Country Quiz on a Map - Italy

Benvenuto a tutti ! Let's test your knowledge about Italy! In this unique quiz, all the answers to geographical, historical, and cultural questions will be somewhere on the map. Buona fortuna !
Population by city proper, not urban area (from
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Quiz by YungBabass
Last updated: February 23, 2024
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First submittedJuly 3, 2021
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Bordering Countries
San Marino
Vatican City
Bordering Seas and Oceans
Adriatic Sea
Ionian Sea
Ligurian Sea
Mediterranean Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea
Mountain Ranges and Chains
Monte Bianco
Mount Etna
Mount Vesuvius
Largest Cities by Population
Other Cities
Home to the oldest university in the Western world
Capital city of the Western Roman Empire from 402 until its demise
Ancient Greek settlment founded in 734 BC
Former (only) seaport of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
"La Serenissima"
Largest island in the Mediterranean Sea
Second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea
Birthplace region of the Italian Renaissance
Largest stadium in ancient Rome
Circus Maximus
Symbol of the city of Pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Main art museum in Florence
Uffizi Gallery
Natural Wonders
Coastal area literally meaning 'Five Lands'
Cinque Terre
One of the most beautiful lakes in the world, according to the Huffington Post in 2014
Lake Como
Famous People
Arpino: This Roman statesman, who ended the second Catilinarian conspiracy, was born there
Genoa: This renowned explorer hailed from this maritime republic
Christopher Columbus
Florence: This 'magnificent' man ruled the city during its Golden Age
Lorenzo de' Medici
Pieces of Art
Florence: This sculpture of a Biblical figure by Michelangelo is one of the city's many masterpieces
Florence: This painting of a Roman Godess by Botticelli is also one of the city's many masterpieces
The Birth of Venus
Verona: The two lovers of this English tragedy live in this city
Romeo and Juliet
216 BC: Roman defeat by Carthage during the Second Punic War
Battle of Cannae
1944: Series of assaults by the Allies during World War II to capture Rome
Battle of Monte Cassino
Level 49
Feb 15, 2024
Hello everyone!

I present to you the new format of the 'Country Quiz on a Map' series, inaugurating it with Italy. New countries, as well as updates, should be coming soon.

I made primarily two modifications:

- A more 'mappish' map (new colors, display of mountain/river names).

- The display of hints directly on the image. Indeed, it has always been a bit tricky to switch between questions and the map, and this should solve the problem (unfortunately, due to space constraints, some hints are more detailed in the usual hint boxes).

I hope you'll enjoy this new version, buona fortuna!

Level 75
Jul 3, 2021
Great map, let's hope this gets more attention
Level 49
Jul 3, 2021
Thanks, I hope too :D
Level 75
Jul 21, 2021
I see this has been spotlighted, congrats!
Level 54
Jul 3, 2021
Wow! Impressive work, and very original SVG. Nominated again! I only got 35/45 on this one.
Level 59
Jul 3, 2021
Suggoi wa Map desu ne (人*´∀`)。*゚+
Level 71
Jul 5, 2021
Really cool quiz! Very artistic, I haven't seen anything else like this on JetPunk. Nominated, and hope this gains popularity :)
Level 63
Jul 23, 2021
Nicely done quiz, I love the map. I have to ask though, is the stadium one intended to be a trick question? Because I typed colosseum expecting that to work considering it basically is a stadium, no?
Level 59
May 17, 2023
Level 58
Jun 23, 2023
Isn't the Circus Maximus larger?
Level 77
Jan 23, 2024
While the Colosseum is a bigger structure, it could "only" hold between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators. The Circus Maximus could hold over 150,000 people, making it larger in terms of attendance.
Level 94
May 10, 2023
great choice of questions! it was really fun and challenging


Level 18
Jun 21, 2023
Could you accept entries in Italian as well?
Level 58
Jun 23, 2023
May you please accept alternates for "Appenines" including Appenine Mountains?
Level 61
May 8, 2024
I second this, I was stuck on that one scratching my head thinking I must have misspelled it until I finally tried adding the -s
Level 60
Sep 22, 2023
I liked the quiz, but there were a handful of typos that you might want to fix:

Series instead of serie

Roman should be capitalized

There should be two Ws in WWII

Mountain should have a U

Description is spelled with "cr" instead of "ct"

Settlement should have an E after the L

Level 82
Feb 14, 2024
Also on the map image, "Switerland" should be "Switzerland."
Level 77
Nov 21, 2023
Nice concept :)
Level 77
Jan 23, 2024
Great quiz! Just two minor comments, that don't detract from the beauty of the quiz. It should technically be "Lorenzo de' Medici" with an apostrophe signifying the elision of the final "i" in "dei". Also, there is a mountain near the border between Liguria and France that doesn't become green when "Alps" is guessed. I kept trying to think of what major mountain was in that area that I was missing :-) Other than that, great work and beautiful quiz!
Level 77
Jan 23, 2024
Also, it's usually spelled "Montecassino" as one word in Italian, but since it doesn't affect the clue, it's not that important.
Level 77
Jan 23, 2024
"Mont Blanc" could be referred to as "Monte Bianco" here, since it's the Italy quiz as opposed to the (just as beautiful) one about France.
Level 49
Feb 9, 2024
Thanks for your comments :)

I usually try to stick to the English names (which correspond to the Wiki page), but you're right about Medici. Monte Bianco was already accepted as a type-in; I changed it to become the main answer.

Level 75
Feb 14, 2024
Can you accept Mont Blanc and variants though?
Level 60
Feb 15, 2024
I really like the new formatting! It looks great! The map is a bit chaotic but I suppose that can't be avoided with the amount of information present. Wonderful quiz, and thank you for fixing the typos!
Level 72
Mar 6, 2024
Small typo, but you have "godess" instead of "goddess" for the Florence art question.

Anyway, good job on the quiz! Love these.

Level 72
Mar 11, 2024
In Italy, the painting under Pieces of art is commonly know just by the name of goddess: "La XXXX di Botticelli". Would you consider the type-in?
Level 73
Mar 11, 2024
Can you also accept "Lorenzo" for the magnificent ruler?
Level 61
Mar 11, 2024
in the table it's "Apennines" and in the map it's "Appenines"
Level 55
Apr 9, 2024
Can you accept Venus for Birth of Venus, as you asked for the name of the goddess.
Level 67
Apr 16, 2024
Nice game, but you should accept Italian answers too, as you should do for French in France and so on. But the game is very nice, a little too much focused on Tuscany, but we know Americans go there...
Level 89
May 21, 2024
If you're thinking of getting a place there, don't bother...there's really nothing available! ;)
Level 66
Apr 20, 2024
Love the quiz, not a big fan of the map design. One major improvement (in my mind) would be colouring map items in the classic Jetpunk green after they've been named. More simplistic marker designs, though not a big deal, would also be appreciated. I initially missed the items that weren't listed on the left and only indicated on the map, partly because I found it difficult to sight-read the map quickly. One last note: The Apennines are also known as the Apennine mountains, so I think it would make sense to allow “apennine” as a type-in option.
Level 51
Apr 20, 2024
I agree, I completely missed the section of neighbouring countries because I was only looking at the map and they weren’t really indicted there, only by their names being missing. I only saw it after the quiz had ended and I scrolled down, I had no idea there were more things under the map
Level 28
Apr 21, 2024
This is way the greatest jetpunk quizz I’ve seen!!!

Congratulations for such an excellent job

Level 44
Apr 22, 2024
Please accept Lago di Como for Lake Como
Level 44
Apr 22, 2024
Love this quiz! Very creative!