Comic book story by plot

Guess the name of the Marvel or DC story by its plot.
Quiz by Dan1el
Last updated: May 23, 2022
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Wolverine gets mind controlled by Nazis and fights everyone
Enemy of the State
Alternate future where superheroes are reckless and endanger innocents, which causes superman to come out of retirement and reform the Justice League
Kingdom Come
Thanos collects the infinity stones
Thanos Quest
Thanos uses the stones and eventually becomes a cosmic entity
Infinity Gauntlet
Flash prevents his mother's death and creates an alternate timeline where he doesn't have powers
Hundreds of children die because of careless superheros and Iron Man and Captain America fight each other
Civil War
Alternate future where Bruce Wayne becomes more brutal and cynical and fights Superman
The Dark Knight Returns
Wanda loses control of her powers and creates a universe where everyone gets what they truly want
House of M
The being Nekron creates the black lantern corps and reanimates the dead superheroes in order to destroy all life
Blackest Night
Superman realizes he is going to die in a year and tries to fix the world before he goes
All-Star Superman
Heroes and Villains get transported to a mosh-pit of a planet created by a cosmic being and forced to fight each other, OR Doctor Doom becomes a god and creates his own mosh-pit of a planet with himself as the ruler
Secret Wars
A being called the Anti-Monitor travels across the multiverse and starts destroying planets
Crisis on Infinite Earths
A space epic where cosmic races and superheros fight against an army of billions of bugs
The Joker tricks superman into killing his family and Metropolis, and Superman responds by punching a hole in Joker's chest and becoming dictator of the world. Batman leads the resistance
Ultron from the future hijacks the Vision from the past and takes over the world
Age of Ultron
A mysterious killer assasinates a mobster every holiday, and Batman, James Gordon, and Harvel Dent try to find out who did it
Batman: The Long Halloween
Spider men from various universes band together to stop a race of multiversal hunters who feed on their essence
A member of the Teen Titans is revealed to have been a mole for their greatest villain
New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
A group of mutant-hating extremists called the Purifiers target the X-men and attempt to brainwash Professor X
God Loves, Man Kills
Set in 19th century Gotham, a rookie Batman has to come face to face with Jack the Ripper
Gotham by Gaslight
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