Asian Animals By Clue Quiz

Can you guess these Asian animals by the clues given?
Quiz by Svish
Last updated: December 13, 2020
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First submittedNovember 23, 2020
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This striped animal is the largest feline species in the world
Once present from Turkey to northern China, is now only found in southern Asia. Largest animal on the continent.
China's mascot animal
Shares the name with the one above, though a different color, but is actually a totally different species of animal
Red Panda
Found in the Himalayas, is a cow-like animal
Big animal, hunted for its horn which is used for traditional medicine
This animal is similar to one found in the Americas. Has spots and eats meat. A big population of these lives in Mumbai
Similar to the one above, but prefer colder areas
Snow Leopard
This is the largest venomous snake in the world
King Cobra
This is the world's largest reptile, found all throughout southeast Asia and northern Australia
Saltwater Crocodile
In the same family as the one above, but has a long, narrow snout and feeds mosly on fish
Largest lizard in the world, only native to a few islands
Komodo Dragon
Despite what some people belive, the anaconda is not the longest snake in the world. That title goes to this snake
Reticulated Python
This animal used to be found in huge parts of Asia and Africa, but now it's only remaining range in Asia is in Iran
An antelope with a really weird nose
Saiga antelope
Mongolia is probably the last place you would expect to find these animals, but these humped animals are actually found here
This primate is native to southeast Asia and is the largest species on the continent
The most northern primate in the world, known for taking baths in hotsprings to stay warm
Japanese Macaque
This primate has a weird, Squidward-looking nose
Proboscis Monkey
This animal also has a weird nose that reminds of a short elephant trunk, can remind of a pig
These small, scaly animals are found in both Asia and Africa, hunted for the illegal pet trade and for their scales
This is the same type of animal as nr. 3, but has a distinctive golden "U" on their chest
Sun Bear
This is the smallest feline in the world, native to India
Rusty-Spotted Cat
Although most people think these animals only live in Africa, a small population of these live in Gir National Park in India
This animal is not usually thought of as a wild animal, but wild populations still live in Mongolia and northern Asia. Domestication of this animal happened in Kazakhstan and is a great transport
This is another type of animal 3, but native to India and named after a slow moving south American animal
Sloth Bear
This animal is native to southeast Asia, looks like a really beefy cow or bison
Another one of the few native antelopes of Eurasia. This one is found in Arabia and has very long, straight horns
Arabian Oryx
This small animal is native to southeast Asia, looks like a black raccoon, also known as "bearcat"
Known as the barking deer
Level 76
Nov 23, 2020
Excellent quiz, I spotted two spelling mistakes. 'asian' in the header should be capitalized, 'it' should be 'its' in the rhino hint. 'Raccoon' is also a more common spelling than 'racoon'.
Level 93
Nov 23, 2020
Thanks for the feedback! Corrected those now, thanks :D
Level 35
Oct 13, 2023
I'ld rather change the "horn which is used for traditional medicine" into "is believed to have medicinal value" , an idea that has no scientific probative value at all .

In fact , the rhinoceros is driven to extinction through the Asian idee-fixe as that the horn would have a viagra-effect .

Sick .

Level 93
Oct 23, 2023
I know its being hunted to extinction, and i know it doesn't have real medicinal value, however my statement remain accurate as they do use it for tradicional medicine even though it doesnt actually work.

Either description works in my opinion