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Last updated: March 27, 2020
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Which Baseball team won the 1969 World Series after being last for the first half of the season?
New York Mets
Who miraculously won the 1992 European Championships despite not qualifying?
Who won the inaugural Brownlow Medal?
Edward "Carji" Greeves
What is the national sport of Georgia?
Rugby Union
Who did India beat in the semi-final of the 2003 Cricket World Cup?
Which basketball player is the only to score 100 points in an NBA game?
Wilt Chamberlain
Which team is the only NFL team to make 4 Super Bowls in a row (and lose all four)?
Buffalo Bills
Who is considered the greatest Ice Hockey player of all-time?
Wayne Gretzky
Who captained England in the first Test match in 1876?
James Lillywhite
What is the maximum score from a leg of darts?
Where does the sport Jai Alai originate from?
Basque Country
What was the name of the Aboriginal game that AFL can trace its roots to?
Marn Grook
What sport has Afghanistan won its only 2 Olympic Medals in?
Who has won the most Majors in Golf?
Jack Nicklaus
Where did the Miracle on Ice occur?
Lake Placid
What is the most valuable sports team in the world?
Dallas Cowboys
Who has played for the most Premier League clubs (8)?
Marcus Bent
Which Indian Super League Team did David James end his career with?
Kerala Blasters
Who has hit the most home runs in the MLB?
Barry Bonds
Where do the New England Patriots play?
Foxborough, MA
Which island's capital was evacuated and destroyed after a volcanic eruption in 1995?
What is the 5th longest mountain range in the world?
Great Dividing Range
What is Victoria's highest mountain?
Mount Bogong
What is Canada's largest island?
Baffin Island
What is the capital city of Greenland?
What was Nizhny Novgorod called during the Soviet regime?
Besides the Falklands, which islands did the UK and Argentina fight for in the Falklands War?
South Georgia/South Sandwich Islands
Which parallel are South Korea and North Korea divided at?
Which country's highest peak is a small mound on a golf course?
Which Australian territory is populated mainly with descendants of mutineers from the Bounty?
Norfolk Island
What island are Haiti and the Dominican Republic located on?
Which African country was previously known as Bechuanaland?
What is the largest city located in the Amazon Rainforest?
Which ethnic group were the Tamil Tigers at odds with in the Sri Lankan Civil War?
What is the largest state of India?
In which region of New Zealand is Dunedin located?
What small Australian town has a statue with the Dog on the Tuckerbox?
Which Mexican city is across the border from the US town of Calexico?
What is the capital city of Louisiana?
Baton Rouge
What is the name of the small group of Isles off the coast of Cornwall?
Isles of Scilly
Who shot and killed US Treasurer Alexander Hamilton in a duel?
Aaron Burr
Which British King's corpse was found in a Leicester car park in 2012?
Richard III
Which royal dynasty was he apart of?
Which company owned most of Canada during the 18th century?
Hudson Bay Company
Which South African President was know as the Great Crocodile?
P.W. Botha
Which noble family was known for producing Popes and rulers of Florence?
Which event resulted in 3 men all claiming the title of Pope?
Western Schism
Who was the ruler of Haiti after the first successful slave uprising in the world?
Toussaint Louverture
Who was the Australian Prime Minister for the majority of World War II?
John Curtin
Who was known as the Desert Fox?
Erwin Rommel
Which country was the only one allowed to trade with Japan during the Edo Period?
The Netherlands
How many countries have ruled over Texas?
Which former Pakistani President was assassinated in 2007?
Benazir Bhutto
Which nation's royal family was massacred in 2001 by the King's begrudged brother?
What was the name of Mao Zedong's wife's political faction responsible for many of the Cultural Revolution's policies?
Gang of Four
What was the radical communist regime of Pol Pot called?
Khmer Rouge
In which Scottish town did a plane crash into after being bombed by Libyan terrorists in 1988?
Which Viking explorer is thought to have landed in northern Canada during the 10th century?
Leif Erikson
Which Malian leader was thought to be one of the richest men ever to live?
Mansa Musa
Which region's rebel terrorists were responsible for the Beslan School seige?
What is the scientific name for a beekeeper?
What is the largest species of kangaroo?
Red kangaroo
Which spacecraft crashed into Western Australia in 1979?
How many valence electrons does Uranium have?
What is the heaviest element on the periodic table?
What is the name of the particle collider located at CERN?
Large Hadron Collider
Who discovered penicillin?
Alexander Fleming
What is the name of the largest mountain on Mars?
Olympus Mons
In which country is the town of Ytterby, the namesake for 4 elements?
What is the common name for Ailuropoda melanoleuca?
Giant Panda
What is the heat of foods measured in?
What is the name of the condition in which someone has 4 cones for seeing colour?
How many chromosomes do dogs have?
What was thought to have caused the Tunguska Event in 1908?
Besides bats, which animal is thought to have been a vector for COVID-19?
What micro-animal is known for surviving extreme conditions?
Which paradox relates the lack of evidence for alien life to the high probability of its existence?
Fermi paradox
How many chambers does a cockroach heart have?
Which metal is most abundant on Earth?
What is a fear of clowns called?
Which film won the 2005 Best Picture Oscar?
Million Dollar Baby
Where is Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid from?
Which city did the band America originate from?
Who did Tom Cruise divorce in 2012?
Katie Holmes
Which religion is known for being an amalgamation of all religion's teachings?
Which country is Charlize Theron from?
South Africa
Who shot Mr. Burns?
Maggie Simpson
What job does Mr. Green have in Cluedo?
What is the main ingredient in a margarita?
How many standard drinks are in a can of Canadian Club?
What year was the University of Melbourne's Copyright Act passed in?
Which type of power outlets are used in Australia?
Which British territory's flag has dolphins on it?
Which religious figure holds the world record for writing the most published books?
L. Ron Hubbard
Which musical follows a British woman educating the King of Siam and his children?
The King and I
What is the Chronicles of Narnia based off of?
The Bible
Which engineer was voted the 2nd greatest ever Briton in 2006?
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Which Kindom of Italy's King became the King of Italy after the country was unified?
What is the 2nd last stop on the Hurstbridge line?
Wattle Glen
How old was Morgan Freeman when he won his first Oscar?
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