Warhammer 40K Tyranid Hive Fleets Major/Minor

The Tyranids are a hostile xeno species that rage throughout the galaxy, consuming any and all biomass in their paths. Can you name all the current Hive Fleets that besiege the stars, going off the hints for what their names come from?
All Fleets are as of 40K
Splinter fleets not included
Quiz by sturgeonzilla
Last updated: January 6, 2021
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He eateth grass like an Ox; destroyed in the first Tyrannic War, 745
Hive Fleet Behemoth
Below the thunders of the abyssal sea; responsible for the second Tyrannic War
Hive Fleet Kraken
Can thou draw him out with a fishhook? Or press his tongue like a cord? Started the third Tyrannic War
Hive Fleet Leviathan
Hive Fleet Apophis
Giant enemy spider; almost exclusively fighting necrons
Hive Fleet Arachnae
Soldier beetles
Hive Fleet Cantharidae
Hangs out with Scylla; currently rampaging through the Segmentum Pacificus
Hive Fleet Charybdis
Gigantic statue; one of the oldest Hive Fleets
Hive Fleet Colossus
Poison dart frogs
Hive Fleet Dendrobates
Play by Asechylus; distinctive green colors
Hive Fleet Eumenides
Gaze of stone; invaded the T'au Empire in 899
Hive Fleet Gorgon
Antagonist of Beowulf
Hive Fleet Grendel
Norse guardian doggo of Hel(l); currently casually drifting towards Imperium territory
Hive Fleet Garmr
________ of doom; consumed the Forge World of Arcetri
Hive Fleet Harbinger
Multi-headed Greek serpent; multiplies and regenerates at a terrifying speed
Hive Fleet Hydra
The World Serpent; this Fleet specialized in tunnel/burrow warfare
Hive Fleet Jormungandr
Also called Cetus; showcased in White Dwarf 459
Hive Fleet Kaetus
King of titans; really, really dislike the forces of Chaos
Hive Fleet Kronos
Guarded the golden apples; casually vibing with Garmr
Hive Fleet Ladon
Bzzzzzzz; almost wiped out the Ulmor
Hive Fleet Locust
Servant of Yam; accidentally trashed the entirety of the jungle world of Hesp while fighting the Death Guard
Hive Fleet Lotan
Misspelled giant shark; originally a splinter fleet of Kraken
Hive Fleet Magalodon
Her head was used as a weapon by Perseus; invaded Shadrac and beat back the Imperium defenses attempting to stop it
Hive Fleet Medusa
Owl; Caananite god of child sacrifice; wiped out the Kiltor sector and the Tarellians
Hive Fleet Moloch
Half-human, half-snake; devoured several Eldar worlds before being stopped
Hive Fleet Naga
Another snake; mostly destroyed, but some splinter fleets remain in the Ultima Segmentum
Hive Fleet Ophidia
Eats its own tail; originated near the Eye of TError
Hive Fleet Ouroboris
Greek hero; drifted out of Imperium Space and hasn't been seen since
Hive Fleet Perseus
Named for the heavily-forested death world; invaded the fortress world of Orask
Hive Fleet Pythos
Egyptian beetle; completely annihilated by the Cadian 9th at Fortress Carcasson
Hive Fleet Scarabus
Marvellous stunning markings; currently hanging out in the deep recesses of the T'au Empire
Hive Fleet Scitalis
Hangs out with Charybdis; a twin-fleet to its counterpart
Hive Fleet Scylla
Huge Babylonian dragoness; claimed worlds in the Tiamet system without stripping them of biomass
Hive Fleet Tiamet
Yuger than yuge; muted brown colors
Hive Fleet Titan
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