced supermarkets
Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops
old things
concept and literary device. loved by hipsters
Living by the Water
Jewish comedienne
Sarah Silverman
man's best friend
to go in a room in the house
Kitchen Gadgets
things given to show contrition
profession. e.g. Ally McBeal
teen pregnancy film with Ellen (Elliot, to "white" people) Page
Asian country
costs more and works less
Natural Medicine
popular hybrid
Toyota Prius
green mode of transport
helping the economically disadvantaged
Knowing What's Best for Poor People
simple, hand-held food
Expensive Sandwiches
eco-friendly waste management
Co-Ed Sports
a thing married couples do. maybe the reason for #17
not dancing
Standing Still at Concerts
director. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Michele Gondry
rapper & actor
Mos Def
(end of) relationships
Difficult Breakups
helps a place feel more "authentic"
Being the only white person around
Study Abroad
for urban areas; now considered bad
film award ceremony; now popular to boycott
Oscar Parties
to escape awful American backwardness, eh?
Threatening to Move to Canada
ecologically hypocritical containers
Bottles of Water
e.g. Flight of the Concords. Weird Al
Musical Comedy
Multilingual Children
Modern Furniture
in theory
The Idea of Soccer
higher learning
Graduate School
Hating Corporations
bullies, cliques, and busy work
Bad Memories of High School
casual clothing
TV drama set in Baltimore
The Wire
warm weather clothing
outer wear
Outdoor Performance Clothes
means you're not homophobic?
Having Gay Friends
holiday/excuse to get drunk
St. Patrick's Day
to eat, converse, and show off
Dinner Parties
American coastal city
San Francisco
making money with words
Book Deals
Napster back in the day; now they prefer Spotify
Music Piracy
political issue c. 2008. Bernie Sanders
Free Healthcare
British team sport
athletic shoes
New Balance Shoes
clothing to avoid a chill
elite universities
The Ivy League
school subject. words
for your car
Bumper Stickers
social justice warrior's favorite thing to do during stand-up comedy
Being Offended
e.g. Monopoly. CandyLand
Children's Games as Adults
clothing to stay warm
Girls with Bangs
Unpaid Internships
once-trendy website; now regarded as evil
musical genre
Self Aware Hip Hop References
musical genre
Appearing to Enjoy Classical Music
news satire website
The Onion
Frisbee Sports
heavy outwear of sailors
Pea Coats
Middle Eastern food paste
holiday/excuse to dress slutty
Rosetta Stone
Promising to Learn a New Language
e.g. Jazz. Blues
Black Music that Black People Don't Listen to Anymore
e.g. Nelson Mandela. Aung San Suu Kyi
Political Prisoners
bad Christmas gifts?
Ugly Sweater Parties
Sea Salt
often after college
Taking a Year Off
body modification
Funny or Ironic Tattoos
with an elastic band and ribbon
Moleskine Notebooks
TV drama about Don Draper
Mad Men
tattoo artist & clothing designer
Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy
musician. #33 legalization advocate
Bob Marley
popular in Italy & Europe
Vespa Scooters
Maurice Sendak book/movie
Where the Wild Things Are
lengthy outdoor activity
graffiti artist
sunglasses brand
Ray-Ban Wayfarers
ginger talk shot host
Conan O'Brien
pretending to be an immigrant laborer?
Picking Their Own Fruit
international sporting event
The World Cup
popular series of "talks"
The TED Conference
sport. girls. bruises.
Roller Derby
TV show starring Claire Danes
My So Called Life
Level 82
Jun 10, 2021
Since I selected this for the user quiz spotlight feature, I just did a pretty extensive overhaul of the hints and type-ins for every answer. If you find something that you feel is still impossible to get, and have some useful suggestions for making it possible, please share.
Level 82
Mar 24, 2018
I started working on this quiz years ago. Never got it to a place where I liked it. Have done fifteen passes or so trying to make it easier and not so frustrating. Still not very good.
Level 82
Mar 24, 2018
But the original blog, though dated, is still hilarious.
Level 82
Jun 17, 2021
With the hints and type-ins overhaul, and after being spotlighted, the averages for this quiz have jumped a ton. I think it finally isn't a terrible quiz. Thanks for participating, anyone who took it recently.
Level 32
Mar 24, 2018
Nice quizi like some of these but nice and I agree
Level 20
Mar 24, 2018
That was a rough quiz.
Level 75
Mar 26, 2018
Interesting, even though I didn't know some of these were actually a special "thing" - book deals, breakfast places, dinner parties, etc. And what the heck are SJWs?
Level 82
Mar 26, 2018
Social Justice Warriors. Mostly young people (high school and especially college aged) and millenials. They often describe themselves as Intersectional Feminists. They might also be Marxists, Communists, Anarchists, or radical Environmentalists. Members of Black Lives Matter and AntiFa. Their ideas come from the convergence of a perverted neo-Marxism and 3rd Wave Feminism that basically change the economic class struggle narrative of Das Kapital into a struggle between oppressed and oppressor. The oppressed are anyone they decide to label as such and sort according to their superficial surface traits or "identities" ("Blacks," Muslims, women, transsexuals, homosexuals, the handicapped, and so on), the oppressors are straight "White" males, source of all evil in the world.

