US presidents by unique facts

Each of the answers is the US president that fulfills the information.
I am aware that some facts may be much more well known than others.
This took a LOT of time so there may very well be some mistakes.
The time may seem somewhat strict, but too long and it will just be a guessing game.
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Was blind in his left eye due to an injury in a boxing match.
Theodore Roosevelt
Did not have the most electoral votes, but still won because he was chosen by the House of Representatives.
John Quincy Adams
Was previously a teacher, a reporter, an insurance agent and the owner of “The Marion daily star”
Warren Harding
Talked to astronauts from the moon by radio telephone from the White House.
Richard Nixon
Donated his entire White House salary to charity.
John Kennedy
Enjoyed playing the saxophone.
Bill Clinton
Had a non-American capital city named after them.
James Monroe
Served two non-consecutive terms.
Grover Cleveland
Tried to persuade the public that the presidential hopeful was not actually an American citizen.
Chester Arthur
Only president to have a master of business Administration degree.
George W. Bush
Was an actor before president.
Ronald Reagan
Second of two presidents with an “s” as a middle name that does not stand for anything.
Harry Truman
Only president born in the US, but not the contiguous 48 states.
Barack Obama
The first republican president.
Abraham Lincoln
President who had the most children (15 children).
John Tyler
First president to ride in a car.
William McKinley
Only president to never attend school.
Andrew Johnson
President who served the least days in office.
William Harrison
Although we generally call him by a different first name, his first name was John and the name we usually use was his middle name.
Calvin Coolidge
First of two presidents with an “s” as a middle name that does not stand for anything.
Ulysses S. Grant
Installed the first central heating system in the White House.
Franklin Pierce
Only president buried in Washington D.C
Woodrow Wilson
Grandson of a president that came far earlier than him.
Benjamin Harrison
Was nominated president by his party, but didn’t even realise that until he received a letter.
Zachary Taylor
Nearly died in World War II. He boarded a plane, then exited to use the restroom. When he came back, he boarded a different plane. The original plane was destroyed, but the second plane survived.
Lyndon Johnson
Became president of his college at the age of 26.
James Garfield
Shortest president.
James Madison
Oldest president at the time of their election.
Donald Trump
Youngest president to die by a natural cause.
James Polk
Youngest pilot in the navy when he served.
George H.W. Bush
His native language was Dutch.
Martin Van Buren
Won by just a single electoral vote.
Rutherford Hayes
Is the oldest president still alive.
Jimmy Carter
Was a miner before president and ended up being a self-made millionaire.
Herbert Hoover
Was the oldest president alive at the time of his election, lost the title when an older president was elected and reclaimed the title by outliving that president.
William Taft
died the same day as the previous president.
Thomas Jefferson
Only president to serve more than two terms (elected 4 times).
Franklin Roosevelt
Served as both president and Vice President, but wasn’t elected to either office.
Gerald Ford
First democratic president.
Andrew Jackson
Was the oldest lived president ever for 198 years, until a president surpassed his age rather recently.
John Adams
First president with a pilot’s license.
Dwight Eisenhower
Only president who did not live in the White House.
George Washington
Only president to never marry.
James Buchanan
Installed the first kitchen stove and bathtub in the White House.
Millard Fillmore
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Mar 17, 2019
This was a hard one to make. Some of the facts may be too easy or too hard, so I may change some in the future.