Lateral Thinking

Answer these general knowledge questions by thinking laterally. Questions taken from the YouTube quiz show 'Lateral':
Quiz by kaderschaufel
Last updated: July 20, 2022
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First submittedJune 4, 2021
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Which office item is called "un trombone" in French?
On which day of the calendar year do the fewest people die?
29th February
In 1939, who received an Oscar consisting of a full-size award next to seven miniature ones?
Walt Disney
Which fabric is named after the French city of Nîmes?
What was the first product advertised on the newest UK TV station, Channel 5?
Chanel No. 5
What object has yellow opposite white, green opposite blue, and orange opposite red?
Rubik's cube
Which world famous landmark is known as 'The Long Graveyard'?
The Great Wall of China
Which chemical element is named after the Greek word for 'foreign' or 'stranger'?
Which two-digit number is considered unlucky in Italy, because 'Vixi' means 'I have lived' in Latin?
Which rapper born in 1972 took his stage name from the initials of his first and last name?
Who can you write to using the official Royal Mail postcode XM4 5HQ?
Father Christmas
Which cartoon characters by Pierre Culliford are usually no more than three apples tall?
The Smurfs
What is the nearest star to Earth?
Which bird consumes the human equivalent of 150.000 calories a day?
Which product for displacing water was perfected after 39 failed attempts?
Level 71
Jun 9, 2023
Thank you to whoever spotlighted this! I've made a part 2 for the occasion:
Level 48
Jul 19, 2022
Good Quiz! Can you accept "February 29", "29 February", "29 Feb" and "Feb 29" as possible answers for "29th February"?
Level 77
Jul 19, 2022
Agreed. You could do a type-in that would allow anything containing Feb and 29. Fun quiz, though.
Level 68
Jul 19, 2022
Yes I typed all those in, but sadly didn't get the point.
Level 71
Jul 19, 2022
Thanks! I couldn't work out how to make Dimby's suggestion work, but added those from Slogan.
Level 80
Jul 19, 2022
Difficult, but great quiz!

Here’s how you can do the above using regex: (.*29.*FEB | .*FEB.*29)

It doesn’t accept anything containing Feb 29, but it’s pretty close.

Level 66
Jul 19, 2022
Same thing but for "Leap Day?"
Level 56
Jul 19, 2022
Loved the quiz. The Channel 5 one made me laugh!
Level 58
Jul 19, 2022
Can you please accept "great wall" for "the great wall of china"? I don't know any other building referred to as "great wall"...
Level 71
Jul 19, 2022
Level 70
Jul 19, 2022
Good quiz. I was quite confident with the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the "long graveyard" question
Level 76
Jun 10, 2023
Hehehe, clever
Level 85
Jul 19, 2022
The hummingbird question seems to be wrong. says: "They will visit multiple flowers in a minute, lapping up three to seven calories daily. That may seem like a trivial amount, but when scaled to the size of a human, it translates to about 155,000 calories a day." says: "if the oft-quoted 12,000 calories a day was correct this would mean these tiny birds would need to work their way through nearly 7 bags of sugar a day!" says: "These petite birds consume between 3.14 and 7.6 calories a day."

Level 78
Jul 19, 2022
Yeah, I guessed ostrich and emu for that one. Obviously something that small could never eat that much.
Level 71
Jul 20, 2022
Good point, I've changed the wording of the question.
Level 60
Dec 25, 2022
Nice! It was very rewarding when I figured one out, especially the chemical element and the meaning of "un trombone" since I had to experiment for those.
Level 67
Dec 25, 2022
Do all of these really count as lateral thinking? Some definitely do, but I don't feel like some of the others fit. As examples, you just kind of have to know what a Rubik's Cube looks like, or you have to randomly guess small cartoon characters if you don't know the creator, or you have to already know the prefix xeno-... Fun quiz either way!
Level 65
Jun 21, 2023
When I was Vixi, it was a very good year.