Doctor Who soundtrack quiz #1

How many tracks can you name from Doctor Who soundtracks? (Series 1-7 only)
Quiz by Eka
Last updated: August 9, 2020
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Series 1 & 2
Doctor Who Theme (TV version)
Westminster Bridge
The Doctor's Theme
Cassandra's Waltz
Father's Day
Rose in Peril
Boom Town Suite
I'm Coming to Get You
Rose Defeats the Daleks
Clockwork TARDIS
Harriet Jones, Prime Minister
Rose's Theme
Song for Ten
The Face of Boe
Seeking the Doctor
Madame de Pompadour
Tooth and Claw
The Lone Dalek
New Adventures
Finding Jackie
Monster Bossa
The Daleks
The Cybermen
The Impossible Planet
Sycorax Encounter
Love Don't Roam
Series 3
All the Strange, Strange Creatures
Martha's Theme
Drowning Dry
The Carrionites Swarm
Gridlocked Cassinis
Evolution of the Daleks
My Angel Put the Devil in Me
Mr Smith and Joan
Only Martha Knows
Smith's Choice
Just Scarecrows to War
Miss Joan Redfern
The Dream of a Normal Death
The Doctor Forever
Blink (Suite)
The Runaway Bride
After the Chase
The Futurekind
The Master Vainglorious
Martha's Quest
This is Gallifrey
Martha Triumphant
Donna's Theme
The Stowaway
The Master Tape
Abide with Me
Series 4
Doctor Who Series Four Opening Credits
A Noble Girl About Town
Life Among the Distant Stars
Corridors and Fire Escapes
The Sybilline Sisterhood
Songs of Captivity and Freedom
UNIT Rocks
The Doctor's Daughter
The Source
The Unicorn and the Wasp
The Doctor's Theme Series Four
Voyage of the Damned Suite
The Girl With No Name
The Song of Song
All in the Mind
Silence in the Library
The Greatest Story Never Told
Turn Left
A Dazzling End
The Rueful Fate of Donna Noble
The Dark and Endless Dalek Night
A Pressing Need to Save the World
Hanging on the Tablaphone
Song of Freedom
Doctor Who Series Four Closing Credits
Series 4 - The Specials
A Victorian Christmas
Not the Doctor
A Bit of a Drag
In the Sea of Memory
Hidden in the Closet
The Wonder of Balloons
A Forceful Intelligence
The Greats of Past Time
The March of the Cybermen
A Disturbance in the Night
The Cat Burglar
Alone in the Desert
A Special Sort of Bus
Stirring in the Sands
Letter to Earth
By Water Borne
The Fate of Little Adelaide
Altering Lives
We Shall Fare Well
A Frosty Ood
A Dream of Catastrophe
All in the Balance
A Ruined Gaol
Wilf's Wiggle
Minnie Hooper
The End Draws Near
Final Days
The Council of the Time Lords
The Master Suite
The Ruined Childhood
A Chaotic Escape
The World Waits
A Longing to Leave
A Lot of Life Behind Us
Dealing with the Menace
Speeding to Earth
The Time Lords' Last Stand
The Clouds Pass
Four Knocks
Song for Ten (Reprise)
Vale Decem
The New Doctor
Series 5
Doctor Who XI
Down to Earth
Little Amy
Fish Custard
Can I Come with You?
Little Amy: The Apple
The Sun's Gone Wibbly
I Am The Doctor
The Mad Man with a Box
Amy in the TARDIS
The Beast Below
Amy's Theme
A Lonely Decision
A Tyrannical Menace
Victory of the Daleks
Battle in the Sky
River's Path
The Time of Angels
I Offer You My Daughter
Chicken Casanova
Signora Rosanna Calvierri
Cab for Amy Pond
The Vampires of Venice
Wedded Bliss
This Is the Dream
Rio de Cwntaff
The Silurians
Hidden Treasures
A Troubled Man
With Love, Vincent
Adrift in the TARDIS
Friends and Neighbours
Doctor Gastronomy
You Must Like It Here
A Useful Striker
A Painful Exchange
Kiss the Girl
Thank You Craig
River Runs Through It
Away on Horseback
Beneath Stonehenge
Who Else Is Coming
Amy and Rory
The Pandorica
Words Win Wars
The Life and Death of Amy Pond
Amy's Starless Life
Into the Museum
This Is Where It Gets Complicated
Roman Paradox
The Patient Centurion
The Same Sonic
Honey I'm Home
The Perfect Prison
A River of Tears
The Sad Man with a Box
You and Me, Amy
The Big Day
I Remember You
A Christmas Carol
Come Along Pond
Halfway Out of the Dark
Pray for a Miracle
You Didn't Hit the Boy
Kazran Sardick 12 1/2
Ghost of Christmas Past
Talk About Girls
Sonic Fishing
Just a Little One
Big Colour
I Can't Save Her
The Other Half's Inside the Shark
He Comes Every Christmas
Shark Ride
New Memories
Holding Hands
Christmas Dinner
Goodnight Abigail
This Planet is Ours
Ghost of Christmas Present
The Course of my Life
Ghost of Christmas Future
Abigail's Song
Everything Has to End Some Time
Series 6
I Am the Doctor in Utah
The Impossible Astronaut
Trust Me
Help Is On Its Way
Another Perfect Prison
Greystark Hall
Apollo 11
Day of the Moon
I See You Silence
You're a Dead Man
Deadly Siren
Perfect Reflection
All for One
The Curse of the Black Spot
I've Got Mail
Run, Sexy
Locked On
The Chemical Castle
Which One Is the Flesh?
