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24,7192022-04-07 Same... or Different?
19,1132020-09-02 Rivers and Lakes whose Names are Countries
13,9172021-09-14 Pizza General Knowledge
7932021-08-24Countries by National Trauma #1
5532022-07-20Lateral Thinking
3592019-12-20Körperteile mit nur einer Silbe
2002020-06-28Namen von Schweizer Wirtshäusern
1562019-07-06Mathematics True or False
1452019-11-25Elemente mit nur einer Silbe
1212019-08-13Indian Cities by Language
1162019-07-26Interessante Städte und Dörfer der Schweiz
1152020-06-06Schweizer Kantone nach Einwohner
1062021-08-27Countries by National Trauma #2
932019-08-31Schlagerlieder der 1960er
902021-01-26Switzerland True or False?
852019-10-21Schweizer Kantone nach Beitrittsjahr
852019-08-18Random Objects by Wikipedia Definition #1
812019-06-19Mathematics Analogies
792019-10-05Things That Are Actually Red - Picture Quiz
742019-07-30Countries with the Most Guns
742019-10-18Hausberge von Schweizer Städten
722021-12-26Schweizerdeutsch - Hochdeutsch
632019-08-25Random Objects by Wikipedia Definition #2
592021-09-18Most important author by language
562019-12-10Harry Potter Characters with Colors in their Name
482021-01-31Rhyme Time - Geography
472019-01-10Traditionelle Klassen der Wirbeltiere
452019-08-31Random Objects by Wikipedia Definition #3
442019-09-06Random Objects by Wikipedia Definition #4
432019-06-18Small countries by Fun Facts
432019-12-22Countries with "The"
422019-12-0910 Ways the World Could End
402019-07-24Interesting cities and villages of Switzerland
362019-06-11Longest Rivers with their Cities as Clues
352020-02-06Tile Selection Quiz - Countries in the EU
342022-04-03Countries by Popular First Names
332021-10-24Songs in The Sound of Music
332019-11-12Words ending with -nx
312021-07-31Cities that are the Paris of...
302020-02-17Words with a Silent P
282020-11-2212 Unbelievable Facts
282019-12-22Jetpunk-proof Abbreviations of Countries
252021-05-27How am I supposed to know? - Multiple choice quiz
252019-10-18Random Objects by Wikipedia Definition #5
242020-12-04Biggest Countries with a Population of Less Than 10 Million
222019-09-22I'm germanophone, what are you?
212019-06-11Counties of England with Letters Missing - Very Easy
212019-08-167 quiz
192019-09-11French Vocabulary: Birds
192021-12-11People with more than one job
182020-06-13Which countries border ... ? - Tile Selection Quiz
172021-08-17Tomato General Knowledge
172019-05-10Vögel auf französisch
152019-11-04Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats Lyrics Quiz
142019-09-29Manias Quiz
132019-11-09General Knowledge Quiz by kaderschaufel
102019-07-02The smallest positive integer...
82022-01-01The number Pi - General Knowledge
62020-09-17Conductors of the Vienna New Year's Concert
42019-08-09Mononuclidic Elements with Atomic Number as Clue
42019-11-04Cities by Nearby Mountain
32021-06-24Movies in which the Sphinx's nose breaks off
12021-11-27People who learned to ride a bike in 2021
12019-04-30Genies nach Fachgebiet
02019-12-10Victoria Road Rap - Lyrics Quiz