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Vague hintCityExplanation of the vague hint% Correct
lebrOn, Kareem, shaquillE, Bill and ...KobeThese are all first names of famous basketball players.
his haiR is always a toPic of discussion whEn around his faMilyPerm'He' has a perm, which is easily noticed when one sees his family members have straight hair.
we all Know, youngeR siblings get waY too much attentiOnYorkNew York is named for York and since has become way more famous than its sibling.
in the pAst it has been Given the nameS oko, ekO, onim and Later ...LagosLagos has had many names in the past and some are still used today parallel to Lagos.
I can do a handStand, buT i'm simPly not fLexible enough for a ...SplitA split is a position in gymnastics.
who is thE one iN a polYamorous relationShip with marY and Diane?SydneySydney is a given name.
call garY, the olympiCs Are beGinning And tuRn the telLy onCalgaryThe 1988 Olympic Winter Games were held in Calgary.
this city in kwazUlu-Natal wAs nameD afteR a BenjaminDurbanDurban was named after Sir Benjamin D'Urban.
cAre to lose lArge aMoUnts of pataCaMacauThe currency of Macau is Pataca. Macau has many casinos and don't kid yourself, you'll lose money there.
for thE siXth time nOw paPadopoulos, tHe bIrd has returNedPhoenixI'm sure you know, phoenixes are immortal birds from Greek mythology, who are cyclically reborn. The one spoken of here is called Papadopoulos and has just been reborn the sixth time.
a tweltH of a foot aNd a basiCally infiNite perIod Of timEIncheonAn inch is a very short distance and an eon is a very long period of time. Together they make Incheon or very little velocity.
she tRained Nurses fOr the Care oF woundEd soLdiers in crimEaFlorenceThis is talking about Florence Nightingale. By the way, she was born in Florence.
Is there any Urban Area thaT haS to Be more speciaL thaN ...?IstanbulIstanbul is one of few cities famously beeing known by several different names in the past and furthermore, Istanbul is located on two continents.
yoU'lL conceDe, this is Just the GreAtest nAme A plAce eveR hAdGuadalajaraIn my opinion Guadalajara is the best named city in the world.
his finGers, mOistened from the flaCon, seNsuousLy grazEd his bOdyCologneThis man is applying Eau de Cologne.

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