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2,7562023-10-09The Netherlands... Or Belgium?
6162019-05-30Ireland... Or Northern Ireland?
5172019-05-10Capitals of Africa - 2 Minute Sprint
4762019-05-10Capitals of Asia - 2 Minute sprint
2752019-05-07Arcade - All Lyrics
2522019-05-09Norway... Or Sweden?
2372023-10-28Cologne Trivia
1952019-05-10Sicily Trivia Quiz
1822023-10-28German History General Knowledge #1
1672019-05-07All Eurovision Countries
1512019-05-25Latvia... Or Lithuania?
1282019-05-09Word Chain - Germany
1082023-05-18Eurovision 2023 Trivia
1042019-07-16The Never Ending Story - All Lyrics
942021-02-17Which city in Italy?
792023-10-28Cities in Italy by Letter
712019-05-09Eurovision 2018 Countries by Artists
572021-02-23Hamburg Trivia
562023-10-22Countries with the most female Astronauts
492021-02-19European country by second biggest city
472019-05-08European Country by Clue
442023-10-22Countries with most Refugees
432021-02-18Second biggest city per European country
432021-02-17City in Italy by picture
372023-10-20European Cities by a Single Clue #1
372023-10-08Most popular destinations for Wine Tourism
372023-10-07Countries with the highest alcohol consumption (per capita)
372021-02-17European City by Clue
342021-02-23Munich Trivia
342023-10-06Countries with the biggest gold reserves
332023-10-07Most gender equal countries
312023-10-20European Cities by a Single Clue #2
302023-10-22European Cities by a Single Clue #4
302023-10-22European Countries that consume the most chocolate per capita
292023-10-21European Cities by a Single Clue #3
282023-10-28European Cities by a Single Clue #5
242023-10-18Luxembourg True or False?
242023-10-10All Lyrics All Too Well 10 Minute Version- Taylor Swift
232023-10-22Ecofriendliest Countries
232023-10-05European Countries by highest Peak
192023-10-05Biggest City in French Regions with exceptions
192023-11-03Taylor Swift Song by Acronym
172023-10-15Swiss Cantons by Most Populous City
172023-10-22Countries with Astronauts on ISS
162023-10-08Countries by tallest Skyscraper
162023-10-28German States by Picture
162023-10-09Rhine Ruhr Trivia
152023-11-03Busiest Cargo Airports
152023-10-29Lakes by Wikipedia Description
132023-07-14Major cities on the Rhine - with pictures