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5522022-03-29Batman: Arkham Knight Villains
5442021-03-08Regular Show Characters
5442022-03-28Gravity Falls Characters
5432021-05-29Adventure Time Characters
5412021-02-18Over the Garden Wall Characters
5402022-05-16Amphibia Characters
4922020-07-13The Amazing World of Gumball Characters
4842022-02-27Miraculous Heroes
4442022-03-28Spongebob Squarepants Characters
4402022-06-04Rugrats Characters
4402022-06-29Hey Arnold! Characters
4402022-08-29The Wild Thornberrys Characters
4402022-08-29As Told By Ginger Characters
4132020-11-02Steven Universe Characters
4122022-04-10Teen Titans Members
4022022-06-13Young Justice Heroes
4012021-01-08Teen Titans Villains
4012020-12-16TMNT Villains 2003
4012021-03-05TMNT Heroes and Allies 2003
4012022-09-05Disney Infinity Characters
3552020-07-08My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Characters
3522020-08-21Yugioh: Yugi's Monsters
3392020-08-27Yugioh: Yusei's Monsters
3002021-05-14List of Smurfs
2932020-11-29Top 10 Cartoons of the 2010's
2872021-03-20Power Ranger Seasons
2802021-01-05Top 10 Cartoon Villains of the 2010's
2802020-11-28Top 10 Cartoon Series Finales
2732021-10-21We Bare Bears Characters
2722021-05-06OK K.O. Lets Be Heroes Characters
2672020-08-05Star vs. the Forces of Evil Characters
2412022-01-07Top 10 Power Rangers Villains
2382020-08-27The Book of Life Charcters
2352020-07-20Hanazuki: Full of Treasures Characters
2282020-08-12Bee and PuppyCat Characters
2282020-06-03Clarence Characters
2272020-07-12Trolls Characters
2262020-07-08Yugioh ARC-V Characters