Game of Thrones Epic Trivia #1

Try to answer these questions correctly and get the epic victory royal #1.
Contains Spoilers
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Quiz by peder0808
Last updated: May 27, 2019
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Who founded house blackfyre?
Daemon Blackfyre
What is Ned Starks full name?
Eddard Stark
Which part of the vale is Petyr Baelish and his family from?
The fingers
What is the Bastard name of Dorne?
Who had the nickname "the cruel"?
Maegor Targaryen
What is the name of what was formerly known as the arm of Dorne?
The stepstones
Who was known as the Red Viper?
Oberyn Martell
What is the regional capital of the Reach?
What family rules over the city of White Harbor?
House Manderly
What is the House Words of House Clegane?
Dog eat Dog
What was the name of the king who knelt?
Torrhen Stark
What is the title of the ruler of the westerlands?
Warden of the West
Who was the wife of Tywin Lannister?
Joanna Lannister
And what was their family relation?
How did Dorne become a part of the seven kingdoms?
Through Marriage
What is the people who inhabit the house of the undying called?
Who is Balon Greyjoy's brother and now king of the Iron Islands?
Euron Greyjoy
What is the southernmost continent in ASOIAF called?
And what are the islands located north of this continent called?
Basilisk isles
Who said "Start the damn Joust before i piss my self!"
Robert Baratheon
R+L= who?
Jon Snow
Who is the leader of the unsullied?
Grey Worm
Who was the former First sword of Braavos?
Syrio Forel
What is name of Samwell Tarly's brother?
Dickon Tarly
What is the name of the Valyrian steel sword of the Targaryens that is now missing?
What does Valar Doharis mean in high Valyrian?
All men must serve
Who was the last lord of the stormlands before Gendry?
Renly Baratheon
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