BTS Song Lyric Quiz 2019

Hello! I decided to test ARMY's knowledge with this quiz as we are all waiting for comeback. All the lyrics used in this quiz are from genius (I hope it's relatable) and all song are from exact BTS so no Agust D or Chicken Noodle Soup this time ;). I wish you good luck and let me know if there're any mistakes.
I didn't use such words as: trivia, outro and intro
when it comes to cyphers you only need to write Cypher and number for example Cypher 1
Quiz by Monika
Last updated: January 10, 2020
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I parachute on my Neverland, I'mma peter pan, so this will never end
Cypher 2
I live so I love
We roll (We roll) We roll (We roll) We roll
Take me to the sky Put your hands up to the sky
Now I don't know me, who are you?
Let's jump
Click click, bang bang
We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2
RM, so now I’m telling you the story
Skool Luv Affair
I want it this love I want it real love
I do my thang I love myself
Somebody call me right one Somebody call me wrong
So What
Tangjinjaem tangjinjaem tangjinjaem
Go Go
Brother let’s cry cry
I call you moonchild
4 o'clock
Lemme say “All the bad men, cop out”
But I still want you I still want you
The truth untold
Peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet Chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings
Blood Sweat & Tears
How we gonna change it?We don’t know yet
Crystal Snow
You gave me the best of me So you'll give you the best of you
Magic Shop
You say love is messed up You say that it don't work
Waste it on me
Bogo sipda
Spring Day
Come and follow me, follow me with your signs up
MIC Drop
Take my hands now You are the cause of my euphoria
El Mariachi
Airplane pt.2
When you see me When you touch me
I see ocean, I see desert, I see the world Everything is the same thing
But I love it anyway anyway anyway
So be it don’t cry I’ma let you go and fly
Let Go
I'm takin' over you I'm takin' over you
Pied piper
How 'bout you? uh I like you! uh
Eh yeah yeah burn it
But still part of this world Extra plus ordinary
Not Today
You don't gotta Worry bout a thing Nah Not a thang
Don't leave me
But I don't wanna use my head I don't wanna calculate
Love Maze
So please just don't leave me You got the best of me
Best of Me
Come be my teacher
Boy with luv
I'm the one I should love in this world
Untrue, untrue You, you, you
Please Baby Calm down
House of Cards
This a cypher im a rider Imma ride it like a biker
Cypher 3
'Cause you're my tear, tear
First love So far away
So Far Away
You give me a new life, you give me a new birth
Cause we got fire (fire!) Higher (higher!)
Fall (Everything) Fall (Everything)
Say what you want Say what you want
Boy in Luv
I feel so far away You always come my way
Shine, dream, smile
You've shown me I have reasons
Answer: Love Myself
I guess I gotta deal with this, deal with this Real world
Jamais Vu
Hello, hello (What?) Tell me what you want right now
War of Hormone
I love I love I love myself I know I know I know myself
Cypher 4
Mi Casa With you I’mma feel rich
We keep all the party in the room all night We don't wanna put it on the brake, hold tight
All Night
Love is a lie lie Don’t tell me, don’t tell me Don’t tell me bye bye
BTS! Rap Monster, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V And who do we got here right now? Suga, Jungkook
No More Dream
Hey burn it up
Keep on shining make it brighter than a spotlight
Dream Glow
Been trying to tell you this I was supposed to tell you this This is all for you
I need your love before I fall fall
Save ME
yeah I could read your mind (uh yeah)
Born Singer
Head up in that sunlight baby I’ll be there when the day comes
A Brand New Day
When the night comes Mumble mumble mumble
Can you trust me, can you trust me
Hold Me Tight
Lost my way
Nan gwaenchana
I'm Fine
Never, never fall yeah
Autumn Leaves
I could make it better I could hold you tighter
Make It Right
Forever we are young
Young Forever
You don’t mind You don’t mind that new lady
21st Century Girl
Who the hell am I I just wanna go I just wanna fly I just wanna give you All the voices till I die
You're in Danger
No more, no more baby No more, no more
Whalien 52
In this rain
F your Chanel F your Alexander McQueen F your Raf Simons
Converse High
So I bring the monster back My monster swag
Cypher 1
sexy mind and your sexy body
Miss Right
Every time I’m thinking about love
The world’s goin’ crazy
Am I Wrong
School-wrong, Society-wrong Parents-wrong, Teachers-wrong
School of Tears
Yeah I'll be ridin' and I'll be dyin’ In ma city
Ma City
I just wanna, wanna, wanna I really wanna, wanna, wanna
Just Dance
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