North American Animals By Clue Quiz

Can you guess these North American animals by the clues given?
Quiz by Svish
Last updated: December 13, 2020
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United States' national animal
Bald Eagle
Californias state animal
Grizzly Bear
Same animal as above, but smaller and a different color
Black Bear
Same as the two above, but bigger than both and native to the most northern parts of the continent
Polar Bear
This one lives in water and likes wood
This is the largest "deer" on the continent and the world
This one is found in southeastern United States, especially famous for living in the Everglades
Only venomous lizard in the United States
Gila Monster
Native to Central and South America, this feline is the biggest found on the continent
This feline is the largest real "cat", spands from Canada to Patagonia and is known by many names, one of which is "mountain lion"
Biggest rattlesnake in the world
Eastern Diamondback
A highly venomous snake native to Central and South America, with a french name
This animal looks like a deer (but isn't), lived alongside mammoths and other prehistoric beasts. Only surviving species of its family
These primates are native to Central and South America and are named after an arachnid many has a phobia of
Spider Monkey
This animal is a "garbage theif" often searching garbage cans for food, looks like they wear a mask
This pack animal roams North America, very known for howling at midnight
This animal roams North America, with big horns and body. Yellowstone is known for having these
Similar to the one above, but lives further north and is covered in a thick fur coat to protect against the extreme cold
A small, dog-looking animal. Also a famous YouTube wildlife host
These small rodent like animals are found in the prairies of North America
Prairie Dog
The name of this animal means "little armored one"
These are known for being super slow and sleepy
A bird native to North America that has a country in Eurasia named after it
These horned animals live in the rockies and are known for being great climbers
Mountain Goat
Small animal with two stripes that smells bad
A medium-sized feline, with sharp ears. First part of its name is a common guys' name
This isn't native to the continent, but is an invasive species in Florida and is a big problem for the local environment
Burmese Python
Animal found mostly in Canada and Alaska, known for being aggressive and formidable. Also name for a superhero
This massive turtle is named after a previous reptile in the quiz. Also called "loggerhead"
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Almost extinct, this is the largest bird in North America, named after a US state
California Condor
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