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1122022-07-22Größte Städte an den 10 größten deutschen Flüssen
1042022-07-08100 größte deutschsprachige Städte
1022022-03-14TGV INOUI arrêts Luxembourg-Marseille
662022-02-26Smallest neighbour of every European country
582022-07-07Les plus grandes villes francophones en Europe
462022-02-09Top 25 richest german cities
452022-07-06100 Biggest German speaking Urban areas
372022-09-04Richest european Metropolitan areas by GDP
332022-07-08Biggest cities in the Benelux
322022-09-05European capital cities by population
312022-10-03Nächstgelegene Hauptstadt zu den 20 größten Deutschen Städten
312022-09-04Europe official languages by native speakers
302022-09-21Every 100k City that speaks a Romance Language
302022-10-03Biggest cities in European landlocked countries
282022-07-22European cities of over a million inhabitants
282022-02-26Biggest neighbour of every European country
272022-09-21Villes avec une langue romane de plus de 100k habitants
272022-07-07Biggest French speaking cities in Europe
262022-07-28Biggest cities in the smallest countries - Europe
262022-09-09TOP 30 countries by Human Freedom
242022-07-08Biggest Dutch speaking cities
242022-07-07Biggest Urban Agglomerations in Germany
242022-05-08European countries by shortest border
242022-10-03Städte im Einzugsgebiet der Mosel
222022-07-10Nearest 500k cities to Luxembourg
212022-02-01Top 10 countries Quiz (hard)
212022-03-13RE 11 Halte Luxemburg - Koblenz
192022-10-03Metropolregionen in Deutschland
182022-02-26European countries by Neighbouring population
182022-02-25Ten Capital Cities Longitudinally and Latitudinally Closest to Me
172022-02-26Nearest foreign capital city to European countries
162022-10-05Größte Städte im Regierungsbezirk Köln
162022-07-20Biggest cities in Germanic Europe
152022-10-04Größte Städte im Regierungsbezirk Düsseldorf
142022-01-17Biggest cities in the Rhine River Basin
132022-04-20Can you name the 30 closest cities to Luxembourg?
132022-09-09Largest city by Region in Western Europe
122022-10-05Größte Städte im Regierungsbezirk Kassel
122022-09-09Which countries have these license plate letters
112022-09-21Every 3k+ Town in Luxembourg
92022-05-08IC arrêts Luxembourg - Bruxelles
82022-03-13Autobahnausfahrten A1/A6 (Luxemburg)
72022-09-21Luxembourg City: Tram stations
62022-01-09Biggest Urban Areas in Luxembourg
62022-05-29Subdivision capitals closest to Luxembourg
52022-01-09Luxembourg: Motorways
52022-03-13Luxembourg: Every town in the Canton of Capellen
52022-08-31Biggest cities in the Greater Region of Saarlorlux
42022-03-13Luxembourg: Every town in the Canton of Esch-sur-Alzette
42022-03-26Bordering communes of Luxembourg city
42022-01-09Quarters of Luxembourg City
32022-10-03Längste Flüsse Luxemburgs
22022-10-03Fleuves et rivières du Luxembourg
22022-03-13Luxembourg: Every town in the Canton of Luxembourg
22022-06-08Municipalities of Luxembourg on the German border
22022-07-08Biggest cities of Luxembourg at its greatest Extent
22022-06-28Coat of arms of the Cantons of Luxembourg
22022-06-26Coat of arms of Cities in Luxembourg
12022-07-15Biggest cities by river in Luxembourg
12022-06-08Municipalities of Luxembourg on the French border
12022-06-08Municipalities of Luxembourg on the Belgian border
12022-10-05Größte Städte im Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg
02022-09-21Three biggest cities by district of Luxembourg