The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency

Based on the clues, guess these facts about FDR and his presidency.
Quiz by kalbahamut
Last updated: November 28, 2016
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First submittedNovember 28, 2016
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Home state
New York
Hyde Park
Middle name
His alma mater
Wife's name
Uncle who stood in for the bride's father at the pair's wedding
Theodore Roosevelt
Disease that left him paralyzed
Office he held prior to President
Biggest issue facing the US in 1932
The Great Depression
His promise to the American people
The New Deal
Era in US history he vowed to repeal
Radio broadcasts he used to address Americans
Fireside Chats
The Glass-Steagall Act created this bank insurance agency
This agency hired the unemployed for civil projects
Civilian Conservation Corps
Agency for regulating Wall Street
The Fair Labor Standards Act instituted this
Minimum Wage
The largest hydroelectric facility in the world in 1933
Hoover Dam
Huge government industrial enterprise
Tennessee Valley Authority
This act promised economic security for the elderly
Social Security Act
The National Labor Relations Act gave workers the right to this
Collective Bargaining
In 1937 this nation invaded China
In 1939 this nation invaded Poland
US Naval base attacked Dec 7, 1941
Pearl Harbor
MacArthur vowed to return to this archipelago
The Philippines
Codename for the D-Day Invasion
Operation Overlord
He met this Saudi king
AbdulAziz ibn Saud
4th term VP and successor
Harry S. Truman
Fill in the blanks with these quotes
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
A date which will live in infamy.
Level 82
Nov 28, 2016
I wasn't trying to whitewash, nor did I forget, about the internment of Japanese (and German and Italian) Americans. I just couldn't think of a good hint/answer combo that was both accurate, not too difficult, and not too obvious.

Often in my featured quizzes questions about Saudi Arabia or Middle Eastern/Egyptian history get taken out because they're not guessed by many people. I have a feeling the AbdulAziz question may suffer the same fate. I find it odd how many people seem totally ignorant about the history here, as to me it seems incredibly significant. But I probably wouldn't know as much about it, either, except for my own peculiar history with the region.

His meeting with ibn Saud would help shape US foreign policy and the direction of history in the Middle East for at least the next 70 years.

Level 89
Oct 9, 2018
It's not as memorable as Faisal, kind of a letter jumble to English speakers unless he's super famous.
Level 82
Oct 10, 2018
AbdulAziz ibn Saud was the founder of Saudi Arabia and I have no idea why he *isn't* more famous, though King Faisal was also a very important figure in Saudi and world history and should be famous, too.
Level 82
Dec 21, 2018
Also.. Abdul (slave) is a very common Arabic name or component of Arabic names. Aziz (the powerful) is just one of the many different names for Allah. AbdulAziz means slave of the powerful. Similar Arab names include AbdulWahab, AbdulAli, AbdulHakeem, etc etc there are a few hundred Arab names for god.
Level 66
Nov 28, 2016
I have been to Hyde Park and been to the presidential library and I still didn't do too well... :)
Level 82
Nov 28, 2016
I'd ask which ones you missed but since only 2 people have taken this quiz so far I can just look at the stats. Hope you found some enjoyment in it, anyway. This one took me longer to put together than the Washington, Adams, and Jefferson quizzes I've done.
Level 89
Oct 9, 2018
I've been to Campobello, so was sniffing around for a freebie answer.
Level 64
Nov 29, 2016
I feel some of the WWII facts just kind of seem like filler, like the Japanese and German invasion ones, otherwise, great quiz!
Level 82
Nov 29, 2016
I'd say these were pretty darn important events during the Roosevelt presidency! I was actually planning to put in a lot more about WW2 but, I anticipated comments like yours so I decided to keep it to a minimum. I think this is because WW2 has become such a huge seminal even in world history that including it on a quiz like this somehow feels wrong to most people. Or is it because the answers are just so easy and obvious? I could have made it harder. I was thinking about putting in something about FDR's correspondence with Churchill, his ties to Chiang Kai Shek, the lend/lease program to supply the Allies with arms and supplies before the US was officially at war, or FDR's direct violations of the Neutrality Acts.

For a president whose 3rd and 4th terms in office were completely dominated by WW2 I even think there might be too few questions on the subject here.

Level 82
May 3, 2017
To prove my point, imagine, for example, that you saw a question about which country invaded Kuwait on a George HW Bush quiz, or a question about which central Asian country was invaded by the USSR on a Jimmy Carter quiz, or which Middle Eastern country underwent a theocratic revolution on the same quiz, etc. I think then it would feel quite natural as those events, and the presidents' reaction to them, helped define those presidencies even if they were conflicts that began without direct US involvement.
Level 82
May 3, 2017
And they're not so extremely well known to be thought of as "giveaways" or "filler."
Level 82
Mar 4, 2017
Trump/Bannon hard at work undoing everything FDR accomplished now.
Level 37
Mar 14, 2018
Great Quiz! - If you're still inquiring: I missed six. (Couldn't remember Hyde Park to save my life and thought that Teddy had been governor, not FDR. The others I just never knew).
Level 50
Dec 30, 2019
Should accept saud for the Saudi king lol
Level 82
Dec 30, 2019
ibn Saud is accepted as an answer. Saud was the name of one of his sons.
Level 51
Mar 12, 2024
Soviet Union for the Poland question?