Country Quiz on a Map - USA

Howdy partner! Let's test your knowledge on the US! In this unique quiz, all the answers to geographical, historical, and cultural questions will be somewhere on the map. Give it a try!
Population by city proper, not urban area. 2022 estimates.
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Quiz by YungBabass
Last updated: March 10, 2024
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First submittedJuly 2, 2020
Times taken24,582
Average score74.0%
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Rio Grande
Mountain Ranges and Chains
Appalachian Mountains
Cascade Range
Rocky Mountains
Mount Whitney
Mount Rainier
Mauna Kea
Great Basin Desert
Mojave Desert
Bordering Countries
Bordering Seas and Oceans
Arctic Ocean
Bering Sea
Gulf of Mexico
North Atlantic Ocean
North Pacific Ocean
Lake Erie
Lake Huron
Lake Michigan
Lake Ontario
Lake Superior
Largest Cities by Population
New York
Los Angeles
Other Cities
City whose Tea Party ignited the American Revolution
Self-proclaimed 'Entertainment Capital of the World'
Las Vegas
World capital of jazz music
New Orleans
Seat of the Mormon Church
Salt Lake City
US government headquarters
Washington, D.C.
Region sold by Russia in 1867
Southeastern peninsula
Group of 6 states with similar colonial history
New England
Symbol of the city of St Louis
Gateway Arch
Bridge that welcomes boats in the bay of San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge
Sculpted mountain in South Dakota
Mount Rushmore
Famous People
Montgomery: This woman refused to sit where she was asked to in this city
Rosa Parks
Dallas: This politician was murdered there
John F. Kennedy
Detroit: This automotive pioneer created his first manufacturing plant there
Henry Ford
Pieces of Art
Albuquerque: The events of this TV show, featuring Mr. White, take place there
Breaking Bad
Eldon, Iowa: This painting by Grant Wood was inspired by a 'Gothic House' in this city
American Gothic
Oklahoma: This John Steinbeck novel narrates the Joad family's exile from this state during the Great Depression
The Grapes of Wrath
1836: Remembered battle of the Texas Revolution
Battle of the Alamo
1863: Turning point of the American Civil War, and its deadliest battle
Battle of Gettysburg
Natural Wonders
Gorge carved by the Colorado River
Grand Canyon
Famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park
Old Faithful
Level 56
Jul 3, 2020
Nice map! Nominated.
Level 89
Jul 3, 2020
The answer boxes for the desert category didn't display. I could see there were a couple of unanswered questions but had no idea what they could be because there were no answer boxes for them.
Level 47
Jul 5, 2020
Thanks, fixed!
Level 85
Jul 6, 2020
Great quiz, can tell you put a lot of work into it. Thank you.
Level 73
Dec 28, 2020
Enjoyed it very much!!
Level 26
Feb 12, 2021
This should get way more recognition.
Level 33
Jul 3, 2021
Could you fix the quiz series name? It’s spelled Countiry, it should be Country. :D
Level 84
Dec 11, 2021
Good quiz! Maybe accept harbour with a u for those of us across the pond?
Level 82
Apr 29, 2023
This was awesome, but I have some requests for type ins? Could DC be accepted for Washington, DC (as someone who lives in the area that what we normally call it), and could the Gateway to the West be accepted for the St. Louis arch?

Also, I've usually heard Lexington and Concord as being the first battle of the Revolution, so I was a bit confused by the answer of Boston for that one

Level 47
Jun 4, 2023
I took your requests into account.

For Boston, I was thinking of the Boston Tea Party. I'm obviously not American, so maybe I'm wrong about it, maybe it's more of a 'prelude to the revolution'.

Level 43
May 20, 2023
Great quiz! You definitely took a while on this, I nominated it! I'm an American and I only got a 38...

Completely forgot about the Bering Sea, I kept trying to type in the Caribbean Sea.

Also, I would personally switch the Cascade Range with the Smoky Mountain Range, but that's not my place to judge.

Level 77
Jan 23, 2024
The Great Smoky Mountains are part of the Appalachians, while the Cascades Range is a separate range.
Level 61
Dec 10, 2023
can you accept dc for washington dc
Level 67
Dec 10, 2023
Great quiz, but you might want to edit the "Teen Spirit" clue. The way it was worded, it was difficult to determine if you were asking for the song or the band.
Level 55
Jan 16, 2024
Maybe accept "Crazyhorse" for carved mountain?
Level 77
Jan 23, 2024
While the Crazy Horse Memorial is definitely a "sculpted mountain" it's not even close to being finished (and quite controversial as it's not well loved by the Lakotas themselves). The other answer is by far more popular.
Level 72
Mar 4, 2024
The Lakota don't really like Mount Rushmore either. Mount Rushmore and the surrounding Black Hills are considered sacred.
Level 84
Feb 23, 2024
This is a gorgeous update! Nommed.
Level 69
Feb 28, 2024
Great quiz! Just nominated!
Level 43
Mar 2, 2024
Nominated! Hope it gets featured!
Level 83
Mar 4, 2024
Several features are missing the final letter on the map
Level 47
Mar 4, 2024
Which ones? Are you on your phone?

Unfortunately, these quizzes are not great on phones. The fonts are not preserved, causing misalignments.

Level 85
Mar 4, 2024
Why were the two volcanoes selected? Yes, they're both "active," but neither has done much in recent decades - or longer. I feel that better examples would be Kilauea in Hawai'i (erupts regularly; most recently in September 2023), and Mount St. Helens (catastrophic eruption in 1980, killing an estimated 57 people).
Level 39
Mar 19, 2024
Yeah I kept trying Mt St Helens for Raineer, felt it was a bit confusing
Level 83
Mar 4, 2024
Top quiz.
Level 61
Mar 13, 2024
Man, tons of work, but my only rub is with the Hawaiian volcano. I tried Kilauea and I tried Mauna Loa, and honestly I thought i was spelling something wrong. There's something like 10 active volcanoes there, and knowing them all (and thus finally hitting the one the quiz is looking for) is a tall order. With no data to back my claim, I think the two I was trying are the most well known.
Level 74
Mar 13, 2024
Mauna Kea is well known for being the “tallest” mountain in the world from base to peak, plus the fact that the mark is on the big island means it’s pretty easily identifiable
Level 64
Mar 17, 2024
this is one of my favorite quizzes ive seen. great work
Level 72
Mar 19, 2024
When my grandfather was a young boy, having moved back east from California, his teacher pointed to the map and asked the class to name the desert she was indicating. My grandfather piped up "The Mojave," pronouncing it "mo-hawv-eh." She immediately corrected him, telling him "No it's the Mojave," pronouncing it "mo-jave."

I've known that story since my childhood--and I still missed that question on this quiz.

Level 65
Mar 19, 2024
You should either adjust the map's depiction of the Mojave desert to not overlap with the Sonora desert or add Sonora desert as a type-in.
Level 56
Mar 19, 2024
This was an awesome map and quiz! Good work!
Level 44
Mar 31, 2024
That was fun!
Level 64
Mar 31, 2024
Nice, would love to see Poland's version
Level 61
Apr 10, 2024
Please accept "Mohave" as a type-in for the Mojave Desert.