These people's idea of "justice" is to see punitive action against those with "privilege" (white men, in their minds) to advantage those they believe are historically oppressed.

Level 67
Jun 25, 2023
So inaccurate. It always puzzles me when the > interpret the concept of striving for a more just society as being a bad thing. It's used as an insult by the > which is bizarre if you break down the meaning of the words.

In case you're wondering, I am a Militant Ecological Hesistant Pacifist, or MEHP for short.

Level 82
Feb 11, 2024
It's completely accurate. Your characterization of what I'm (or others like me are?) doing couldn't be less accurate, though. As if I'm against a just society... talk about your strawmanning...
Level 82
Mar 26, 2018
Level 82
Mar 26, 2018
Also if some of the answers are confusing I'd suggest looking up the blog as it provides wonderful humorous, satirical, and genuinely insightful explanations for all these things. It is written, tongue in cheek, as a guide for non-"White" people who want to make friends with or understand "White" people.

Though, as mentioned in the caveats, it's not really about a "race" of people so much as a socioeconomic class of people in a specific geographic area. And the blog makes mention of this multiple times explaining that certain non-"White" people can be "White" people. It also many times references "the wrong kind of 'White' people"- which are the sort who watch NASCAR, collect guns, go to Jimmy Buffet concerts, work blue collar jobs and vote for Donald Trump. An embarrassment to the "White" people the blog is about.

Here's the blog if you're interested:

Stuff White People Life

Level 75
Mar 26, 2018
I tried remodel and refurbish, then gave up without trying renovate.
Level 82
Mar 26, 2018
I'll add those type-ins.
Level 56
Oct 4, 2018
I actually did pretty good on this..which either means I'm one of those white people. Or just remember a lot of annoying things about 2010.
Level 82
Nov 24, 2018
I'm frequently trying to improve this very difficult quiz. I just went through and added more type-ins and/or hints for every answer currently sitting at 2%. Any input/suggestions on items you found particularly impossible would be helpful.
Level 70
Dec 8, 2018
Only one thing I noticed, which was that T-shirt wasn't accepted for T-shirts. Some of them are actually too easy, for example if you put in "Classical" for the Classical Music question then you get "Classic" accepted for "Vintage". Oh, and also a "Year off" is called a "Gap year" in the UK, could that be accepted?
Level 82
Dec 8, 2018
I added those. Thanks.
Level ∞
Dec 8, 2018
I beat 98.6% of test takers. Guess I remember what it was like to be a white person living in a coastal city in the 2000s.
Level ∞
Dec 8, 2018
I went through the list and I actually like 47 of these, most obnoxiously being an expert on YOUR culture.
Level 82
Feb 17, 2020
I only like 29 of them. Good to know for the next time someone scoffs when I deny being White.
Level 82
Dec 8, 2018
Looks like you beat everyone except me.
Level 61
Mar 7, 2021
Maybe you should do a, what black people like, quiz.
Level 82
Mar 7, 2021
I'm not familiar with that blog. Maybe you should make that quiz. Do you have autism or something? This and the last comment you left made it seem like the point of the quiz you were commenting on went right over your head. Not trying to insult... I'm on the spectrum myself. But don't have many symptoms. Just curious.
Level 65
Jun 16, 2021
Can you update this so you aren't deadnaming Elliot Page?
Level 82
Jun 16, 2021
Level 63
Jun 16, 2021
Level 82
Jun 17, 2021
Because deadnaming is not a thing. And the actress who starred in Juno was Ellen Page. I'm not in the mood to be bullied into pretending otherwise.
Level 63
Jun 17, 2021
Sorry I just don't understand. What do you mean it's not a thing?
Level 82
Jun 17, 2021
I just mean that referring to someone by the name that you first knew them by, or the name that they were credited as when they starred in a movie or wrote a book or won a decathlon is not wrong or insensitive. The name that you knew isn't "dead." Even if the person wants to go by a different name now. I watched a movie with a girl in it named Ellen Page... acknowledging this doesn't make me a bigot or a bad person. And it's not incorrect, either. Ellen deciding to go by Elliott some 15 years after the fact doesn't retroactively change history. If people want to pretend that it does, okay fine, but when they start insisting loudly and aggressively that everyone else do the same, and that those who do not are terrible people who should lose their livelihood and, I guess, be made to live on the street in camps with drug addicts and sex offenders since they're not allowed to work anymore, that's obviously bullying. Not that you did that. But many people are.
Level 67
Jun 23, 2021
It's like if you made a clue that says, "Man who discovered the planet (dwarf planet, to 'white' people) Pluto." Yes, it was a planet at the time, but not anymore. Using the wrong term and then clarifying with the correct term is just weird. Things change, dude. It's okay to say Elliot acted in Juno, much like you would say Metta Sandiford-Artest fought in Malice at the Palace or Eswatini gained independence in 1968.
Level 55
Jun 25, 2023
You got me thinking... The man who discovered Pluto (Clyde Tombaugh) is long dead, and therefore no longer a man, a human, or anything with a pulse... He is simply dust, bag of bones, or worm food perhaps, but no longer a living being in a meat-sack. Referring to him is also dead-naming... yes? No? Honestly a question that has me contemplating....
Level 82
Jun 23, 2021
We didn't reclassify what it means to be female or to be named Ellen... it would be closer to saying Prince ("the Artist," to fans). She changed her named and gender identity. That doesn't retroactively change who she was. The Pluto analogy doesn't work because Pluto didn't change. Our understanding of the word "planet" changed.
Level 79
Jul 23, 2023
So your solution to your problem with trans people changing their birth names (and your seeming problem with trans people in general) was to change the clue to indicate that calling somebody by their preferred name is somehow "white"? Mature.

