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The biggest wild cat in EuropeLynx
Largest species of "deer" found in Europe (and the world)Moose
This animal is famous for roaming the Norwegian island of Svalbard. Occasionally kills humans for foodPolar Bear
Found in many European countries, this pack animal is often known for hunting livestock, particulary sheep. Likes to howl during the nightWolf
These small cute animals are native to almost all of Europe, has quills and are sometimes kept as petsHedgehog
The smaller, mainland Europe counterpart of the one aboveBrown Bear
Warthog is the "African version" of this animalBoar
This animal is used by the Sámi people of northern ScandinaviaReindeer/Caribou
This animal is native to Russia and Scandinavia. Known for being highly aggressive and fearless. Also name for a superheroWolverine
This animal is far gone from the continent, but used to roam southern Europe at the time of the ancient greeks and romans. Was often used for gladiator fightsLion
Found throughout Europe, this medium-sized animal lives in rivers and lakes and likes woodBeaver
This animal is found in the most southern parts of Europe. Known for changing colorChameleon
Found in almost every European country, this animal has a striped face and is quite a ferocious predatorBadger
Same species as the one above, but highly endangered and native to only Spain and PortugalIberian Lynx
This is a similar looking animal to the one above, and is known for being clever and kill chickens. The color of this animals fur is part of the nameRed Fox
Native to Scandinavia, Iceland, Svalbard and Russia, this animal is a smaller carnivorous animal. Changes its fur to match the seasonsArctic Fox
Found on houses all over southern Europe. These small reptiles are completely harmless to humans and likes to hunt insectsGecko
The most common venomous snake on the continent. (be specific)Common European Viper/Adder
A large groundsquirrel found mostly in the Alps, although also largely present in Asia and North AmericaMarmot
This small bird is known as the "sea parrot" and is native to northern Europe. Known for its colorful beakPuffin
This animal looks like a mix between an antelope and a goat. Found in the mountains throughout southern EuropeChamois
This animal was almost hunted to extinction, and today it's only found in eastern Europe. It's one of two subspecies of this animal, the other one found in North AmericaEuropean Bison
This is a wild goat species only found in Spain and Portugal. Found in the mountains and has rather large hornsIberian Ibex
Found in the very eastern part of Europe, this is the only Antelope found in Europe and known for its bizzare faceSaiga Antelope
A subspecies of the one above, went extinct twice: in 2000 and again in 2003. used to be native to northern Spain and southern FrancePyrenean Ibex
An animal originally from Africa, but introduced to Europe. It can remind of a cat, specifically a cheetah or serval. Also has a banded tail and likes to climb trees. Mostly active at nightGenet
These animals are only found on the very southern tip of the iberian penninsula. Lives on an Island owned by Britain and is the only species of its kind found in EuropeBarbary Macaque
A type of goat native to southern Europe. Has big, spiral hornsMouflon
These aren't native to Europe, but has been introduced and now thrive in some Norwegian MountainsMuskox
Largest bird in Europe, native to southern Europe. Known for being savage scavengersGriffon Vulture

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