The Mafia Quiz

Can you guess these facts related to organised crime syndicates?
Quiz by Nathaniel
Last updated: February 27, 2022
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First submittedMarch 13, 2020
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Island on which the Mafia originated
English translation of "Cosa Nostra", the mafia's name for itself
Our thing
Term for a fully-initiated member of the Mafia
Made man
Common name for the Japanese mafia
Common name for a Chinese crime syndicate
Mobster who ran the Chicago outfit in the 1920s
Al Capone
Illegal product sold by the above
Crime for which he was eventually convicted
Tax evasion
Term for a major criminal organization which traffics drugs
Drug cartel
Richest drug lord of all time; from Medellín
Pablo Escobar
Drug gang founded by a former Mexican special forces soldier
whose name is a letter in Spanish
Crime family from the movie "The Godfather"
Country which is the source of most of the world's opium
Three letter title of respect for a high-ranking leader in the Italian mafia
Sporting event that was allegedly fixed in 1919 by racketeer Arnold Rothstein
World Series
Los Angeles street gang that wears red and are rivals of the Crips
Former Birmingham gang that supposedly wore razor blades in the bills of their hats
Peaky Blinders
Name one of New York's "five families" of Italian mafia
Bonanno | Colombo |
Gambino | Genovese |
Level 83
Feb 17, 2022
Turns out all this time I've been reading it as 'casa nostra', 'our house'. Not that I read a lot about the Mafia in general
Level 86
Feb 17, 2022
Too many questions not about the mafia.
Level 88
Feb 17, 2022
Mafia is a term for general organized crime groups.
Level 86
Feb 18, 2022
A mafia is a particular type of criminal organization, with a code, with rituals, with a strong law of silence. I think it must be distinguished from a gang. The Yakuza and the Triad qualify for this quiz, LA and Birmingham gangs don't. As for the world series question, I don't get it... it's not interesting at the very least.

On the other hand, some basic stuff is not asked for, such as the Omertà, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti... I would also make a case of more Italian stuff: The Calabrian mafia ('Ndrangheta) has taken much importance since the decline of the sicilian one, and the Camorra, the Napolitan one, is rather well-known as well.

Level 71
Jul 20, 2023
I'm not sure why you think the L.A. gangs don't qualify, as they are organized, have a hierarchical structure (with ranks and paid (!) membership, codes (rules), rituals and vows of silence.

You could say that the mafia is an Italian-derived term that can only apply to Italian and Italian-American criminal organizations (thus not including the Bloods, the Yakuza or Medellín cartel), though this at odds with the actual usage of the word, as reflected by a dictionary; or you can say that it is a general term for a kind of criminal organization, in which case everything can stay.

Level 54
Mar 4, 2022
this guy mobs
Level 83
Feb 22, 2022
For triad, you should also accept "tong."

Level 72
Feb 27, 2022
Level 70
Feb 27, 2022
please accept "tong"
Level 72
Feb 27, 2022
Level ∞
Feb 27, 2022
Level 82
Feb 27, 2022
darn it. Typed out every letter of the Spanish alphabet, even made it to zeta, but didn't pluralize it...
Level 82
Feb 27, 2022
To be fair, the clue is misleadingly worded as "whose name is A letter in Spanish".
Level 75
Feb 27, 2022
In [American?] Spanish things like this are often referred to in the singular i.e. Los Zeta. If someone spoke about them in Spanish it would sound a bit strange if they pluraliesd the name tbh. "The Simpsons" in Spanish is "Los Simpson". Zeta singular should be accepted.
Level 67
Feb 27, 2022
I mess with the mob too much, was literally just rewatching some Sopranos and Donnie Brasco right before this and I'm making a mob screenplay for fun. Only missed Zetas
Level 72
Feb 27, 2022
Can you please accept "this thing of ours."
Level 52
Mar 2, 2022
Agreed. "This thing of ours" has been used many times in pop culture.