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1,4362021-09-07European Countries in their native language
1,4012022-09-19Find the Mystery State
1,0012022-10-05Country Connect by Borders and Proximity
8282021-12-1914 Peaks
7012021-09-10Guess the Language Family
6602022-09-11Country Observation / Memory Test
6052021-12-20Highest point in every country
3322022-09-19Find the Mystery State #3
3292021-08-30100 Most Spoken Languages
2932022-10-06All Geological Eons, Eras, Periods and Epochs
2822022-09-22Where is that Geoguessr screenshot?
2812022-10-15Largest Countries below 1000m
2772022-09-19Find the Mystery State #2
2382021-08-17Badminton 2020 Olympic Medals
2132022-09-19Find the Mystery State #5
1572022-09-19Find the Mystery State #4
1302021-08-15Guess the Language
1272021-09-19All Countries in their Native Language
1182022-10-08Countries of the World with Autocomplete
1102021-09-09Largest Cities in Each Square
1052021-09-07Historical Events by City
932022-11-18If the world was just 500 people . . .
822021-08-04Most popular countries by surname
812022-10-19Countries bigger than all their neighbours combined
802022-10-09Bordering Countries with the Most Similar Populations
702022-09-28Which 2 countries satisfy all the following hints?
672022-10-14Most Viewed Cities on Wikipedia
672021-08-30Country Anagrams
672021-12-27Largest Subdivisions by Population
632022-10-14Most Viewed Events on Wikipedia
632021-09-24Countries with higher HDI than their neighbours
622022-09-28Countries that begin with DEN and end with MARK
622021-09-17Oldest National Anthems
612021-09-24Countries by Borders with Exceptions
602022-12-08Largest Population Increase (1950 - 2100)
582021-07-22Countries containing NAM
572022-12-08Countries with a Population Decrease (1950 - 2100)
552023-02-01Coldest Countries in January
542022-10-07Largest Cities ending in 'burg'
532022-10-05Bordering Countries with the Largest Difference in Elevation
522022-01-16Higher Population than their neighbours combined
502022-10-11Hot Countries Bordering Cold Countries
492022-10-13Countries in Conflict of Nations
482022-12-18World Cup Winners for 6 sports
472021-09-22US State Anagrams
472021-12-15Longest Path of Countries
462022-10-05Countries that contain the 14 Peaks over 8000m
462023-01-15Majority Arid Countries
452022-01-31Wikipedia Articles by mentions of Russia
442022-11-04Bordering Countries that do NOT share a tripoint
442021-07-31Wikipedia Articles by mentions of 'War'
432021-08-30Name one city per country, with exceptions
432022-01-07Small Countries with Big Cities
432023-01-15Majority Tropical Countries
422022-01-25All Regions of NZ in order of population
422022-04-08City Countdown - United States
412022-11-21Guess the Country by Rhyming Cities
402022-12-07Tripoints with the Highest Elevation
392022-12-19Closest Island Countries to Landlocked Countries
392021-09-10Countries by Flag Colour Combination
392022-01-13Countries with the most people living on low land
382022-10-09Largest Cities in the "Water Hemisphere"
382022-10-0819th Century Historical Quiz
372021-09-04Countries with the Most Islands
362022-12-07Bordering Countries with the Largest Difference in Highest Point
362021-07-30Wikipedia Articles by mentions of Germany
362021-07-24Countries furthest from New Zealand
342021-08-31Countries by Age Demographic
342021-07-22Countries containing MB
342022-10-07Elements that do NOT end in 'm' or 'n'
342022-01-21Russia's borders by area, China's borders by population
332022-09-23Least Guessed Answers on Jetpunk Quizzes
332023-06-25Largest Atlantic Cities
332021-08-16Olympics 2021 Medal Count
332022-12-09Which Country's Population Graph is this?
302022-01-21All Ticket to Ride Maps
292022-09-19Closest Capital Cities - Europe
292022-10-15Largest Countries below 5000m
282022-01-13Combining GDP with GDP per capita
282022-10-08Heaviest Animals by Type
282021-09-03World Cities Map Quiz
272022-09-25Largest Objects in the Solar System
272022-10-07Element Synonyms
262021-07-30ISO 3-Letter Country Codes
262022-09-28Planet Shape Quiz
252023-01-27Hottest/Coldest Capitals in Summer/Winter
242021-09-11Wars by Date
232021-08-29Wikipedia Articles by mentions of 'Human Rights'
232022-10-03Countries by Ascents of Mt Everest per capita
232022-02-01Wikipedia Articles by mentions of China
222022-10-19Most Popular Living Things on Wikipedia
222022-12-21International Borders by Highest Point (Europe)
212022-12-07Tripoints with the Lowest Elevation
202022-10-15Largest Countries below 500m
202022-10-15Largest Countries below 3000m
192022-01-31Canadian Province Anagrams
192021-07-20Embassies/High Commissions in Wellington
192021-08-07Top Left Corner of Flags
192022-09-15Country Wikipedia Articles with half the words gone.
192022-10-03Capital Cities that end in é
192021-07-20Google Autocomplete Quiz
182021-10-09Source and Mouth of Rivers
182021-08-04Kiwifruit Producing Countries
182022-10-01Closest Capital Cities - Africa
182022-10-15Largest Countries below 2000m
182022-09-19Closest Capital Cities - Asia
172022-09-1311 States, Lowest to Highest
172021-09-24Tanks per capita
172022-04-13City Countdown - Germany
172023-01-15Majority Continental Countries
172023-06-25Furthest Cities from a Capital
172023-08-19U.S. States with the highest percentage of vowels
162023-01-15Majority Temperate Countries
162023-02-01Coldest Countries in October
162022-09-28Celestial Objects by Population on 20 July 1969
142022-04-08City Countdown - India
142022-12-07International Borders by Highest Point
132023-02-01Coldest Countries in April
112023-02-01Coldest Countries in July
112022-10-24All Highly Composite Numbers under 1000
102022-09-22Most Obscure Periodic Elements
102023-01-28All Capitals in order of Latitude
102023-06-25Submarines per capita
102022-04-09City Countdown - Russia
92021-09-10Odd Flag Out
82022-04-09City Countdown - Brazil
52024-03-19Guess the New Zealand City from Satellite View
32022-11-11What is the highest point in Oceania?
32022-01-08Countries by Population per capita
12022-11-05Towns on State Highway 1 in order