Just get rid of the name in the clue if you're gonna be obnoxious about it.

Level 82
Feb 11, 2024
You seem to be an authority on being obnoxious so I'm tempted to follow your advice but, alas, I'm no longer updating my quizzes. So sorry.
Level 39
Jun 16, 2021
Level 73
Jun 16, 2021
White people still like gentrification a lot.
Level 82
Jun 17, 2021
I see a lot of them calling it evil. And as a form of virtue signaling so similar to many other items from the blog. I think it's fair to say it's at least now extremely controversial.
Level 67
Jun 28, 2021
I live in one of the wealthiest and whitest neighborhoods in Chicago, and my more progressive friends all rip on me for it. They're so proud to live in "multiethnic" neighborhoods, without any sense of the irony that they and the other yuppies moving in are driving up housing costs and driving out lower-income people, who tend to be non-white. You can see it taking root in particular neighborhoods. The hipsters move in, record shops and microbreweries open up, and seven years later the "multiethnic" neighborhood is all white people. Gentrification (i.e., white people taking over neighborhoods) is a mere symptom of income inequality, which is the issue that really needs to be addressed. But that is hard. It's much easier to do thing #347 that white people like: arbitrarily assigning moral value to a morally neutral act, and making you feel bad for it.
Level 78
Jun 16, 2021
I only like 21 of these but even knowing Michel Gondry's name gives me extra points on the white scale. It's amusing how so many things that are considered normal in Europe are liked by American hipsters. Conversely, our middle and upper class white girls, after graduating high school, typically spend a year in a hip English-speaking country (Canada, the US, Australia, NZ). When they return they begin every sentence with "well" because they were so immersed in the language.

For traveling, I tried tourism and gave up. Not exactly the same but maybe name certain places like Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam?

