Statistics for Countries by one positive and one negative statement

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Statement 1Statement 2Answer% Correct
Is an island country in the Indian OceanDoes not start with M or SComoros
In North AmericaDoes not border the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean SeaEl Salvador
Borders exactly two oceansDoes not border the Pacific OceanSouth Africa
Is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.Does not have blue on its flag.China
Has a larger population than PakistanDoes not have a population as high as Indonesia’sBrazil
Is fully recognisedIs not a member of the United Nations.Vatican City
Starts with a vowelIs not the only country to have its exact flagIndonesia
Is in Europe and more populous than the United KingdomDoes not have a greater population than FranceFrance
Is home to one of the seven new wonders of the worldDoes not have red on its flag, nor is it already in this quizIndia
Recognises South OssetiaDoes not have red, nor a star on its flagNicaragua

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