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Biggest Cities in the United States0-4.92727,806
U.S. State Capitals Quiz0-4.991,376,219
Biggest Cities in Texas0-4.23104,055
Biggest Cities in Washington State0-4.3625,748
Biggest Urban Areas in the UK0-4.36158,739
Countries That Border Russia0-4.98378,412
Biggest Cities in New Jersey0-4.0022,910
Biggest Metro Areas in the USA0-4.98294,908
Biggest Spanish-Speaking Cities0-4.84101,017
Biggest Cities by Language0-4.95198,127
Biggest Nordic Cities0-4.3657,283
Biggest Mediterranean Cities0-4.6470,554
Biggest Cities in Japan0-4.6668,330
Biggest US Cities by Decade0-4.93135,563
Biggest Cities in Russia0-4.4870,338
Biggest Cities in Brazil0-4.5443,292
Biggest Cities in Poland0-4.7341,843
Countries that Border Poland0-4.99133,205
Biggest Cities in Colombia Quiz0-4.3811,239
Biggest Cities in Mexico0-4.5322,047
Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with A0-4.3476,619
Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with B0-4.3263,843
Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with C0-4.2371,797
Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with D0-4.0877,833
Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with M0-4.0962,279
Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with N0-4.0858,095
Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with O0-4.1018,615
Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with P0-3.8353,429
Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with L0-4.1856,425
Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with S0-4.2163,354
Biggest U.S. Cities A-Z0-4.63111,961
Biggest Cities in France0-4.53167,519
Biggest Cities in Spain0-4.67137,173
Biggest Cities in Italy0-4.64194,900
Biggest Cities in California0-4.32122,395
Biggest Cities in Florida0-4.1462,927
Biggest Cities in the World Quiz0-4.84588,668
Biggest Cities in New Zealand0-4.5720,706
Biggest Cities in Africa Quiz0-4.8985,748
Biggest Cities in Ohio0-4.3342,482
Biggest Cities in The Netherlands0-4.4644,050
Biggest Cities in Michigan0-4.0030,592
Biggest Cities in New York State0-4.2252,398
Biggest Cities in Europe0-4.57413,802
Biggest Cities in Indiana0-4.1918,139
Biggest Cities in Tennessee0-4.2217,802
Biggest Cities in Canada0-4.57111,071
Biggest Cities in Sweden0-4.8132,212
Countries of the Soviet Union0-4.99151,398
Biggest Cities in China0-4.46122,078
Biggest Cities in Pennsylvania0-4.1039,928
Biggest Cities in Germany0-4.94234,012
Biggest Cities in Latin America Quiz0-4.4156,592
Biggest City in Each U.S. State0-4.85137,784
Slavic Countries0-4.9681,228
Biggest City in Every Country0-4.9769,817
Biggest Cities in Louisiana0-4.0016,860
Biggest Cities in Colorado0-4.0027,902
Biggest Cities in Arizona0-4.2625,872
Biggest Cities in Virginia0-4.1821,064
Biggest Cities in Illinois0-4.3222,343
Biggest Cities in North Carolina0-4.5029,113
Biggest Cities in Wisconsin0-4.3821,227
Biggest Cities in Georgia0-3.7419,990
Biggest Cities in Massachusetts0-4.3225,103
Biggest Cities in Missouri0-4.1514,661
Biggest Cities in Oregon0-4.0317,230
Biggest Cities in Alaska0-4.3221,637
Countries Formerly in Yugoslavia0-4.9494,626
Biggest English Cities by Century0-4.9288,512
Biggest Cities in Switzerland0-4.5539,656
Biggest European Cities by Letter0-4.43111,880
Biggest Cities in India0-4.5356,435
Biggest Cities in Asia0-4.8987,811
Official Cities in the UK0-4.89204,906
Russia Country Quiz0-4.8793,590
Biggest Cities in Europe, 1700 A.D.0-4.9659,909
Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Quiz0-4.8126,842
Countries that Border Hungary0-4.9887,976
Europe Capital to Country0-4.99202,818
100 Biggest US Cities in 19000-4.4357,308
Biggest Cities in the Commonwealth of Nations0-4.5359,754
Biggest Cities in Portugal0-4.3516,650
Most Populous World Capitals0-4.89130,469
Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Russia0-4.9470,200
Canadian Metro Areas over 100,000 People0-4.4026,167
Croatia Country Quiz0-4.5232,263
Countries that Bordered the USSR0-4.93131,607
Biggest European Cities by Century0-4.97108,052
U.S. Cities by Hispanic Population0-4.2023,222
25 Biggest Cities of the Soviet Union0-4.9161,330
Biggest Cities once in the Roman Empire0-4.6659,960
Five Biggest World Cities by Letter #10-4.9460,462
European Capitals by Map0-4.9963,565
Cities of Ireland0-4.4036,449
Largest Cities in Alexander's Empire0-4.4436,387
Five Most Populated Cities by Continent0-4.95150,291
Moldova Country Quiz0-4.9023,806
EU Capitals with No Hints0-4.93101,055
Biggest Cities in the World - Extreme0-4.9875,059
Biggest Cities once in the Spanish Empire0-4.8147,324
Biggest Cities in the U.S. - Extreme0-4.93121,153
Cities of China (With Some Help)0-4.7824,572