Level 82
Jun 17, 2021
I'll think about adding that as a type-in... but I feel like the "white" people referenced in this blog would absolutely hate to think of themselves as tourists... they want to be considered brave cultural pioneers... for visiting some city that millions of other people have been to and trying their falafel and whatever local alcoholic beverage they're serving.
Level 82
Jun 17, 2021
and many of these people really wish they were European and believe strongly in the silly stereotype that Europeans are culturally, intellectually, and in other ways superior.
Level 67
Jun 16, 2021
I remember most of these from the blog. I got 52 of the first 60 or so and then stopped because I saw how many answers there are, but this was some good nostalgia. I think my favorite post was the one about shorts. He mentions that once it's warm enough for shorts, your white neighbor will loudly proclaim how great it is to have shorts weather, and will then refuse to switch back to pants when the temperature drops 20 degrees the next day. The book version also had a pretty hilarious decision tree that told you where you should live, and the only options were Portland, Brooklyn, Denver, San Diego, Seattle, and one other (probably Boston) that I cannot recall. God I loved that blog.
Level 82
Jun 17, 2021
I had the book, too. It was hilarious bringing it to dinner parties and then flipping to relevant sections and sharing them with those sitting next to me when the conversation veered toward something in the book like... knowing what's best for poor people.. I remember that came up. Incredibly insightful. I think the author must have had Asperger's or something.
Level 85
Jun 16, 2021
I've been teaching middle school in multi-ethnic and diverse classrooms for 25 years, when students make references to "white" people they don't mean color or race, they mean social class. One year after a student said that's such a "white" thing, the class look around and decided the only white girl in the class was an Afghan immigrant kid. She looked around and agreed I'm the whitest kid here. The actual white kids were all from housing projects and considered "white trash" although the kids won't use the term (unless they were white trash). As for the quiz, its mostly accurate.
Level 82
Jun 17, 2021
My 2nd girlfriend was extremely dark-skinned, daughter of a South Carolinian African-American guy and a mother who was mostly descended from Afro-Panamanian slaves. Raised by her Panamanian grandmother. She also had some Jamaican and Mexican heritage. Anyway in the US she would, of course, be reduced to the label "black" by most people, but I always found it funny how completely and totally opposite from every "black" stereotype she was. Though she grew up in San Pablo/Richmond in the Bay area with quite a lot of other "black" people. But I'm sure she would like a ton of stuff on this list.
Level 66
Jul 7, 2021
Going to have to check out Christian Lander's material. I was raised in a country bumpkin town with mostly white people who didn't like hardly any of these things. I then spent 4 years in a liberal arts school bubble from 2001-2005; then went to law school from 2005-2008 at Indiana University, where Christian Lander was, according to Amazon, the "public speaking instructor of the year in 2006" (presumably instructing undergrads, he wasn't associated with the law school). I would have been Biff Tannen-level prepared for the type of "whiteness" I was about to be immersed in for the next 7 years had Christian's guide been available to me in 2001.
Level 82
Jun 26, 2022
You would have been! The blog and book are obviously meant to be funny, tongue-in-cheek social parody... but at the same time... they actually are extremely insightful, honest, and completely accurate. So I believe that they would actually work as a field guide for someone trying to ingratiate themselves or make friends with (or just understand) this type and class of people. And though it might strike many as cynical or demeaning... it's really just completely honest... not mean-spirited at all. I feel like the author should have been given a Nobel prize for Anthropology or some equivalent.
Level 82
Jul 11, 2021
btw those not familiar with Michele Gondry - currently the least-guessed answer here - Eternal Sunshine is probably the most poignant movie ever made about the aftermath of a bad breakup when one feels the conflict between wanting to forget your ex to make the pain go away, and at the same time wanting to cling to those beautiful memories that you shared with someone who was important to you. Definitely worth a watch. I don't think there's a movie out there that can more reliably make me cry every time I see it.
Level 73
Jun 25, 2023
It would actually not have helped me, but I daresay Michel does not have a second e in his name.
Level 58
Aug 27, 2021
Now I feel bad for listening to The Strokes…
Level 82
Aug 28, 2021
None of these things make you a bad person. Some of them might make you a little annoying.
Level 47
Jul 21, 2022
Update to not deadname elliott page. No reason for you to keep in his deadname except for attention
Level 82
Jul 22, 2022
No need for you to accuse people of "deadnaming" anyone except for attention. Ellen/Elliott isn't here. Nobody's feelings are being hurt. Deadnaming isn't a thing. You are projecting.
Level 67
Jun 25, 2023
[● _ ●]

[< >]

[|] [|]

[■] [■]

Level 79
Jul 22, 2023
This is the perfect response
Level 82
Feb 11, 2024
Level 67
Jun 25, 2023
Some of these are things that white people like.
Level 71
Jun 25, 2023
Guess I'm not white..
Level 67
Jun 25, 2023
I think a lot of these things are things people who have time and money like. Unfortunately, that basically means white at this point in time.
Level 56
Jun 26, 2023
Fun quiz! I did pretty well after doing 3 years at a university in a very liberal city. Met so many people that this quiz describes perfectly lol. I'm also white middle class so that probably helps too. If you're still making improvements, on #131 there's a typo, it should be "show" not "shot". For #23 I think you should accept "microbrew" and "microbrews". I don't drink a lot of beer but I think "IPAs" might also be an acceptable answer there.

Also I'll suggest some sort of question about The Office. White people love The Office.

Level 82
Feb 11, 2024
People getting nostalgic about The Office I'm pretty sure happened after the original blog this is based on ceased being updated, as the show was still running until 2013.

Happy you enjoyed the quiz, though.