Japanese Kanji Grade 5

Based on the Kyōiku kanji, the official list of the most used kanji symbols in the Japanese language. There are 6 grades of increasing complexity. Try completing Grade 5 by writing the meaning of the kanji characters given below. Keep up the good work!
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Last updated: October 8, 2021
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long time, old story
Buddha, France
temporary, sham, assume
matter, case, affair
responsibility, duty, entrust to
becoming, resemble, suitable
too much, surplus, remainder
value, price, cost
preserve, protect, guarantee
discipline, restore, study, master (degree)
bag, sack (counter), bale
individual, articles + military units (counter)
furnish, equip, prepare, provide
statue, image, figure
again, -re
judge, seal, stamp
system, organisation, control
ticket, coupon
rule (counter), conform to
effect, efficiency
duty, work, task
energy, vigour, force
rich, thick
phrase, part of sentence
can, possible, acceptable
manage, operate, occupation
cause, factor
association, group
pressure, push
exist, outskirts
level, equal
basis, foundation
news, report, information
border, boundary
grave, tomb
wife, spouse
lady, woman
contain, form
approach, come near, stop by
wealth, abundant
guide, lead
be, residence
linen, cloth
expert, mentor, teacher
usual, normal, always
tree trunk, main part
preface, beginning, opportunity, occasion
speech, valve
stretch, lengthen, stick to
journey, travel, go
restore, recover, resume
virtue, benevolence
intention, resolve, ambition
apply, respond
cheerful, pleasant
gender, sex
favour, kindness, grace
feelings, emotion, passion
condition, attitude
get used to, accustomed
acquiesce, hear, agree
skill, ability, craft, art
beckon, invite, summon
instruct, impart
pick, take, fetch
contact, touch, piece together
propose, suggest
loss, damage, disadvantage, injure, harm
support, branch
politics, government
circumstances, cause, reason, therefore
enemy, foe, opponent
decline, refuse, cut off, decision
old times, former, -ex
easy, simple
outburst, force, violence, riot
clause, article
branch, twig
status, rank, position
examine, investigate
posture, structure, build, care about
military, warrior, arms
compare, ratio
river, stream
fluid, liquid, secretion
mix, blend
decrease, reduce
fathom, measure, scheme
semi-, correspond, follow, conform
performance, act
pure, undefiled, clean
disaster, calamity, misfortune
burn, glow
printing block, edition
crime, offense, commit, violate
state, condition, form,status quo
single, alone
rate, ratio, percentage, command, lead
current, actual, appear, be visible
detain, stop, halt
abbreviation, approximately, roughly
benefit, gain, profit
rend, rip, tear, destroy
assurance, firm, confirm, certain
show, indicate
ancestor, founder
ban, prohibition
shift, move, change
extent, degree
fabricate, build, construct
refined, energy, vitality, semen, ghost
elementary, principle, naked
pass, expire, sutra
relationship, overall, rule, govern
discontinue, interrupt, unparallel
whole, all
compile, knit, edit
achievement, exploits
weave, fabric
sin, guilt, crime
herd, flock, group, swarm
justice, honor, loyalty
plow, till, cultivate
post, employment, work
fertilizer, fertile, manure, get fat
ability, talent, skill
interest, pleasure, entertain, revive
cottage, hut, house
art, technique, skill
defence, protection
manufactured, made in
duplicate, double, multi
standard, measure, rule
understanding, explain, untie, unravel
establish, prepare
permit, approve
evidence, proof
evaluate, criticism
lecture, club
apologize, thank
know, discriminate
protect, safeguard
rich, bountiful
property, wealth, money
poor, poverty
blame, condemn
trade, exchange
congratulations, joy
resources, funds, capital, data
approve, praise, agree
quality, substance, matter
transport, send
mention, state, speak, express
lost, in doubt, astray
retreat, withdraw, resign
reverse, opposite, inverted
create, make, structure
exceed, overdo, go beyond, pass
suitable, rare, occasional
acid, sour
mineral, ore
coin, money
resist, defend, protect, ward off
limit, restrict
inaccessible, impregnable, precipitous
occasion, edge, side, dangerous
un-, mistake, negative
deposit, leave with, entrust
territory, fief, dominion
amount, volume, forehead, tablet
domesticate, raise, keep, feed
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