Scanning Me
Always with the Rory
Double Doctor
Tell Me the Truth
Loving Isn't Knowing
River's Waltz
Tell Me Who You Are
Melody Pond
Growing Up Fast
The Blush of Love
Terror of the Reich
The British Are Coming
A Very Unusual Melody
When A River Forms
Pay Attention, Grown Ups
The Enigma of River Song
Bedtime for George
Tick Tock Round the Clock
A Malevolent Estate
Night Terrors
36 Years
Lost in the Wrong Stream
The Hotel Prison
Room of Your Dreams
Fear Enough
What's Left to Be Scared Of?
Rita Praises
Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All
Definitely Going
Over Your Shoulder
My Time Is Running Out
Tick Tock
5:02 PM
The Head of an Enemy
My Silence
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Time is Moving
The Wedding of River Song
The Majestic Tale (of a Madman in a Box)
Series 7
They Are Everywhere
Save Us
Dalek Parliament
Oswin Oswald
Towards the Asylum
A Probe in the Snow
Amy and Rory Together
The Terrible Truth
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
Take a Ride on Tricey
Make Peace
Welcome to Mercy
Out West
The Salvation of Kahler-Jex
Our Little Town's Prosecutor
While We Waited
Brian's Log
New York New York
I Am You
Melody Malone
Little Angels
My Husband's Home
Hide the Damage
Almost the End
Together or Not At All - The Song of Amy and Rory
Goodbye Pond
Cumbria 1207
Monking About
A Turbulent Flight
Bah Bah Biker
Up the Shard
I Might Change My Mind
The Leaf
Something Awesome
Market Day
Merry Gejelh
God of Akhaten
The Speeder
Never Wake
The Long Song
Infinite Potential
Always You, Never a Replacement
Cold War
I Am a Ghost
A Machine That Makes Machines
Crimson Horror
Thomas Thomas
Hedgewick's World
Tiberian Spiral Galaxy
Upgrade in Progress
The Dream of Cyberia
What a Brain
Can't Win
Your Orders Come from Me
Other Good News
The Impossible Girl
Cyber Army
The Emperor's Wife
Some Wednesday
To Save the Doctor
A Letter to Clara
What Is His Name?
A Secret He Will Take to His Grave
I Am Information
Pain Everlasting
Remember Me
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
Dressed in a Hurry
Ditched at Sea
Madge's Theme
Armchair Waltz
I Know
Quite a tree
Into the Present
The King
The Queen
You're Fired
Flying Home for Christmas
Safe Landing
Never Alone at Christmas
The Snowmen
A Voice in the Snow
What's Wrong with Silly
Psychotic Potato Dwarf
Remember the Worm
Clara Who?
Clara in the TARDIS
Governess Clara
Hello Mates
One Word
Sherlock Who?
Clara Lives
Whose Enigma
The Day of the Doctor
I.M. Foreman
Will There Be Cocktails?
It's Him
He Was There
No More
The War Room
Footprints in the Sand
Who Are You
England 1562
Nice Horse
The Fez and the Portal
Two Doctors
Three Doctors
Somewhere to Hide
Rescue the Doctor
2.47 Billion
Zygon in the Painting
Man And Wife
We Don't Need To Land
We Are The Doctors
The Moment Has Come
This Time There's Three Of Us
Song for Four / Home
The Time of the Doctor
The Message
The Dance of the Naked Doctor
You Saved It
Papal Mainframe
Tasha Lem
Bedroom Talk
The Mission
The Crack
Rhapsody of War
Back to Christmas
Snow Over Trenzalore
Beginning Of the End
This Is How It Ends
Never Tell Me The Rules
Trenzalore/The Long Song/I Am Information (Reprise)
Hello Twelve
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