Death Note Quiz #1

Some Questions about Death Note. Have Fun!!!
Quiz by DeLaZizou
Last updated: January 31, 2021
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1. What is L's assistant's name?
Watari was the only person that knew L in person
2. Who killed L?
Light Yagami
Misa Amane
After Watari's Rem wrote L's name in the Death Note
3. Whose Shinigami is Rem at first?
Teru Mikami
Misa Amane
Kyosuke Higuchi
Light Yagami
Rem gave her Death Note to Misa and Misa became the Second Kira.
4. Why did Soichiro Yagami died happy?
He saw that Light wasn't Kira
He had enough of this story and he is happy it ended.
He saved L
He killed Mello
Soichiro did the deal with the Shinigami Eyes and saw that Light didn't possess a Death Note. (Light didn't possess one at that time Well Played)
5. Who shot Light Yagami in the last episode?
Shuichi Aizawa
Touta Matsuda
Soichiro Yagami
Nate River
Light tried to write in a hidden piece of Death Note and Matsuda shot him with anger and disbelief.
6. What is Ryuk's favourite food?
Potato Chips
Ryuk is obsessed with Apples.
7. What is Misa Amane's job?
She is an up and coming model.
8. Why does Misa loves Kira?
Kira saved her from a creepy man one night
She likes killing people
Kira killed the kids that bullied her at school
Kira killed her parents's murderers
Kira took revenge for Misa by killing her parents's killers. From then Misa started loving Kira.
9. What was Raye Penber's job in Japan?
Spying Light Yagami
Meet L to exchange informations
Helping Naomi Misora with her investigation
Spying Misa Amane
He was spying Light until the day with the bus accident which was a plan of Light to kill Raye.
10. Naomi Misora died by:
Car accident
Heart attack
Light hardly found her name and made her commit suicide.
11. “I know that voice. Why on earth can't I remember who it belongs to? Kira, who are you?” Who said this?
John McEnroe
Raye Penbar
Naomi Misora
Kyosuke Higuchi
Raye saw Light's face moments before he died but he couldn't remember whose voice this was
12. Which Death Note rule was fake?
The user needs the name AND the face of a person to kill it
If the user won't right anything after the name for 40 seconds the person will die by heart attack
After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds
If the user won't write names for 13 days consecutively he/she will die
This rule was writen by Light to throw away the accusations
13. How many siblings does Light have?
One little sister
14. What is Light Yagami's father?
The Leader of the Japanese Task Force
TV Reporter
FBI Agent
And that helped Light gain some informations about his enemies's investigation
15. Who killed Light Yagami?
Touta Matsuda
Ryuk wrote Light's name as he said he would do
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