TIMV Trivia Quiz

Attempt to answer all of these questions relating to map details, gameplay mechanics, and TIMV history!
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Quiz by iRDM
Last updated: May 6, 2019
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What was the first map?
What was the second map?
Hermit Sands
Which map contains a wearable golden helmet?
Puerto Tereza
What is the only traitor item with a chance to fail?
Tester Spoofer
What game is TIMV based on?
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Which map has the most ender chests? (7)
Which map contains the only traitor trap that shoots the victim upward?
Calypso Harbor
How many tokens does the secret sign give the player?
Name one of the three removed maps.
Seraphim, Prime, Silent Valley
In the past, how much karma was lost for glitching a lobby item into the game?
Which map contains Vareide's Secret Evil Lair?
Which map is based on the old Block Party lobby?
Which map is based on the old Trouble in Mineville lobby?
Eagle Rock
What do you get for completing the lobby parkour?
Name one of the three most recent Sherlocks.
schatzi24, Monsel, HeinzBeans
What was the first custom detective stick?
Blaze Rod
Name one of the three maps with a usable enchantment table.
Azure Island, Hermit Sands: Revisited, Spectral
Which color of tester glass is the cheapest?
Lime, Orange, Magenta, Silver
Which color of tester glass is the most expensive?
Which map originally had no tester?
Welcome to Woodbury
Which map exists in the same build as Sky Lands?
Sky Ship
Which map has a secret sewer system?
Hermit Sands (Classic and Revamped)
How many custom corpse types are there? (Not including default)
Name a map based on a book, television show, or movie.
The Shire, Welcome to Woodbury, Wonderland, Hollywood Hotel
Which traitor item costs six points?
Tester Bomb
What is the only map whose tester is not 2x2 or 3x3?
Hollywood Hotel
Which map contains three "easter egg" nether stars?
Puerto Tereza
What item is featured on the banner under the TIMV lobby NPC?
Magnifying Glass
Name a map with tester instructions.
Mineville, Forge, Clockwork Island, Cathedral, etc.
Name one of the three safest maps (no accessible lava, void, deadly falls, or two-deep water).
Westwood, Studio, Cosmic Foray
Name one of the two maps with a piston door.
The Canal, Spectral
What was the original name of Sky Lands?
Sky Temple
Which map is irreconcilably full of holes?
Fallen Bridges
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