Time travel

Science or science fiction?
Quiz by Zupity
Last updated: September 9, 2022
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1. Who invented the flux capacitor?
Stephen Hawking
Emmett Brown
Guglielmo Marconi
Nikola Tesla
2. To explore time travel, Project Tic-Toc built a device called the Time Tunnel. Who owned Project Tic-Toc?
The US government
An eccentric billionaire
A national security agency
Arizona Institute of Technology
3. What does Hermione Granger's time turner look like?
A fob watch
A cog
An hourglass
A compass
Teleportation and Recall, Diffusion Immersion Spectrum
Time and Relative Dimension in Space
The All Realms Directional Synchronizer
Travel and Return Device In Situ
5. In Tom's Midnight Garden, what is hidden in the past so that Tom can find it in his own time?
Ice skates
His time travel diary
A photograph of him in the old garden
One of Charles Dodgson's logic puzzles
6. Who invented the term 'time machine' and the concept behind it?
Jules Verne
C. S. Lewis
H. G. Wells
John Wyndham
7. What time travel device is used by assassins who work for the Temps Commission?
Telephone booth
8. In the 1968 film Planet of the Apes, how does the astronaut Taylor learn that he has travelled through time?
The apes are excited by the discovery of his rocket, which has been missing for decades
A Detroit Tigers calendar in the laboratory
He finds the Statue of Liberty partially buried
A tree that he planted as a child is gigantic
9. Which of these people was not visited by Mr Peabody and Sherman using the Wayback machine?
Mata Hari
Annie Oakley
Queen Victoria
10. What do Bill and Ted do when they visit the past on their excellent adventure?
Abduct famous people
Fail to notice significant events going on around them
Persuade Christopher Columbus not to turn back
Carve their names into historic sites
11. In what year does Charlotte get stuck in Charlotte Sometimes?
12. In the film Sleeper, a man wakes up 200 years in the future, when scientists know that what is good for you?
Spending more time asleep than awake
Bathing in very cold water
Steak, and cream pies
13. What theory posits that time travel may be impossible because a person travelling to the past would change the world in a way that would make their own life different or non-existent?
The grandfather paradox
Time loop theory
The wormhole paradox
Static regression
14. In The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey, a group of 14th century Cumbrian villagers dig a tunnel to seek a great church that will protect them from the Black Death. Where do they find the church?
New Zealand in 1988
Edinburgh in 1888
The Vatican in 1508
New York City in 1978
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