Friday Night Funkin' Characters Quiz (w/ Mods)

Just a lot of characters from Friday Night Funkin' and it's extensive catalog of mods.
Quiz by Sphenesadae808
Last updated: August 8, 2021
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First submittedJuly 25, 2021
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The protagonist of Friday Night Funkin' and most of the mods surrounding it. Not Keith is the famous blue-haired rapper who is willing to go to extensive lengths for his love of Girlfriend.
Always at Boyfriend's side on a set of speakers, no matter the challenger. She just wants to bop to the beat with her boyfriend.
Daddy Dearest / The Dad
Girlfriend's father and an ex-rockstar; he is a very infamous person in the Friday Night Funkin' world. Lots of people have grudges against him.
Mommy Mearest / The Mom
Girlfriend's mother and a current pop star. She alongside Daddy Dearest has created henchmen and held Santa at gunpoint.
Skid & Pump
Two tricksters; a pumpkin and a skeleton. They love to do the spooky dance and originate from Spooky Month.
Monster / Lemon Demon
A creature of sorts with a lemon-shaped head. He manipulates Skid & Pump to do his bidding, and wants to eat your Girlfriend.
A hired mercenary and Boyfriend's ex. He is from the Newgrounds series' Pico's School, starring alongside Darnell and Nene. In the latest week, he saves Boyfriend and Girlfriend's lives in a battlefield.
A video game character from the game 'Hating Simulator'. He is a very arrogant person with a spirit inside of him, although he can be kind when he wants.
A human who was trapped in the game 'Hating Simulator'. He now resides in Senpai, a simple dating sim character; while he waits for a victim to steal their body. He tries against Boyfriend and Girlfriend, but is unsuccessful.
Tankman / John Captain
A soldier and the "captain" of the Tankmen. He also originates from the series Tankmen alongside his Tankmen friend Steve.
Whitty / Whitmore
A hot-headed ex-rockstar who also happens to be a living bomb. His rockstar career ended because of Daddy Dearest, and he is on the run from the Greator Good.
Gabriel Updike
A cloud person and the leader of the Greator Good; a organization created to stop and capture monsters like Whitty and Girlfriend.
A robot basketball player who also loves to rap. During a rap battle against Boyfriend, he gets a virus but Boyfriend is able to ward it off.
The best friend of Girlfriend, and is in a relationship with Whitty, the humanoid bomb.
Hatsune Miku
A sister of Boyfriend, and a canon one at that. She is a famous Japanese singer with a huge fanbase (in the fictional world and in real life).
Girlfriend's ex-boyfriend and a rising music producer. Daddy Dearest destroyed his career though by turning him into only a skull with the rest of his body being invisible; suffice to say he wants revenge.
A.G.O.T.I. / A Guy on the Internet
A pretty rude screen demon who lives in the void. He was trapped their by Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest.
Tricky the Clown
An arch-nemesis of Hank J. Wimbleton and a fellow character from Madness Combat. He is a zombie clown in Nevada who uses the Portable Improbability Drive to increase his strength.
A nun at a church who wants everyone to go to heaven, even though she has beef with God because she is the leader of the underworld.
Sarvente's best friend and a member of the church. He protects her from harm's way, while also being a runaway criminal on the side.
The half-demon non-canon son of Sarvente and Ruv. He's a troublemaker and is stuck in a void with his sister Rasazy until their parents make them canon.
Another victim of Daddy Dearest, to calm his nerves he became a heavy smoker. Too bad all the smoking caught up to him and he died, becoming a ghost bounded to the cigarette bud he once smoked.
Atsuover's self-insert character with a different name, she holds a bottle containing 'The Liquid' as she rap battles Boyfriend.
A grey cat who uses a wants to win Girlfriend's love. He's a pretty cool individual, using a dance pad for extra cool points.
Mr. Game & Watch
A character that originates from the Game & Watch series. He is another 2D admirer of Girlfriend.
A trainer mii and a boxing champion who agreed to train Boyfriend.
Norville "Shaggy" Rogers
One of the strongest beings in the universe, his best friend is Scooby Doo.
A sentient video game character and the main antagonist of Doki Doki Literature Club. Girlfriend moved the character into the game 'Hating Simulator', so Boyfriend could rap battle with her.
A scary blob thing that is mad because of Boyfriend. Just a reminder, don't compare him to Dream.
A folder full of memes and cool raps. He is so cool that he hates woman, so he got what he deserved and died by the hands of Bob; someone who is much cooler.
Little Man
The smallest man of them all. He is angry but also loves memes and always integrates it into his raps.
A character from Pico's School and a friend and classmate of Pico and Darnell. She invited Pico and Boyfriend to a slumber party so they could sing.
Piconjo / Oliver
A Newgrounds character and a taller doppelganger of Pico. His true rival is actually LegendaryFrog.
A living scarecrow that wanders his maze, looking for intruders.
A major antagonist in the show Eddsworld. He rap battles Boyfriend and when he loses... well he takes out his giant robot.
An old friend of Tord and also his sworn enemy. He is also from the show Eddsworld.
Yet another character from the show Eddsworld. He wields a mirror and is friends with Tord and Tom.
The main protagonist of the show Eddsworld, he is friends with Tom and Matt (and Tord kinda).
A sus and red 'crewmate' from Among Us. He wields a gun and attempts to kill Girlfriend and Boyfriend.
The band, On Command's lead, he wants to rap battle Boyfriend.
The band, On Command's co-lead, she was abused as a child but was able to move on thanks to her boyfriend Mark and joining On Command.
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