Biggest Cities in Asia - Extreme0-4.9236,316
Biggest Cities with Exceptions0-4.8944,008
Countries of Europe by Population0-4.98111,891
Top 10 Most Populous European Countries0-4.97173,536
Biggest Cities in Germany - Extreme0-4.8639,881
European Cities by Map #10-4.6447,539
European Cities by Map #20-4.3832,142
UK Cities and Towns by Map0-4.5539,893
Countries of Europe with an Empty Map0-5.00259,889
Biggest Cities in the UK0-4.4282,537
Countries Bordering Ukraine, with an Empty Map0-4.7479,736
10 Biggest Cities That Aren't World Capitals0-4.9584,424
Megacities on a World Map0-4.97203,670
15 Largest Cities in Europe With a Map0-4.98179,507
15 Largest Cities in Asia With a Map0-4.9798,117
15 Largest Cities in Africa With a Map0-4.9564,933
15 Largest Cities in the Middle East With a Map0-4.8675,785
Biggest Cities once in the Ottoman Empire0-4.7839,716
Federal Subjects of Russia0-4.9587,478
15 Largest Cities in South America With a Map0-4.9582,773
Countries of Europe After World War II0-4.97148,839
Countries of Europe Before World War I0-5.00117,535
Top 10 Most Remote European Capitals0-4.8666,828
100 Biggest Cities on a World Map0-4.99324,860
European Capitals - Map Quiz0-4.9894,448
Biggest U.S. Cities Within 200 Kilometers0-4.3233,298
Europe by Capitals and Borders in 30 Seconds0-4.92158,441
U.S. Cities With Population > 1 Million0-4.4251,215
Biggest U.S. Cities Within 100 Kilometers0-4.5435,592
50 Busiest Air Routes from London0-4.8976,078
All 1M Cities by Proximity0-5.00457,486
100 Biggest U.S. Cities on a Map0-4.1467,857
10 Northernmost Capital Cities in Europe0-4.9756,418
Most-Visited Cities in Europe0-4.8947,471
10 Westernmost Capital Cities in Europe0-4.9072,364
Megacities on an Empty Map0-4.9679,426
2,000 Biggest World Cities Furthest from a Larger City0-4.9854,128
All 3M Cities on the World Map0-4.9455,997
All Cities in China with Population of 1 Million0-4.6531,901
Nordic Countries and Capitals0-4.9671,707
10 Biggest Cities by U.S. State0-4.9222,879
All Cities in India with Population of 1 Million0-4.8134,525
European Coastal Capitals0-4.9470,983
Ten Biggest Cities by Hemisphere0-4.9457,163
Top 10 Most Populous U.S. State Capitals0-4.4644,246
U.S. States by Second Most Populous City0-4.4037,239
Most Guessed European Capitals0-4.8769,919
Countries with Territory in the Balkans0-4.9267,933
Countries Bordering Serbia0-4.9274,428
Biggest Cities in Europe - Extreme0-4.7363,483
First U.S. States to Reach 1 Million People0-4.4555,180
First U.S. Cities to Reach 100,000 People0-4.4844,241
Biggest Cities in Deserts0-4.8738,565
100 Biggest Cities in Europe with a Map0-4.96269,654
250 Biggest Cities in Europe With a Map0-4.9083,042
Biggest Cities in Each U.S. State - Extreme0-4.9263,337
Biggest "Saint" Cities - United States0-4.3931,241
European Capitals Furthest from the Sea0-4.9455,011
Eastern Europe Map Quiz0-4.92104,513
Which City in Europe?0-4.8688,753
Which City In the United Kingdom?0-4.9466,453
European Capital Superlatives - Top 20-4.9356,886
European Capitals Ending in N0-4.9368,391
Countries of Europe in 1815 With a Map0-4.99119,933
500 Biggest US Cities0-4.8880,292
Fastest Shrinking U.S. Cities0-4.4126,928
Saint Lucia Country Quiz0-4.5814,422
Every 1,000,000+ City on a Map0-4.9957,224
Random European City to Country0-4.8483,487
Random European Capital to Country0-4.97132,853
Random European Country to Capital0-4.91106,890
Countries With the Most Russian Speakers0-4.9547,186
Pixelated Europe Map0-4.9098,181
Biggest Cities in France - Extreme0-4.8734,132
100 Biggest Cities in Italy on a Map0-4.8448,416
100 Biggest Cities in Germany on a Map0-4.9056,361
Counties of the UK and Ireland0-4.9582,677
100 Biggest Cities and Towns in the UK0-4.9570,584
All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe on a Map0-4.9988,018
Modern-Day Countries of the Roman Empire on a Map0-4.9996,520
Cities in Squares on a Map - Europe0-4.7138,960
Modern Day Countries of Austria-Hungary on a Map0-4.9877,181
Modern-Day Countries of the British Empire in 19210-4.9987,540
Biggest Cities and Towns in England - 1377 AD0-4.5822,334
Every U.S. Metro Area on a Map0-4.9654,677
Random Sequential European Countries on a Map0-5.00181,814
100 Biggest Cities in Spain on a Map0-4.5629,376
Random European Countries on a Map0-4.98221,460
European Map without 10 Random Countries0-4.97220,851
Random African Capitals on a Map0-4.9242,104
Random European Capitals on a Map0-4.9693,034
Random U.S. State Capitals on a Map0-4.8771,225
Biggest Cities in Australia on a Map0-4.5828,322
Largest Nordic Cities on a Map0-4.4916,382
Cities in Squares on a Map - North America0-4.2717,261
Random Cities Near Paris on a Map0-4.4630,356
100 Biggest Cities in New Zealand with a Map0-4.4617,885