Avatar The Last Airbender Trivia

I have watched this TV Series over 30 times and now I have devised a quiz that should be challenging. Hopefully they don't turn out too easy. Good luck! :)
Quiz by jimhickey
Last updated: January 25, 2019
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Representation of the Fire Lord by Toph
Melon Lord
Firelord Ozai renamed himself the _______ ____
Phoenix King
Event where Aang first met Toph
Earth Rumble VI
Sokka’s sword material
Person that Avatar Kyoshi killed
Chin the Conquerer
Compartment in Aang's new glider that came in handy
Bumi tells Aang to find an earthbending teacher who _____ ___ _______ ______ ________
waits and listens before striking
Zuko says tea is just ___ ____ _____
hot leaf juice
Zuko lets go of this identity at Lake Laogai
The Blue Spirit
Jeong Jeong’s former student, not Aang
The person who killed Katara’s mother was part of ___ ________ _______
The Southern Raiders
Zuko told Aang that his father said Azula was ____ _____...
born lucky
...and said Zuko was _____ __ __ ____
lucky to be born
Uncle Iroh taught Zuko how to
redirect lightning
Roku’s best friend
Toph said that the sandbenders did this to Appa
Sokka and Momo got high on
cactus juice
Sokka chose to go where for his vacation with Team Avatar
The Library
When Sokka was stuck in the hole, he talked to a
sabertooth moose lion cub
What was inscribed on Zuko’s dagger, other than “Made in Earth Kingdom”
Never give up without a fight
Mai, Azula, and Tai Lee disguised as what group to infiltrate Ba Sing Se
The Kyoshi Warriors
In “The Fortuneteller”, Aang went to get a _____ ____ for Katara before realizing the volcano was going to erupt
panda lily
Bumi hopes that Aang will think like a ___ ______ when facing the firelord
mad genius
Zuko uses his uncle's ______ to track him down with the help of June's shirshu
The warden on the Boiling Rock was the uncle of ___
Zuko got his scar from an ____ ___ duel against his father
Agni Kai
Sokka and Katara's illnesses were cured after they sucked on ______ ____ _____
frozen wood frogs
Sokka's name when he disguised as Aang's dad
Wang Fire
Katara's name when she disguised as Aang's mom
Sapphire Fire
The name of the dance that Aang and Zuko learned in the "Sun Warriors" episode
The Dancing Dragon
Sokka mocks Zuko's firebending by calling it ___________
Jet's group name
The Freedom Fighters
In the episode "The Painted Lady", what did Katara feed Appa to prolong their stay?
purple berries
Katara’s first crush
King Bumi mistakened “let us leave” for _______ ____
lettuce leaf
Fire Lord Sozin used this to wipe out the air nation
Sozin’s comet
Where Aang was when he was supposedly lost
on a lion turtle
Episode that revealed Aang and Zuko’s backstories
The Storm
Aang’s age at the beginning of the series
Acquaintance Sokka sees in the Boiling Rock, not his dad
Aang’s initial punishment in the “Avatar Day” episode
to be boiled in oil
Group of people Admiral Zhao hires to kill Zuko
the pirates
Sense Toph has that allows her to locate objects
Most hated episode
The Great Divide
First nickname Sokka gave to the assassin Zuko sent after Aang
Sparky Sparky Boom Man
Aang teaches his Fire Nation classmates how to _____
Sokka said the Spirit World did not have _ ________
a bathroom
Guru Pathik drank _____ ___ ______ _____
onion and banana juice
Level 27
Dec 4, 2022
Man, this makes me wanna re watch avatar again!