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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user FootballGeoGuy.
# of Quizzes 67
# Subscribers 4
Times taken 36,848
Quizmaker Rank # 924
15,9222019-04-30Countries of the World Quiz in 10 Minutes
3,4952019-04-28Fast Math - Double That Number! (Typing Based)
3,2462019-04-30Countries of the World Quiz in 60 Seconds
2,0072019-05-05All 1M Cities by Proximity in 2 Minutes
1,8372019-04-30US States Quiz in 90 Seconds
1,6422019-05-05All 1M Cities by Proximity in 3 Minutes
1,0952019-04-28Countries of the World Quiz in 30 Minutes
9522019-06-04Algebra 101 #1
8522019-05-05All 1M Cities by Proximity in 60 Seconds
5392019-05-05All 1M Cities by Proximity in 15 Seconds
3852019-05-05All 1M Cities by Proximity in 20 Seconds
3612019-04-27US States Quiz in 20 Seconds
3102019-03-17Easiest Quiz Ever
2592019-05-27Name the countries In Antarctica
2172019-04-30Countries of the World Quiz in 3 Minutes
2112019-04-28U.S. Presidents Quiz in 90 Seconds
2082019-03-11USA Or Canada - Very Easy/Easy
2022019-04-25All 3M Cities on the World Map in 300 Seconds
1782019-04-26Fast Typing to 100 in 15 seconds in order
1652019-05-03Countries by Borders in 120 Seconds
1482019-11-10All Books Of The Bible
1472019-03-30Capital To Country
1332019-04-28Biggest Metro Areas in the USA in 90 Seconds
1232019-07-17Hardest Quiz Ever - Impossible Version
1132019-05-05All 1M Cities by Proximity in 30 Seconds
1132019-04-30Countries of the World Quiz in 90 Seconds
1112019-05-01Countries of Oceania in 15 Seconds
1072019-05-02Fast Typing A to Z (hard)
882019-04-26Middle East Map Quiz in 15 Seconds
862019-04-26Countries of the World Quiz in 45 Seconds
852019-07-18Hardest Quiz Ever
802019-04-27Countries of the World with an Empty Map in 45 Seconds
692019-04-25Countries that border france
602019-03-15City Satellites
602019-04-28States of Germany in 90 Seconds
602019-04-01Largest Country in each Continent expect Antarctica
602019-04-24Countries that border Switzerland
592019-05-05All 1M Cities by Proximity in 90 Seconds
572019-05-02Countries in a Ring of the World Map in 90 Seconds
562019-04-25Countries Bordering Ukraine
522019-05-05All 1M Cities by Proximity in 45 Seconds
522019-04-30Countries of the World Quiz in 7.5 Minutes
512019-04-27Asia Map Quiz in 60 Seconds
482019-04-24Countries that border Guatemala
472019-04-05The Easiest Quiz
472019-04-25Countries that border Poland
452019-04-24Countries bordering Bolivia
452019-04-24Countries that border Colombia
442019-04-24Countries that border peru
422019-11-06Football Quiz #1
412019-03-11Geography Quiz #4 Largest City Editon
402019-07-17Hardest Quiz Ever
402019-05-20Capitals - Word Scramble
402019-04-30Countries of the World Quiz in 5 Minutes
402019-04-30European Landlocked Countries in 30 Seconds
362019-03-29Countries in south east Asia and the Indonesian archipelago
342019-03-17The Impossible Quiz
312019-03-08GeoGraphy Quiz #3 Capital Editon
262019-05-27Reciprocal and Opposite Math
262019-05-16Fruits with Clues #1
232019-05-20Countries - Word Scramble
222019-05-03Countries by Borders in 40 Seconds
212019-05-27Easy Parenthesis Math
182019-04-24Countries that border argentina
182019-11-25Old Testament Books
172019-04-06Hardest Quiz Ever
42019-05-05U.S. Presidents Quiz - Yellow Box